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I’ve found a thesis regarding ABC TV’s role in sport pre and post World Series Cricket. Here’s a table detailing cricket rights holders from 1956 to 1976.

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Essentially it was a cost saving arrangement but before networking, only The ABC had the capacity to provide a national broadcast.

Fascinating read. The cricket rights are covered from page 22-33 ( of the report not PDF).

Ten Sport

Today’s TV: 6.1.1978, Melbourne

Source: TV Week


Any idea what Rainbow was, at 9am on ATV0? Might it have been the UK children’s program (but that was normally only 15 minutes long)?


Unsure specifically about this instance but I know the UK series Rainbow was shown here in the 80s as half hour episodes. (I think Channel 7 had it by that stage) Maybe it was shown as 2 episodes put together?


The format wouldn’t have made it easy to join two episodes together, but they may have played two episodes back to back, possibly with a commercial break between the two episodes.

Rainbow was devised as the UK’s version of Sesame Street, which was somewhat frowned upon by the IBA for being too “American” to have educational value.


I believe Sesame Street copped similar criticism when it started here, probably not helped that a year or so later ABC unceremoniously dumped Adventure Island but Sesame Street kept going twice a day.

I think the critics underestimated just how educational Sesame Street came to be, not to mention popular. It’s only major flaw is that it caused Australian kids to have to be reminded to say “zed” and not “zee”!


Indeed it is the UK kids’ show of the 70s

Youtube: 201081hero


For those who haven’t seen the spoof suggestive version, only intended to be shown to ITV staff as part of a Thames Television “Christmas tape”:

YouTube Credit: Connor Wharton (apologies for low resolution)


Sydney TV listings: Friday, January 11, 2002
from Sydney Morning Herald

6.00 Marketing
6.30 Dragon’s Tongue
7.00 Teletubbies
7.25 Maisy
7.30 Bear in the Big Blue House
7.55 Thomas the Tank Engine
8.00 Animal Shelf
8.10 Bob the Builder
8.20 Noddy
8.30 Sesame Street
9.25 Bananas in Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
10.00 Eckhart
10.25 Oscar & Friends
10.30 My Best Friend is an Alien
10.55 Zoo Olympics
11.00 Shadow Raiders
11.25 Feral TV
11.30 Destination Space
12.00 Great Mysteries and Myths of the 20th Century
12.30 Something in the Air
1.00 Ballykissangel
1.55 Consuming Passions
2.00 GP
3.00 Tweenies
3.20 The Cubeez
3.30 Play School
4.00 Bananas in Pyjamas
4.05 Arthur
4.30 Rugrats
4.55 Lisa
5.00 Horrible Stories
5.20 Wildlife
5.25 Custer’s Last Stand Up
5.50 Once Upon a Time
6.00 A Shared Table “Western Australia”
6.30 Dead Easy Gardening
7.00 ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
8.00 My Hero
8.30 Second Sight
10.00 The Royle Family
10.30 ABC News Late Edition
10.45 Births, Marriages & Deaths
11.35 Rage (simulcast on Triple J from 1am)

ATN7 (Seven)
6.00 Sunrise News
8.30 Wacky World of Tex Avery
9.00 The Book Place
9.30 A*mazing
10.00 Wipeout
10.30 Tennis: Australian Open Draw
11.00 Tennis: Commonwealth Bank International (day session)/Adidas International (day 6)
5.30 Wheel of Fortune
6.00 Seven News
6.30 Today Tonight
7.00 Hot Auctions
7.30/8.00 3rd Rock from the Sun
8.30 Tennis: Adidas International (repeat)
10.30 Tennis: Commonwealth Bank International (highlights)
12.30 Tennis: Adidas International (doubles; repeat)
2.30 Soccer: Northern Spirit v. Parramatta Power
4.30 Victor Paul Shopping
5.30 Saved by the Bell: The New Class

TCN9 (Nine)
6.00 National Nine Early News
7.00 Today
9.00 Here’s Humphrey
9.30 Y?
10.00 Kirk
10.30 Jamie Foxx Show
11.00 National Nine Morning News
11.30 Entertainment Tonight
12.00 Movie “Lost in America”
2.00 Skiff Racing: World Series Grand Prix
2.20 One-day Cricket: Australia v. New Zealand (from the MCG)
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
7.00 One-day Cricket (cont’d)
10.15 Nightline
10.45 Barbara Walters Presents “Ocean’s Eleven”
11.45 Murder Call
12.45 Late Show with David Letterman
1.40 Spyforce
2.35 Dangerman
3.30 Victor Paul Shopping
4.30 Rainbow Country
5.00 Keynotes
5.30 Entertainment Tonight

