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2HHH Hornsby currently doing ball by ball match coverage of a T20 cricket match between Manly and Mosman at Manly Oval.

All of which are outside their licence area.

I have to ask the obvious question…



The earlier game was Manly vs Gordon - did they cover that? Gordon is within the 2HHH licence area.


Don’t know, sorry


Looking at the ACMA register, Hawkesbury Gold has now been issued with a TCBL on a timeshare basis with Hawkesbury Radio. Starting from this Monday;

  • Hawkesbury Radio (as in the original one) will broadcast each week from Sunday to Midday Wednesday,
  • Hawkesbury Gold (the new group which appears to be largely made up of people that have moved on from Hawkesbury Radio) will broadcast from Midday Wednesday to Saturday. Licence here

TX site for HawkGold is shown as ‘Grass Ski Centre Bells Line of Road KURRAJONG HEIGHTS’. DXers note there should be some brief tx downtime at each switch over as both organisations operate their own gear independently.

This half week arrangement is the same as that of Air FM and Wow FM circa 00-01 on 100.7 in Penrith before Wow got the licence (IMO Airfm should have got that)

From what Iv’e been told also there was a third applicant for a TCBL from one of the groups that ran as an aspirant for the Bankstown licence, which I think was “FlameFM”. Cant see that getting any momentum from that far out of the area


SWR Triple 9 in Western Sydney has launched SWR Sport. As the official broadcaster of the Western Sydney Wanderers, in partnership with Crocmedia & Football Nation, the station will broadcast every home game & selected away games this A-League & W-League season. They will also broadcast live Sydney Kings & Illawarra Hawks NBL matches, as well as ten Sydney Blue Sox regular season games & playoff rounds from Blacktown International Sportspark.

Wanderers Games are broadcast on the main FM service, W League, NBL etc are all streamed on the new pop up stream “SWR Sport” which can be found at


It appears Hawkesbury Gold has been given a higher ERP then Hawkesbury Radio.
On the temporary licence it appears Hawkesbury Gold can broadcast up to 1230watts.

I am guessing this is to the west and to make up of for the lower broadcasting antenna height in comparison to Hawkesbury Radio’s existing site.
Can anyone get the full licence specs for Hawkesbury Gold?


I’ll be interested to see how the reception of the 2 Hawkesbury stations compare.


I reckon SWR should look into broadcasting NSW Sheffield Shield games as well. Sport FM Perth cover all the WA matches and have done so for at least a decade; the only issue may be the domestic cricket radio rights which commercial radio have stitched up.

In a David vs Goliath scenario, Sport FM incurred the wrath of the cricket board when the board learned of Sport FM’s broadcasts. The parties later came to a gentleman’s agreement; the Sport FM broadcasts are now available on the Cricket Australia website.


Hawkesbury Gold is on air at 2:30pm, their slogan is “From the River to the Mountains and across Western Sydney” Playing the best oldies in town”

Their signal is very strong in Stanhope Gardens I would not be surprised if they are aiming 1230W to the east and not directing most of their power to the west unlike the original Hawkesbury Radio.

The announcers and the station sounds very professional and have a basic website up

Will be interested to see how they go


Another disgusting “logo”


The signal is extremely strong here in the southern suburbs, much stronger than the legacy Hawkesbury Radio which struggled with adjacent 90.1 MHz.


Up here near Newcastle, the Hawkesbury Gold signal is significantly inferior to the 2VTR Hawkesbury Radio signal.

On my Tecsun radio, it is only max 6db strength vs 20db on 2VTR. So I can’t tell if there is a stereo signal or not. Is it stereo where you are?

2VTR was 500 watts in my direction and had the higher elevation. Not sure about how much of the 1,230 watts that Gold puts out to the north east.


SWR Triple 9 in Western Sydney has acquired local broadcast rights for this Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier of the Socceroos vs Honduras. The station will also play Australian music all day before live coverage kicks in at 6pm.



I think its good. But it is strange how a community station gets the rights over a commercial broadcaster. Its has a much broader appeal than just in the SWR area.


I notice a community radio station in Queensland is currently broadcasting multiple election advertisements. How does that fit in with what is allowed to be broadcast by community radio? Is there an allowance for election adverts as these are nor presented as sponsorship or community information?


Which station?

All political messages that resemble sponsorship announcements are considered by ACMA to be sponsorship announcements and count to the 5mins/hour total.

Unaware of any allowance, simply have to be fair in allocating time. Some stations say they have no time, others limited, others unlimited.


Sunshine FM 104.9. All end with “station sponsor” and are from LNP and One Nation candidates. Just wondering how they can be considered sponsorship when they are political advertising.


Their interpretation must be that the political candidates are ‘sponsors’.

To us, of course it is political advertising.

Radio Metro seems to have a good contact within both the state and C’th, there are always ‘public information’ campaigns from ‘sponsors’ being the C’th or Qld Gov and their various depts, agencies and regulators.


I find it strange that ACMA, the Broadcasting Act and even Community Radio Australia all talk about “political advertising” on community stations. E.g., “The broadcast of political advertising must cease three days prior to the polling day.”


2MFM has been in mono the last couple of days.

First time I’ve seen that happen with them.