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Hawkesbury Gold has unveiled its new logo.

More at:


Valley FM on 95.9 seems to be off air at the moment - not sure if storm related.


Saw a huge flashy electronic billboard outbound on Wynnum Rd at Cannon Hill promoting Bay FM “just great music”. Perfect position for bayside commuters to see - they couldn’t miss it. Been a while since I’ve seen a community station promote itself apart from 95five


I like this on the Collie Community Radio website…

“full HD stereo”…


It looks like that was written by an American where they have HD Radio.


2NUR Newcastle in mono at the moment with no RDS.

Must be a TX issue?


Windsor - Hawkesbury Community Radio is now LIVE streaming via there website


Three logos for the one community station?


I wonder if… just maybe… this logo was inspired by that of KIIS-FM Los Angeles? :thinking:


You be guessing… haha but yeah it had some influence on it. Fonts different though.


Still no sign of Valley FM, a week later


I’ve been informed Valley FM is off-air indefinitely at this stage. I believe there is financial issues and lack of community support issues at play there.


Thanks. Even leading up to the close down there were many days when the station, esp in the afternoon, was just a carrier.


:rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: JOY 94.9 may move to St Kilda, fantastic news as the old building in the CBD had old equipment and was in need of an upgrade.

Also the design is nice :grinning:

Should see if I can startup the overnight program that I’ve dreamed of :wink:

An “exuberant” architectural design has won the competition for the $38 million Victorian Pride Centre in St Kilda.

The winning design for the 5500 square metre Fitzroy Street space, which will be a hub for the LGBTQI community and support groups, will be announced by the state government on Sunday.

Organisations likely to move into the centre include JOY FM, the Victorian Aids Council, LGBTQI Multi Culture, Multi Faith and Team Melbourne, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Switchboard, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Minus 18.


The Age used the wrong adjective. Try extravagant.

Good on JOY for being involved with this, so many within the community sector don’t move with the times very well.


(conversation brought over from talking lifestyle thread)

vision is not a commercial operation. they are a registered charity.

the biggest downfall with vision is the use of the narrowcast transmitters. it makes it inpractical to use in the car and even for transmitters you’d need to almost be living on top of them. i have a vision transmitter within 5km of me and i can’t pull it in.

Prior to 96Five brisbane had no city wide christian radio station.


Temporary Community Station 3OKR now on air on 97.1 from Wallan in Northern Melbourne, at a EIRP of 16.4W, faintly received from Inner Melbourne.

Edit: 97.1 not 91.7, the latter Is ABC Local Bendigo.


That’s a bit too close to Smooth 91.5?


Whoops, 97.1 is the frequency. I think that FM Stereo setting on the SDR has got to me :wink:


Even then, the same frequency as 3MDR at Mt Dandenong is an interesting choice.

I would have gone for 95.9 - the ranges should provide a bit of a buffer from 96.1 Shepparton…

Not many spare frequencies there though.


99.7 / 99.5 would be a spare, but reserved for events. 95.9 would be a no-go because of the proximaty to SBS Radio Ballarat tx’ing at 1.64Kw EIRP

954KHz or 711 might be alright, tho the latter might co-channel with 3AW.