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That’s sad to hear that a lot businesses are still closed, that must be impacting on the incomes and livelihoods of their staff.

Fingers crossed that gets back to normal again too.


An oppressive weather is coming for south eastern Australia with above average temperatures. Adelaide will hit 40 degrees on the Clipsal 500. Melbourne will probably have a later start due to the heat extreme. Hobart will hit 37 degrees. Launceston will hit a top of 32 degrees. Too Damn hot, that’s what I can say.

Yes it’s very warm by March standards, but compared to what we’ve already seen this summer, that’s not too bad really.


At least it’s not 46 degrees like Adelaide had last month.

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Hottest Avalon Airshow since 2001 I think too. Wont stop me going though

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Well I honestly have to say I thought last summer was hotter!

Yes, January was hot, but the last 2 weeks have been quite nice really (here in Newcastle), not much humidity and with comfortable days and nights. And December was pretty mild up until Christmas too.

I think Autumn will be very hot than average and this will more likely to contribute to El Nino.

I think it works the other way around?

That ocean temperatures influence whether there’s a greater likelihood of an El Nino or La Nina, and consequently whether it will be higher, drier, wetter or cooler.

Two days into Autumn and a few Tasmanian temperature records are being broken.

So a couple of March heat records have just been broken.

Ouse yesterday set their hottest March day by beating the old record of 36.4 degrees from 2013 with 37.8 yesterday and currently up at 37 degrees again today so could even beat it again.

Hobart had a record from 1940 of 37.3 degrees which has been exceeded and at 1:09pm they reached 38.2 degrees which also beats the hottest March temperature statewide which was 38.0 set at Campania in 2008.

EDIT: Hobart still going up, currently at 38.7 - the first March 40 degree day in Tassie is a possibility.

When is the heat due to fuck until summer?

IN Hobart, the temperature hit a top of 39.1 degrees, which was the hottest March and in fact, autumn day on record. And in Adelaide, the minimum temperature dipped to a record low of 29.3 degrees at 7:01AM. Too damn hot @turdall?

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Yep, Hobart hit 39.1 degrees but Cape Bruny hit 39.7 which gave Tassie their first ever 40 degree Autumn day.

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Yeah I am actually living in Melbourne now. It’s been unbearable this weekend. Especially when houses in Melbourne are not equipped to deal with the heat.


lol try living in ballarat then lol

No thanks. Would never live in a country town again. Plus it’s bloody cold there.

I know people think people in Melbourne don’t understand heat. But it’s 4 degrees cooler here than Adelaide and find the heat here hotter than it ever is in Adelaide and it’s because the place is equipped for the heat. Most houses have the high ceilings etc. you just don’t have that here in Melbourne - well not in my apartment.


I agree I could cope with the heat in SA better than over here in Victoria, houses are designed more for cold weather in Victoria


And Perth hit a top of 40 degrees today. Very hot day and the weather conditions was a lot of haze around. Tomorrow will cool down a bit followed by rain on Wednesday and Thursday. This weekend, Melbourne, Adelaide and hobart experienced blistering weather conditions followed by Perth.

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South Australia will be very hot with strong dry northerly winds with possible raised dust hitting some parts of South Australia. Port Lincoln will be the worst hit with strong gusts up to 70km/h. Adelaide’s forecast minimum of 24 degrees. This type of weather is unseasonal.

Never thought I’d see the word “snow” in a forecast on 7 News Regional QLD. This aired last night

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