Community Radio


Does 2NBC serve a council area or group of councils?


Yes. They serve Georges River (formerly Hurstville & Kogarah LGAs), and parts of Canterbury Bankstown (former Canterbury LGA), Bayside (former Rockdale LGA) & Inner West (former Marrickville LGA) LGAs.


With the tx at Penshurst water reservoir.


2NBC is one of the stronger distant sub metro community stations at Stanhope Gardens.


JOY 94.9 are in a bit of trouble.


Seems to be quite some trouble:

You know there’s unrest when there’s a rival group forming within a membership and the current board dismisses it.


Geez. On air morale seemed to be a bit flat, someone on the Wednesday drive program just left after around nine years…


The same thing happened at Hawkesbury Radio


Re: Joy FM - at the same time as a few leaving or raising a challenge, there’s been a number on twitter tweeting their support of the current station management.

Sounds like it could be two factions clashing.

Ironically, that’s what caused another station on 94.9 FM to miss out on the licence.

Back in the test broadcasts days, City FM appeared every few months for a 6 week run (per the then licence conditions). It was test broadcast 6 or 7 where a factional split saw the station knocked off the air 2 weeks into their allotted 6 week run.

Now, the format was still a long shot of getting a full-time licence, but aborting 2 weeks into a test broadcast signed their fate.


So many of those aspirant broadcasters which I think were splinter groups from Hitz FM. Kix 89.9 sprung up and managed a few test broadcasts and then even another one, K89.9, although I don’t think that survived more than one test broadcast.

City FM was founded by the guy that founded but had then left Hitz FM, IIRC.

I didn’t mind City FM. It sort of spun on to narrowcast AM station, 3XX, down at 1611 or thereabouts on the dial.


I discovered a pretty good community station today for music so far. 2GHR 96.7 FM (greater hume radio). I’ll be honest I use to think I’d rather more commercial radio than community radio. But I am wrong we get more variety of music on community radio.

I guess without the access of internet radio (in the past) it would be harder for me to make a call in previous years. These community stations via FM is not as easy to listen on the go.


Yeah, 2GHR is a fairly good community station. It was nice to hear them with live announcers on Monday 30 April as I drove down the Hume. It also runs RDS. The coverage area is fairly good, from about Tarcutta in the north and beyond the Victorian border in the south. It’s also heard well up at Cabramurra, though that’s cheating a little.


The coverage of 2GHR covers a good stretch of the Hume north of Albury in what can be a boring area when SCA and Ace are taking network boredom.

As @dxnerd mentioned, it has RDS and quite an interesting program of it. On the ‘text slide’, time and temp are show, song details, station name and other interesting info.

Coverage extends from Sylvia’s Gap/Tumblong Deviation south into Tarcutta/Sturt Highway right down to the Lavington end of Albury where coverage could be described on the bypass as rural at best.


A bit over a month old, but meh…


The 2LND 93.7 signal from Sydney has improved significantly where I am in the last week or so.

Has any work been done on their transmitter?
I can’t see anything indicating a change in transmitter site.


Bridge 99.7 off air this morning in Brisbane.


Transmitter maintenance according to their Facebook:


Don’t know if this has been posted…but a sign-off of sorts from Highland FM


How cheap is it to source a feed from BBC World Service? Or is it in the public domain?


That’s my video- thanks for posting. Yes not a true sign off but the closest you’ll get in the modern era.