Coffee et al.

What about drinking cat poo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh dear. I’ve derailed Luke’s topic. The irony.


Tbh I find the concept of litter boxes weird. Just let them out into the backyard. Thoughts?

I’m a dog person though.


But I’ll cop that.

My favourite thing in the morning is walking past a queue often back to the door to get a coffee, and going and getting an iced coffee from the fridge.

It also often replaces regular milk in my fridge at home - so I’ll occasionally have cereal with iced coffee.

In winter I sometimes have hot milk with coffee in it, on my corn flakes, with honey. Awesome.


Which brand do you prefer?

Used to be Ice Break (Parmalat), now Big M (LD&D)

Masters (LD&D) or homemade (WAtvVideos Food & Beverages (Dairy Division) Pty Ltd)


At least we now know what the “et al” refers to :nerd_face:


I generally grab a Dare if it’s all about the same price, but I’m not that fussy.

I’m not a huge fan of Farmers Union, I find the Big M iced coffee slightly better - so that’s my go-to when getting a 2 litre bottle for home, though in my fridge at the moment there’s a double strength Ice Break.

I get the Oak Extra Strength Iced Coffee most mornings, as they are the currently the cheapest option at the 7-11 across from work.

I’ll even occasionally drink the Barista Bros stuff - when my train is late and I’m needing coffee, grabbing one from a vending machine is better than nothing. As an aside, I’m probably one of the very few people who read the bottle and peels off the label and throws it out separately to recycling the bottle.


I don’t get the hype around Farmers Union. It’s way too sweet for me, like Dare Espresso but sweeter. Masters has a bitter taste which I like. Pretty good Mocha flavour too!

Ooooh - I wish Big M did a Mocha variant. The Dare Mocha is pretty good imo and about the only iced mocha in most places - aside from the really overly rich and thick ‘Mochachino’ flavour of Barista Bros.

Yeah it’s pretty good. I think you guys have had it for a while. It launched in WA only a year or so ago and only in the 500ml size from what I’ve seen.

The only Barista Bros I can hack is Chocolate.

At home I like black, unsweetened coffee. If I can be bothered I’ll use an aeropress for a hot coffee, otherwise I’ll use a Nespresso if I want something ready in a matter of a minute.

I got a cold brew jug for Christmas which I’m using a lot - definitely not to everyones taste but it’s perfect diluted 50/50 with some sparkling water IMO and it’s something that you save a substantial amount of money on doing from home. Very simple / easy and great to have in the fridge. I get my ground coffee and my nespresso pods from Killer Coffee.

In a cafe I’m 50/50 between a flat white and a long black. When it comes to packaged iced coffee… Brownes Coffee Chill is where it’s at, though Dare is also great (though a little too sweet).


Never really drank it until I was overseas on a work assignment for six weeks a couple of years ago working long hours and started drinking a couple per day.

I quit when I got back home but then started again about six months later. I do a lot of shift work (4am starts) and I no longer have the energy I did when I first started doing them 7 years ago. I’ll only drink it from a cafe and I try to only drink it on days I work. Used to have mochas until the end of last year but trying to give up sugar or at least dramatically cut back, so currently testing a few options, like Cappucino (yeah I realise this has a chocolate dusting), or latte. Open to other suggestions.

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Aussie coffee success story in America.


Quit coffee a couple of weeks ago, been on the lattes for most of the year but over feeling bloated from milk. Would still like a caffeine hit, but not a fan of long blacks. Any recommendations? Green tea?

Oh God.