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In Cranky’s defence, that wasn’t up this morning. It seems like they’ve only just updated the site and hadn’t migrated all the content across yet


Cool cool, wasn’t aware they had literally just launched a new site. Looks good :+1: How long have they had that logo? Looks rather smart.


Perhaps they DO take notice of what we say on MS!


Thanks, I missed that on the desktop version.

I wondered this with a recent ‘blog post’ update.


Does anyone know why the community licence on 783 kHz (formerly planned for 1386 kHz) in Sydney has been left unallocated by the ACMA for around two decades now? I would have thought there’d surely be numerous community groups wanting to have a Sydney-wide radio licence.


My guess is given Sydney’s property market, that finding a site is the biggest obstacle as an AM transmitter takes up a sizable bit of land.

FM is much cheaper in this respect, it usually go on an existing tower.


Not 100% sure on this, & not sure why it wasn’t taken up 15 years ago (on the previous frequency?), but while it’s allocated in the LAP for a community license from Homebush Bay (2KY site I think), the past 10 years or more it would be under the reserved from use clause in the Broadcast Act., that all unused (or vacated) AM frequencies, are reserved for possible future allocation for DRM Digital radio use, depending if that gets chosen for use regionally around Australia?

It’s for another discussion elsewhere, but I’m still fairly certain DAB+ won’t be rolled out any further than where it’s already in use, the Gold Coast still, may or may not use DAB+?


vision has started on 1503 am in brisbane


1503… That’s a new one, never been used in SE QLD before to my knowledge.

I’ll have to look up the transmitter location when I get a chance.


I think the use of this frequency for SE QLD is only made possible after 2BS in Bathurst had vacated the frequency last month after it had converted to FM.


It’s on 1053 :grin:


it is. massive case of fat fingers there


It would definitely be the case, yes.

According to their website, their broadcast area covers 130,000 sq km.


I was receiving usable coverage of 2WEB in Gulgong two Sundays ago. Amazing coverage when I plotted the distance from my location to the TX site. 420km. They’re 10kW DA after a new TX was commissioned about a decade ago.

Interesting how far 576 covers too, RN from Prestons in Sydney, 215km to the SE over rocky terrain and still strong.

On AM 1053 in Brisbane, hasn’t it been airing the Vision program for some months now? Prior to that it was Indian.


I can hear 2WEB in Coffs Harbour at the headlands during the day using my big loop AM antenna.


Problems for 4ZZZ tonight - currently just transmitting a tone.


Amazing then that 2WEB used to be on 576 as well.
No wonder they had to move to 585.

I reckon it would have been mid 1980s when the frequency change occurred.


I think 2WEB was daytime only when it was on 576. Some of our more mature members might wish to confirm that.


Yes I can confirm that. I think the change came some time in the late 80’s