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4TAB used to sign off after last race (around midnight). A member uploaded the audio here.


Currently in Port Macquarie at the moment, and noticed community station 2WAY FM is currently off air.

A quick check of their website has the answer

Will be interesting to see how that improves reception towards Newcastle, as 2WAY is more difficult to receive than Rhema 99.9 or SKY Sports Radio 92.7


Fortuitous advertising by Yass FM


Lucky they weren’t in front of this sign…

I’m going to hell for this one… :rofl:


Well, just get it up ya!


Beyond Macquarie, let’s turn to the minnows of radio, sub metro community stations Redcliffe, Wynnum/Redlands and Logan.

What of the format on those stations?

It will never be the success of a Brisbane wide licence and won’t have the marketing punch, but sustained and executed correctly, it could begin to pick up numbers.

Imagine if all three sub metro stations began similar formats, a variety of choices. Very slim likelihood that any would be done anywhere near right to commercial standard, nevertheless, having a go.

Currently, these stations run poorly targeted ‘hits and memories’ formats, the style of formats that worked well 20, 30 years ago when programmed correctly on commercial stations. All three stations have commercial radio has beens or never beens plodding along in the dark with these formats, not providing any compelling reason to switch and stay.

Easy listening done right is a different matter altogether. How would it go?


Former Bachelor winner Alex Nation is returning to community radio. She will host breakfast on Wednesdays with her colleagues Luke Forrest and Jay Bruno on 3SER Casey Radio starting July 25.


Just curious if all the DJs volunteer their time or some are paid. Thinking how much Busco on SWR, does he get paid if at all? I think he is pretty good.


I’d imagine that most presenters on community radio (particularly in smaller markets) are just there for the love of it and volunteer their time to the stations, but it wouldn’t overly surprise me if some of the larger metro-wide community radio stations have paid on-air announcers.

As for SWR…

According to the History section on the SWR 999 website, the station does have a few paid employees including breakfast presenter Wayne “Busco” Buscombe as of 2009.


Thanks that history section very interesting.


94.1 FM Gold Coast are running promos for their new local news service. They will be running local news weekday afternoons at 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 from tomorrow.


Using the resources of Seven’s Gold Coast News, good cross promotion for them.


Yeah they’ve been doing this for a few weeks now. Just the same bulletin repeated at 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30 with some news stories from various sources and Rod Young and Amanda Abate both voicing content with the tag “and you’ll find more information tonight at 5.30 on Seven Gold Coast News”.

Perhaps would be better to simulcast the entire bulletin like Juice 107.3 does with Nine Gold Coast News?


Todd McKenney and Simon Gallaher feud.


We really need an Australian Jerry Springer. This would make great cannon fodder. :rofl:


Will Kyle’s new show fit that description?


Something popped up in my Facebook feed about Geelong community station The Pulse - they are running a fundraiser due to legal fees from being sued by a former Geelong Mayor.

I never listen to the station, but sucks if one thing said by a host could sink the station.

Background on it, and the actual fundraiser


Any community station with even a skerrick of care for its future has defamation insurance. Question has to be asked why it didn’t. Vote of no confidence in the mgmt committee and boot them all out.


No surprise here:

Typical community radio attitude, we know best, of course we comply, yeah we know all about ACMA.Clearly the station doesn’t know.


If any one was experiencing interference to i98 in Sydney this afternoon, here is the cause:

90.5 Alive in Baulkham Hills Sydney had a major power outage today which took them off air.
When the power was reconnected their transmitter defaulted to its default frequency 98.0mhz.

Their transmitter has now been reset to 90.5mhz, so Alive 90.5 is now again receivable in Sydney on the correct frequency, and i98 is now again receivable in Sydney.