Coffee et al.

Pretty self explanatory…

I don’t drink it.


So, bought a new espresso machine today.

It’s a big step up from the really basic model I had, this time having a higher bar pump and power + in-built grinder. “Breville - The Barista Express” (RRP: $600). I have coffee on a daily basis, as many do and can not stand instant, so there’s a premise.

Despite having good experience and skill (I’ve done a course before too), I’m having difficulty getting a great extraction (the hardest but most important part of brewing a good coffee). Pre-infusion started well, but some seconds later was just too runny, weak and bitter. So naturally, turned the dial to “finer” grind + increased dosage amount and tamped a bit harder in the porterfilter. The group head is also a little stiff. But still nothing.

However, when I stayed with those settings but switched filter baskets from “single wall” (recommended) to “dual wall”, it extracted nicely (slow, like warm honey, with dark golden crema).

But one day I’ll try the single wall filter baskets again, so any tips to get the extraction right? Or just keep experimenting (as is always the way) :unamused:

I have a theory the blend of espresso beans has a lot to do with it? I got “Vittoria”, but I prefer “Lavazza” (cafe blend, blue bag), but wasn’t in stock, damn!

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Same here.

If it counts at all…maybe very occasionally I’ll have an iced coffee drink (even then, it’s been ages since I last had one) but that’s about it.


I never used to, only the past 7 years.

I’ll get light headed if I don’t have one, it’s a great psychoactive stimulant, gets me going (the reason why so many drink coffee). Blocking the effects of the excl-phosphate nucleotide adenosine, which causes drowsiness via soluble in blood. It acts on the CNS and non-voluntary pathways. Sorry for the biomedical dribble!

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I don’t drink coffee often. Even though my office has a Nespresso machine, I only drink one cup of coffee each week.

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One Cappuccino every day from a cafe. Never at home. If I don’t have it I get withdrawal symptoms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Rarely a Latte instead.

Sometimes an Affogato on weekends or a Freddo Cappuccino in a cafe in summer.

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I have a kettle, cost me about $20.


Anywhere between two and six a day, rarely after 5pm unless after a meal out.

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I’ve accidently removed the porterfilter (the handle thing) during extraction before and you can guess what happens (with all that pressure)…

BOOM :boom: everywhere. It actually forces your hand down with a crash on the drip tray.

That’s what proper coffee (espresso) is, boiling water, purged through compacted fresh ground beans, literally extracting (sucking) the flavour/colour out of the ground, producing a golden crema along the way (which helps stain the froth / art).

Whereas instant coffee, is dissolved. You cannot dissolve espresso, you’ll just swollow the coffee ground, absolutely yuck!

I’m addicted. Three to four coffees a day. Come at me h8rs

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What floats your boat? :coffee:

  • Cappuccino
  • Latté
  • Flat White
  • Short Black
  • Long Black
  • Ristretto
  • Affogato
  • Instant (Nescafe, Moccona, etc)
  • Other (post what it is, if this)
  • I don’t drink coffee

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Cappuccino or get out.

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Not a double strength, half skim, half soy, Latte? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why isn’t Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, an option? I fed my cat coffee beans once In an effort to produce some on the cheap. The result certainly had a unique taste. It tasted like…


…cat poo?

I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of eating coffee.

So the option @NewsWeary is looking for is Blend 43.

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Blend number two, actually.


Or any instant coffee, really. :wink: