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You’d be half-right about that. The first 2001 replacement for Media Watch was “Littlemore”, hosted by former MW presenter Stuart Littlemore, and was similar to MW.

Here’s an example, thanks to ‘KevinIntensity’ on YouTube.


The Simpsons of the 70s? :rofl:


Didn’t Backchat also have viewer feedback about the ABC too? I remember SBS also had time where they read viewer feedback letters, transcripts from phone calls, faxes and later emails.


Most news outlets on 9/11 was running their late night bulletins when the news broke in Australia.

What was the TV guide for Wednesday, September 12, 2001 with all networks running coverage of the attacks during the day and abandoning their scheduled programming


Petitioning Channel 0 to get the rights to Happy Days and run it in the 6pm slot -


Backchat was purely for viewers to write in with their feedback about ABC programs. It dated back to around the late 1980s but I guess that its timeslot varied and may have been used to fill the 15 minute gap left by Media Watch

SBS had Hotline for its viewer feedback

Published listings would have been as normal as coverage was coming and going on an ad hoc basis and nobody would have known in advance

Channel 10 did do that in the late 90s :wink:


Today’s TV: 27.8.1965, Melbourne / Gippsland:

And other Country Victoria:

Source: TV Week


Today’s TV: 28.8.2006, Melbourne

(Missing: ABC2, SBS News Channel, Channel 31)

Source: TV Week


10:00 Wheel of Fortune on Channel 7. I thought that this episode was on repeat.


The Oblongs didn’t last long lol. Plenty of outrage over that one.

I’m guessing cricket pushed National Nine News to 6:30pm.

Ten Late News on a Saturday night those were the days.


1 episode aired before it got the axe from memory? and then it appeared late evenings / early mornings some time after, that was back in the day that Nine tried to air everything it got out of that output deal even if it didn’t match their demos…

The other thing that sticks out was Ten still producing Late News / ST even at a 11:30pm air time… I remember especially on Saturday nights it would often air at 12:30am or even late due to movie run times. Unthinkable these days.


A quick search finds that the Optus Pay TV channel “Oh!” aired Meet The Oblongs (which I presume is the same show as this) months before Nine did. Also that both The Oblongs and Nikki were pulled from Nine’s programming schedule in favour of Airline and Maneaters: Sharks respectively for 15/12/2001.

The Oblongs must’ve been a pretty bad show for it to be pulled from Nine after only one episode during the non-ratings period! :open_mouth:


Melbourne TV Guide 31st October 2001.
6:00 Lifelong
Learning [G] French In Action
6:30 Lifelong
Learning [G] Writers On Writing
6:55 Mixy [G] Includes: Teletubbies. ®
7:25 Sali Mali [G]
7:30 Bear In The Big
Blue House [G]
8:00 Tiny Planets
8:05 Bill And Ben The
Flowerpot Men
8:15 The Tales Of The
Little Grey
Rabbit [G]
8:30 Sesame Street
9:25 Bananas In
Pyjamas [G]
9:30 Play School [G]
10:00 School’s
Programs [G] Include: For The Juniors. ®
10:15 Number Crew [G]
10:45 Brazil 2000 [G]
11:05 Behind The News
11:30 Waterworks [G]
12:00 World At Noon
12:30 Something In The
Air [G,CC]
1:00 National Press
Club Address John Anderson, Deputy Prime Minister
2:00 G.P [PG,CC]
3:00 Tweenies [G]
3:20 Plonsters [G]
3:25 Maisy [G]
3:30 Play School [G]
4:00 Bananas In
Pyjamas [G]
4:05 Preston Pig [G]
4:15 Sheeep [G]
4:25 Pingu [G]
4:30 Madeline [G]
4:55 The Trap Door
5:00 CatDog [G]
5:25 Fly Tales [G]
5:30 The Mystery Of
Black Rose
Castle [G]
5:55 Freaky Stories
6:00 Something In The
Air [CC]
6:30 People
7:00 News [CC]
7:30 Federal Election
2001 [CC] ALP Policy Launch
8:00 The 7.30 Report
[CC] With Kerry O’Brien.
8:30 Federal Election
2001 [CC] Australian Greens Talk
8:35 Bad Behaviour
9:30 Foreign
10:30 Lateline [CC]
11:00 Stranger Than
Fiction [G,CC]
12:30 George VI: The
Reluctant King
1:25 Movie: Pot Luck
2:35 Movie: Ferry To
Hong Kong [PG]
4:30 Lifelong
Learning [G,CC] Australian Studies: Images Of Australia
5:00 Lifelong
Learning [G,CC] Out Of Empire
5:30 Lifelong
Learning [G] Destinos: An Introduction To Spanish

