Coffee et al.


soy? almond?


Not a huge soy fan, but might try almond! Good idea.


Macchiato? Short (shot or double) or long (like a long black) but with a big dollop of steamed/textured milk.

Might be the best option to now try?


Will give this a try next week along with almond. Thanks man.


Tried a smaller size? (even if you need to go double shot for that caffeine hit)


I only really get small anyway.


See if you can find a cafe using Jersey or even A2, might help with the bloating.




Just made a long macchiato on my machine (novelty, inspired by this conversation :stuck_out_tongue:)

It’s bizarre, tastes really different to the popular and traditional milk ones (latte/f. white/capp.), more bitter I guess, but was surprisingly still nice :coffee:

I’d describe it like predominantly espresso flavour profile with hot water and a dash of milk. Whereas the milk varieties you get the prominent milk flavour profile, more sweet and weakens the espresso flavour a bit.

Paul Robinson on Neighbours drinks a macchiato, so there’s your market :man_office_worker::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


So a Macchiato is like a mini Cappuccino with the same shot of espresso but a smaller amount of frothed milk. There’s also, a Piccolo which is like a mini Latte with the same shot of espresso but more frothed milk.


Yes and no. Macchiato is usually served in a 30ml short black (shot) cup, so like 1/10th the volume of a cap. which is served in your usual cup or mug with saucer.

Long macchiato (latte glass in size) also has like 60ml of hot water added.


Sort of. A cappuccino is about 180ml or 6 fl oz. Some of the wankier cafe around Melbourne will even serve takeaways in this size (most common is 8oz). A latte glass is around 8oz. A Mug without adjusting how much coffee goes is a disgrace to coffee.