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It’s supposed to be 89.9 there. 88.9 is occupied by Radio Skidrow (2RSR) in Inner Sydney.

With that above name, I wonder if the station will have a consistent music format at least throughout the weekday, similar to that of SWR Triple 9 & Coast FM? :thinking:


Fixed, just sloppy typing & not checking what I wrote.


I left “the Hawk” five years ago just as the all the problems were starting to develop so I haven’t been privy to any of the “goings ons” there other than what has been reported publicly.

But I am not at all surprised that this has all happened. Both groups involved in this cat fight (the board and the group of disgruntled members) in my opinion are both to blame for the demise of the station. I don’t think either group is fit to run a radio station anywhere. None of them gave a rats about the community, they were more interested in protecting their hides and egos. These are the sort of people you don’t need in community radio.


Well written. Unfortunately found far too often, too close to community radio.

People without perspective who are lusting for power. Fighting over crumbs but to them, think it is the most important station in the world.


Hawkesbury Radio is still on air this morning; their licence expired yesterday. A temporary licence entry for 4 October-5 November was made but it is defined as ‘not granted’.


They have another one that has been granted though.


They already have their Facebook page up:

They’ll be positioning themselves as an oldies station, playing the hits from the 50s, 60s & 70s. Given their transmitter location at Kurrajong Heights, it should be heard across most of the Sydney metropolitan area. :slight_smile:


Gee- they’ll be skewing even older than 2CH! I would have preferred the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I do enjoy some 50s music, but only in small doses.


4ZZZ opened its doors today to the public for the first time as part of the Brisbane Open House Event.



In relation to Hawkesbury Radio, from memory they are only 50w to the east so unless the LAP changes there will be no change in their coverage area.


Though right now, Hawkesbury “Gold” are playing Pink’s “Funhouse” followed by “Who Knew” :roll_eyes:


I think the original Hawkesbury Radio is currently on air though. The second TCBL, for Hawkesbury Gold, doesn’t commence until early November iirc.


Ah, that explains it… i had October 5th in my head, not November 5th.



This weekend, Lake Macquarie City Council has the Lake Mac Big Weekend on, with the Offshore Superboat Championship, jet ski racing & Matt Hall Aerobatic display, amongst other things.

Now the thing is, it’s all to be held at the North end of Lake Macquarie, (Eleebana, Warners Bay area), so what you say?

Well Lake Macquarie FM I believe are sponsors, & will be broadcasting from the event, they’re also promoting to tune into Lake Macquarie FM for a live racing broadcast. So what you ask again?

The entire event will be conducted outside the Lake Macquarie FM licence area, so theoretically they shouldn’t be broadcasting from there, or promoting to listen to the station out of licence area.

Even though you can receive the station well at the event area, you shouldn’t be able to, but that’s another matter with their (I think, over power TX output).

CoastFM can be received at the event area (straight up the Lake), maybe I should do some live crosses for the station & hand out some station promotional things from the event, lol.


There’s always the chance of some ducting occurring (which has been around this week) and all people will be able to hear on 97.3 is ABC Illawarra… that’s all I’ve received the last couple of nights at Charlestown.

Also, there will be a lot people at the event who have never heard of Lake Macquarie FM and will wonder why the reception isn’t great up here.


Bay FM 100.3 mentioned on air this morning that they has a 25th anniversary celebration on the weekend.


Except it wasn’t 25 years since anything. Typical community radio posturing, a president desperate for control and wanting an excuse to paint a picture of the place all jolly and happy.


SWR Triple 9 in Western Sydney has launched SWR Sport. As the official broadcaster of the Western Sydney Wanderers, in partnership with Crocmedia & Football Nation, the station will broadcast every home game & selected away games this A-League & W-League season. They will also broadcast live Sydney Kings & Illawarra Hawks NBL matches, as well as ten Sydney Blue Sox regular season games & playoff rounds from Blacktown International Sportspark.

Source: Radioinfo


Sounded a bit like back to 4IP on BAY FM yesterday with the easily recognised tones of Paul J Turner as the DJ with a station announcement by Alan McGirvan.


Has anyone heard of any changes to the transmission parameters fro 101.5 FM Beaudesert? It is co-channel with a station of the same name at Caboolture. The northern station always dominates in most of Brisbane but during the last couple of days have been able to adjust antenna to get Beaudesert. There doesn’t seem to be any enhancement to the south to account for this, actually stations to the north are stronger today. Weird that both stations ID with just frequency.