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They tried Newsradio in Ballarat (Mt Warrenheip) on 97.1 as a test but took it off within weeks because of IF from/to 3MDR. 3MDR’s elevated TX location means it gets out really well across most of Melbourne, can’t see 97.1 working too well in Wallan, you’d need to be the other side of the range to block it out properly

There’s not a lot of choice, but I’d go 98.3 - it co-channels with the flea-powered 3RPP translator in Frankston and the community station in Colac, neither of which should be as much an issue. Otherwise you may need to co-channel with Gippsland on say 95.1


What is the temp station in Wallan for?


I thought the Wallan repeater for OKR Kilmore (98.3) has been on air for a few years already?


Appears not.


If my knowledge of RRL serves correctly (though others will correct me), that will be the date when the licence was last renewed, given that OKR is still a TCBL


Yes - first approval seems to have been 1 Dec 2014.


Seems to be a quirk with TCBL’s and some full time systems.

For example, I pulled this one up from Hastings and it appers that this one is from 2007.

Anyway’s, it looks like that it’s a TCBL that has been extended over and over again.


91.6 2CR China Radio - Sydney on air 2-22 Feb 2018 in mono 200W V


200 watt, lol

I’m 105 km north of Sydney as the crow flies and reception is better than 2OOO 98.5 which is “supposed” to be 25,000 watts.

And it’s nearly as good with the telescopic aerial horizontal as it is vertical.

There’s no tropo about to skew this.


2CR has a huge advantage in height over Radio 2000 in terms of antenna height ASL.
332m ASL vs 190m ASL - can make all the difference.
Not sure about respective radiation patterns or actual powers used.

Koori Radio 93.7 is another broadcaster with questionable reception in licenced coverage area.
How does it compare up your way with 2CR?


Thanks, I agree the transmitter elevation does make a big difference.

93.7 has a better signal here than 91.6. By way of comparison, on my Tecsun that has a digital signal meter:

93.7 = about 25db
91.6 = about 17db.
98.5 = about 12db.


2MFM Muslim Community Radio (Sydney).

Been lots happening with this station in recent times.

  • Higher bit rate on DAB+ and other technical improvements.
  • Implementation of RDS on their FM transmitter on 92.1MHz
  • And I now see an impeding change of the FM transmitter location from the AMP building in the city to
    the TXA Artarmon Site Tower, if perhaps it hasn’t happened all ready?
    Ref ACMA RRF
    Anyone know more?


Yes, the relocation of the 92.1 transmitter from its CBD location to the Channel 7/10 tower occurred early December.

Higher power, and significantly improved reception where I am.


SWR FM has great breakfast show. I listen online. I don’t get great reception at my location due to HHH fm. Very good mix of music, informative without being all talk.

The online stream is good quality.


What is the music format? Is the announcer different every day or same all weekdays?


SWR has the “70s to now” format.

You can see their playlist here:


I’d say the format is like when C91.3 first went on air. Mixture of rock and pop. It seems Bosco (breakfast announcer) still can play some songs he likes (or so it seems). Its a type of format I think might work for 2day FM, Triple M or even Nova if they wanted to change. It can cover a good broad audience at a work place.


107.9 (FM) Show Radio - Sydney (Homebush Bay) is back on air starting today until April 4th. Stereo.


The only problem is it’s virtually impossible to hear thanks to another special event service that’s still transmitting carrier from Hurstville. Not to mention the incumbent Move FM. 107.9 is just mush of all three over many parts of Sydney. On my home fixed set up (omni antenna with Sony XDR) neither of the Special Event services make a dent in Move FM.


The “im-MOVE-able” object.

Which suburb are you in?

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