Community Radio


That’s an excellent initiative!


No sign of any station on 1197 today in Brisbane - no idea how long it’s been like that.


Transmitter blew the arse out of its Power Supply and it is in the process of been fixed…
So for the moment it is DAB and Online only… Funny enough there has been no messages about the AM been Off-Air


Yes, you’d think there would be some announcement or updates about when AM will be back on.


Not even sure when it will be fixed, and that’s the issue


Save the bills and remain on digital only.


Highland FM Bowral presenter got his station’s frequency wrong.


He said “You’re listening to Highland FM on 104.7 FM, uuh let me check that, yes that’s right, 104.7 FM”.

It has ALWAYS only ever been on 107.1 to my knowledge. Where he got that from I’ll never know.


I think they actually tested on 106.5 in the 80s!

One of my father’s friends from school was actually the president of Highland FM for several years; he made a blog about the experience which is quite amusing at times.
It’s now removed but you can still access it through


The breakfast hosts from Hope 103.2 Sydney won the trophy on Pointless last night but were unable to win the jackpot with their answers scoring 1 and 4 points.


HHH fm is off air. My favourite shows are on tonight🤥. Power outage. Nevermind, poor old hornsby no power tonight. The district has had a few power outages of late.




Power is back.


1197 still dead air at the moment. Went for a little tour of Long Pocket this morning just out of curiosity but not much to see there. There’s actually quite a bit of electrical noise in the AM band when you’re right at the TX site - something is definitely getting power around there, even if it isn’t the transmitter


Are they still called BYR - Brisbane Youth Radio? The Facebook page isn’t appearing anymore.


Why they thought rebanding from Switch 1197 to the ever so boring Brisbane Youth Radio I don’t know. It’s all gone downhill for that station. :slightly_frowning_face:


100% agree. Everything about Switch (and even i1197) was great for community radio standards.


Nah… they never reached any great heights sadly.

Out of all the aspirants, they were probably the least deserving.


Agree, they got it because they were of little threat to commercial licensees who were very concerned about the 3% drop of B105 when Wild was on and it aligned with survey waves.

It’s the same situation as 4AK on AM, not much of the intended audience tune in unfortunately. They should push digital more. They have a unique position to really champion digital radio yet don’t.

You forgot Groove which made it very late to the Bris TCBL scene for one shambolic test broadcast. Moyra Major’s first taste of radio too.

Pulse ran a copy cat format of Wild. Poor imitation and very little community involvement as run by one bloke.

The funniest was Switch having one of their broadcasts turned off as they didn’t or couldn’t pay their power bill. Took a few days.


I’d still place Groove and Pulse ahead of Switch.

Format wise.

Groove played Bacon Popper (which we never did at Wild)… Their on-air talent wasn’t as good as us… but their format was tight.


Correct, however the Wild programming largely sounded disciplined.

Perhaps the Groove format was tight if it was sent from its Sydney namesake?