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Thanks @Radiohead I’m investigating it now.


A look at Logan 101 studio


I like the very 80s style callsign and logo.


Switch 1197 in Brisbane has relaunched as Brisbane Youth Radio


And what will that do for them? Change of programming?


Similar bottom of logo to Talking Lifestyle.

Such a shame. Their dance format was a real point of difference not only to Brisbane radio but also on a national level.

Now over to Fresh927 and Kiss Melbourne.


What format is it now?


80s, 90s and now is what the website says.

… another “variety” station …

It’s their way of saying, ‘let’s let the jocks pick the music’.

Quite ironic when its rebrand says YOUTH, yet their playlist has just broadened.


In other words, not youth. When is their next renewal? What will ACMA do if anything?


What would their point of difference be? Same playlist as River and 97.3FM.

Here’s a free tip: 1197AM - The Best Songs of All Time.

In other words, move in where 4BH (and smooth) would’ve been.


ACMA renews 148 community broadcasting licences

The future of community broadcasting looks bright, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority renewing 148 of 150 community broadcasting licences assessed in the last financial year. Community broadcasting licences must be renewed every five years and the number assessed in the last year represents more than 40 per cent of the total 360 long-term licences in Australia.

‘Uniquely among the wide range of broadcasting services available to Australian audiences, community broadcasting services are provided by the communities which enjoy them,’ said acting ACMA Chairman, Richard Bean.
To ensure that community licensees operate as intended, they must comply with legislation that requires them to involve members of their licence area community in the operations of the service and in the selection and provision of programs. On rare occasions, licences will not be renewed.

Two of 150 renewal applications received in the last financial year were declined by the ACMA:
• 2VTR in the Windsor area of New South Wales; and
• 4MIG in Mount Isa, Queensland

‘A decision not to renew a licence is not made lightly,’ Richard Bean said. ‘Where a licensee is struggling to provide the service or to comply with the rules, the ACMA first works to assist the licensee to improve. These are, after all, not-for-profit, volunteer-run services. However, where compliance problems persist over a prolonged period, the ACMA will act to make licences available to others.’

The 2VTR licence, held by Hawkesbury Radio Communications Cooperative Society Ltd, was not renewed following 2VTR’s continued non-compliance with the community participation licence condition. The compliance issues went unresolved despite informal and formal enforcement action taken by the ACMA over a lengthy period.

The ACMA also declined to renew the 4MIG licence, held by Mount Isa Christian Broadcasters Association Inc. 4MIG was unable to muster the resources to meet the needs of the community in its licence area.

These licences expire at the end of their current terms: 11 September 2017 in the case of 4MIG and 3 October 2017 for 2VTR.

Both licences will then be available for temporary community broadcasting. The ACMA will be advertising these very shortly.


What was the motivation for stripping Hawkesbury Radio of its licence? Becoming too commercial?


More here

In March 2014, the ACMA found the licensee in breach of the licence condition requiring it to encourage community participation in the operations of 2VTR.

2VTR was given an extended period in which to fix its problems voluntarily. However, as the problems persisted, the ACMA issued remedial directions

If 2VTR fails to comply with the remedial directions within the specified timeframe, the ACMA may take further action, including, potentially, suspending or cancelling the licence.


I guess it sounds like a bunch of members were using it as their own personal fiefdom and failing to permit others to come aboard.


Hawkesbury Radio blocked the admission of two membership applications repeatedly. Their applications were viewed as a threat to those currently within the station.

It goes to show that a large membership base is needed to dilute such problems.

Acrimony among members always flares when there are big personalities among a small membership.


Anyone know of AB
I’ve always wanted to make a ACMA complaint about him on 3WBC.




Bunch of nobodies on a power trip.


This is the case at many stations. It’s a structural deficiency that attracts and incubates such pests to be involved with radio.

Would love to read here or via PM (if on here) from Paul Mech what he thinks of this. I believe he provided programming to the station in the form of a show for many years?


Hawkesbury Radio have been granted a new TCBL & apparently will be back broadcasting on November 5th.

It’s to be called Hawkesbury Gold 89.9.

I’m guessing it’s still the same station operations, so we’ll probably just go around in circles with this one?