6:00 Sunrise News
[CC] Presented by Georgie Gardiner and Mark Beretta.
8:30 The Book Place
[P] .
9:00 A Country
Practice [G]
10:00 Concentration
10:30 News [CC]
11:00 Ricki Lake [PG]
12:00 Movie: Born
2:00 Where The Heart
Is [PG] Getting Better - Drama series.
3:10 Passions [PG]
4:00 The Big Arvo
4:30 Home And Away -
The Early Years
5:00 Home Improvement
5:30 Wheel Of Fortune
[G] Hosted by Rob Elliott and Sophie Falkiner.
6:00 News [CC]
6:30 Today Tonight
[CC] Presented by Naomi Robson.
7:00 Home And Away
7:30 Ground Force -
How Does Your
Garden Grow II
8:28 Wednesday Lotto
[G,CC] Draw No. 92. Hosted by James Sherry.
8:30 Blue Heelers
9:30 Providence
10:30 Once And Again
11:30 News [CC]
12:00 Wasteland [PG]
1:00 NBC Today
[G,CC] With Katherine Couric and Matt Lauer.
3:00 Victor Paul Home
Shopping [G]
4:00 Telemall
5:10 USA High [G]
5:35 Sweet Valley
High [G]

6:00 Early News [CC]
7:00 Today [CC]
9:00 Hi-5 [P]
9:30 Cushion Kids
9:35 Barney And
Friends [G]
10:00 Pacific Drive
10:30 Fresh [G]
11:00 News [CC]
11:30 Entertainment
Tonight [PG]
12:00 Days Of Our
Lives [PG]
1:00 The Young And
The Restless
2:00 The Pretender
3:00 Hardcastle &
McCormick [G]
4:00 Y? [C]
4:30 Courage The
Cowardly Dog
5:00 Family Ties [G]
5:30 Burgo’s Catch
Phrase [G]
6:00 News [CC]
6:30 A Current Affair
7:00 Sale Of The
Century [G,CC]
7:29 Keno [G,CC]
7:30 McLeod’s
8:30 Survivor III:
Africa [PG,CC]
9:30 Stingers [M,CC]
10:30 Nightline [CC]
11:00 Roswell [PG]
12:00 Viper [PG]
12:55 Late Show With
David Letterman
1:55 The Ananda Lewis
Show [PG]
2:45 Invasion America
3:15 Victor Paul Home
Shopping [G]
4:15 Turn 'Round
Australia [G]
4:45 Nine Lives [G]
5:00 Paradise Beach
5:30 Entertainment
Tonight [PG]

6:00 Aerobics Oz
Style [G]
6:30 Cheez TV [G]
8:30 In The Box [P]
9:00 Good Morning
Australia With
Bert Newton
11:00 Huey’s Cooking
Adventures [G]
11:30 News
12:00 Jerry Springer
[M a]
1:00 Judge Judy [G]
1:30 Beauty And The
Beast [PG]
2:30 The Oprah
Winfrey Show
3:30 Neighbours [G]
4:00 Totally Wild
4:30 The Bold And The
Beautiful [G]
5:00 News [CC]
6:00 The Simpsons
6:30 Neighbours
7:00 Seinfeld [G,CC]
7:30 The Simpsons
8:30 Mysterious Ways
9:30 The Panel
10:45 News [CC]
11:15 Sports Tonight
11:45 Talking Point
12:45 Falcone [M]
1:45 Video Hits [G]
2:00 Suzanne Paul
Home Shopping
3:00 Victor Paul Home
Shopping [G]
4:00 Life In The Word
4:30 Kenneth Copeland
5:00 Marilyn Hickey
5:30 This Is Your Day
With Benny Hinn

6:00 WorldWatch
6:25 Mandarin News
6:55 Telegiornale
7:30 Das Journal
8:00 Ta Nea Ton
9:00 Le Journal
9:30 Sevodnia
10:10 Telediario
11:00 Siaran Berita
11:30 The Journal
12:00 Business Report
12:30 Movie: The
Murderess [M a]
2:05 WeatherWatch &
3:00 TV Ed
3:30 Global Village
4:30 World Sport
5:00 Newshour With
Jim Lehrer Current affairs.
6:00 Global Village
6:30 World News [CC] With Stan Grant.
7:00 World Sport
7:30 Street Cafe
8:00 The Movie Show
8:30 Dateline Hosted by Jana Wendt.
9:30 World News
Tonight [CC] With Anton Enus.
10:00 Movie: The
School Of Flesh
11:45 Movie: Fallen
Angels [MA vsl]
1:20 In Search Of
Palestine Edward Said
2:15 Turning Points
3:15 Wildfish
3:45 Tales From A
4:15 A Fork In The
4:45 WeatherWatch &
5:30 Japanese News


Must be talking about Ten execs when they see Ten’s ratings these days


What’s the name of the website where you took that screenshot?


http://www. sofcom via


sofcom became ebroadcast which is still around.

