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That’s “2KA”, however the Richmond service is running a different program (Christmas Music no IDs) to the Katoomba service (Classic hits and Christmas Music with IDs).


I know it’s an LPON but get the Christmas music off already…it’s also a bit early for Blue Mountains Yulefest/Christmas in July.


Thanks for that :smiley:. This morning I was able to hear the Katoomba service at stronger level mixing with the dominant Richmond service & caught a 2KA ID underneath. This morning I can see a stereo pilot from at least one of the services.

These were my duplicate thoughts. It’s nauseating. Only thing that makes logic to
me is that the station operator is still away on Xmas/NY holidays for the Xmas themed songs to extended well beyond their sufferable expiry date.


I noticed the coverage of 2KA throughout Western Sydney is quite good when not having to fight with Radio Austral.


89.3 2GLF & 87.8 Radio Austral (LPON) are back on air.


Been getting a weak signal of GLF in Bowral so I did think that it might had returned to the air.


When the idea of Hawk FM in the Hawkesbury was pitched, I was designing the logo for it, but unfortunately due to some falling out with members it never eventuated, but this is what I designed: Random Mocks - #5109 by TheChase


i know we have issues with vision, especially with the way they snaffle up LPON’s, but the one thing they do right is give a direct streaming URL - on the ways to listen it has a massive list (apps, tune in, AM, FM, Satellite etc) but at the bottom of the page it also gives a direct stream URL so you can use whatever app you want.

wish other stations would do the same so i don’t need to use a packet sniffer


It’s usually easy if you go to Onlineradiobox; just search for ‘stream’ in the source code and it usually coughs up the URL. This might not work for the big wig commercial stations but I don’t listen to them anyhow. I agree that a direct URL should be provided.

Was just double checking the Braidwood FM homepage and yes we do provide the direct link if you click on ‘Listen Live’.

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Over a day now & still 90.1 2NBC remains off air.
A look at their Facebook page reveals no postings since Dec 20th & no tweets on their unused Twitter Page.
You would think in this age that someone at the station could post an update on their social media accounts what is happening at their transmission site. :man_shrugging: :person_facepalming:
2NBC can still be heard streaming via their webpage (not with Chrome though).


90.1 2NBC now back on air, but without its RDS…


From ACMA:

24 January 2023

2YOU breaches community radio broadcasting rules

The ACMA has accepted two court-enforceable undertakings from Tamworth-based community radio station 2YOU after finding numerous breaches of broadcasting and radiocommunications rules.

ACMA investigations found 2YOU breached the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) by failing to broadcast a range of programming that adequately catered to the community’s needs.

The ACMA also found that there was insufficient opportunity for community members to participate in the running of the station, limiting operations to a small group of people, indicating poor corporate governance processes.

In addition, the ACMA also found that 2YOU breached its licence conditions by broadcasting advertisement and exceeding sponsorship time limits.

The associated court-enforceable undertaking requires the licensee to provide BSA compliance training to all relevant members and staff of 2YOU, and to establish systems and processes to maintain and record broadcasting sponsorship announcements, community information and promotional material.

The station must also provide evidence that it has given programming opportunities to members of the community and has implemented a community consultation and engagement plan.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said that community radio stations were expected to ensure their staff and volunteers are aware of and comply with the conditions of their broadcasting licence.

“The range of breaches we have found suggests that 2YOU has a lot of work to do to get its compliance in order,” Ms O’Loughlin said.

“Community radio operators provide vital services and opportunities to local audiences and residents. We expect them to follow the rules and will take action when this does not occur.”

A separate investigation also found the station breached the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (RA) for increasing the power of its broadcasting transmitter beyond the maximum allowed without adequate justification.

As a result, 2YOU entered into a second court-enforceable undertaking requiring it to submit to regular ACMA audits to assess the technical characteristics of its radiocommunications transmitters.

The ACMA will monitor 2YOU’s compliance with its licence conditions over the next 12 months.

If the licensee fails to comply with the enforceable undertakings the ACMA may consider commencing Federal Court proceedings.

MR 01/2023


I can’t say I’m surprised… they did sound a bit too commercial in the times I’ve heard them this year.

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A lot of sass in this given it took ACMA two years to make a ruling.


Id like to see a new on air name 88.9fm and 96.3fm is a real mouthful to say every time.


It’s very difficult to make a brand out of a frequency alone (not to mention increasingly irrelevant in the streaming age). FM104 is the exception that proves the rule in my mind.


What’s wrong with 2YOU-FM or simply You?

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Maybe if the local AM station didn’t abandon its audience then 2YOU wouldn’t feel the need to pick up where they left off?

The station was originally known as 2YOU FM back in the 1980s, when it was on 95.5 FM…

I agree that this is much better name… Or maybe North West FM?

Which is the case in most regional markets too re abandonment by heritage AM stations, but other community stations elsewhere haven’t usually gone down the same path either.