TEN10 (Ten)
6.00 Sports Tonight
6.30 Aerobics Oz Style
7.00 Digimon
7.30 Pokémon
8.00 Dragon Ball Z
8.30 In the Box
9.00 Good Morning Australia-Summer Series
11.30 Ten News
12.00 Time of Your Life (final)
1.00 Judge Judy
1.30 Best of Beauty & the Beast
2.30 Oprah Winfrey
3.30 Neighbours (early episodes)
4.00 Cybergirl
4.30 Bold and the Beautiful
5.00 Ten News
6.00 The Simpsons
6.30 Unreal Ads
7.00 The Nanny
7.30/8.00 The Simpsons
8.30 Movie “Major Payne”
10.30 Ten News
11.00 Sports Tonight
11.30 Cold Live at the Chapel: Coldplay
12.00 Golf: New Zealand Open (day 2; highlights)
1.00 Twice in a Lifetime
2.00 Danoz Direct
3.00 Big Key
3.30 Victor Paul Shopping
4.00 E Street
5.00 Benny Hinn
5.30 Christian City TV

6.00 Cantonese News (cont’d)
6.25 Mandarin News
6.55 Telegiornale
7.30 Das Journal
8.00 Ta Nea Ton Ennea
9.00 Le Journal
9.30 Seychas
10.10 Telediario
11.00 Siaran Berita
11.30 The Journal
12.00 Nightly Business Report
12.30 The Irish Empire “The Scattering”
1.30 Future Tense “Can Science Beat Disease?”
1.55 Weatherwatch & Music
3.00 Disaster: A Cancer in the System (UK)
3.30 Sportswoman
4.00 Asia Sports Show
4.30 Going Digital
5.00 Newshour with Jim Lehrer
6.00 Global Village
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 Games of the World (Germany)
7.30 Inspector Rex (Austria)
8.30 About Us “Living Forever” (UK)
9.30 SBS World News Tonight
10.00 Movie “The 6.10 Train” (Holland)
11.35 Movie “Les Boys II” (Canada)
1.40 Athletics: IAAF World Athletics Gala (highlights)
2.40 Our Park
3.35 History’s Turning Points
4.35 Weatherwatch & Music
5.15 Japanese News
5.50 Cantonese News


Today’s TV: 11.1.1981, Tasmania:

Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly / TV World


Nine extending their reach into northern Tasmania.


Not sure how legit that use of the Channel 9 logo is. I suspect they just saw 9 in the listings so just threw in a dotted “9” logo to fill some space :wink:

I think TNT9 at that stage had the “9 stars” logo



Today’s TV: 12.1.1987, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, South East SA

(excluding SBS)

Source: TV Week

The first day of the Australian Open but the last open to come from Kooyong before moving to the tennis centre

Looks like regionals didn’t bother with the tennis coverage. I suspect that they may have held off to only showing the closing stages of the competition - as being the only commercial channel in town to effectively block out all programming for 2 weeks is probably not a wise move when ABC is already blocking out much of its daytime with test cricket. And the regionals may have had to juggle some day-night cricket as well during those 2 weeks.

And even though ABC is listed as showing the cricket, that is only in regional areas. In Melbourne, ABC had regular programming.

@Si-Co here’s another showing of Rainbow… for a full hour on Channel 7


Lismore, date unknown

Note at the bottom… Channel 11???


Most likely NRN11 from Grafton-Kempsey and Coffs Harbour #myfriend


and RTN8 showing ABC News at 7pm, simulcast with the local ABC outlet on channel 6. Why was that? Didn’t they have satellite/coaxial links with Sydney commercial channels? I remember reading in this topic (and in TV History) that AMV4 had an ABC news relay in its very early days (that was before Albury had a local ABC station) and a few other commercial stations did as well.


In Albury even after ABC commenced in the area, AMV4 still continued to relay the 7.00 news from ABC.

Not sure why the commercial channels like AMV4 did so. Maybe it was cheaper than paying for a commercial news service from the nearest capital city.


AMV would later merge with RVN-2 in 1971 following financial difficulties. Sadly in 1991, the RVN callsign would be no more as both the Wagga and Orange licenses would merge to become CBN.


When did commercial TV (regional) stop relaying ABC News, #myfriend ???