Probably not a bad show just wrong network, wrong timeslot and wrong audience. Would’ve worked on Ten.


Thank you very much!


Melbourne TV listings: Sunday, January 12, 1997
from The Age

6.00 Rage (simulcast on Triple J)
8.30 The Real Story of…
9.00 Ghostwriter
9.30 Blinky Bill
10.00 Goggle Eyes
10.25 Banger and Math
10.30 Gardening Australia
11.00 Songs of Praise
11.35 Right Against Poverty
12.00 The Best of Landline
1.00 Between the Lines
1.30 A Distant View
2.00 The Terezin Concert
3.05 Berlioz: Te Deum Philharmonic Orchestra
4.00 Looking for Robinson
4.50 The Great Picture Trail
5.00 The Golden Age of the Piano
6.00 The House of Eliott
6.53 Consuming Passions “Dances of the Sea”
7.00 ABC News
7.30 Middlemarch
8.25 ABC News
8.30 Sunday Stereo Special “Giselle”
10.10 Radharc in Europe
10.50 Embassy “Falling Coconuts”
11.40 Movie “All Night Long”
1.10 Movie “The Dark Man”
2.25 Movie “Behind the Headlines”
3.30 Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish
4.00 Time to Grow
4.30 French in Action
5.00 Growing Awareness
5.30 Against All Odds

7 HSV Seven Network
6.00 Reach for a Rainbow
6.30 Lamb Chop’s Play-Along
7.00 ZooLife with Jack Hanna
7.30 A*mazing
8.00 Sunday Sunrise
8.30 Face to Face (season premiere)
9.00 Movie “Tut and Tuttle”
11.00 Movie “Rio Rita”
1.00 Oz Tennis: Celebrity Day (from Melbourne Park)
3.00 Movie “Road to Utopia”
5.00 Lonely Planet “East Africa: Tanzania and Zanzibar”
6.00 Seven Nightly News
6.30 The World Around Us “Baboons: Too Close for Comfort”
7.30 Home Improvement “Blow Up”
8.00 The Mummies “The Mother of All In-Laws”
8.30 Movie “Pacific Heights”
10.40 1997 Pre-World Championships Open Water Swimming Event
11.40 Late Movie “Lies Before Kisses”
1.35 Telemall Shopping
2.35 NBC Today
3.35 NBC Meet the Press
4.35 Late Movie “Happy Anniversary”

9 GTV Nine Network
6.00 Turn 'Round Australia
6.30 CTA: Challenges
7.00 Wonder World!
7.30 The Adventures of Skippy
8.00 Boston Pops Celebrity Series
9.00 1996 Nobel Awards
10.00 The Shark Files “Quest for the Basking Shark”
11.00 Movie “The Desert Song”
1.20 Cricket: Australia v. West Indies
5.00 National Nine News
5.30 Cricket: Australia v. West Indies (continued)
9.00 Movie “The Prince of Tides”
11.40 Barbra Streisand: Mirror Has Two Faces
12.10 Wings “If Elected, I Will Not Live”
12.40 Cricket: Australia v. West Indies (highlights)
1.40 Late Movie “School Daze”
4.05 Dear John “I Had a Secret Love”
4.35 Court TV: Inside America’s Court
5.05 Mark Walberg

10 ATV Network Ten
6.00 Mass for You at Home
6.30 Swordfish
7.00 Deepwater Haven
7.30 Totally Wild
8.00 Highway to Heaven
9.00 Video Hits
11.00 NRG
11.30 Ten Pin Bowling: Coca-Cola Classic
12.00 NBA Inside Stuff
12.30 Inside Sport
1.00 Indoor Cricket
2.00 Motor Racing: AUSCAR
3.00 St. George Triathlon (men’s round one)
5.00 Ten News
5.30 Wonderful World of Disney “The Three Lives of Thomasina” (part 1)
6.30/7.00 The Nanny
7.30/8.00 The Simpsons
8.30 Movie “The Big Chill”
10.40 Ten News
11.10 Sports Tonight
11.40 Malibu Shores “Hot Line”
12.40 Movie “Diary of a High School Bride”
2.00 Telemall Shopping
4.00 Life in the Word
4.30 Kenneth Copeland
5.00 Sally Jessy Raphael

28 SBS
7.30 Ukrainian News
8.00 Arabic News
8.55 Oto Polska
9.30 Apo Tin Ellada
10.00 Italian News
10.30 Italian Soccer
11.30 On the Ball
12.30 Movie “Heidi” (Switzerland)
2.10 Great Arias
2.30 South (UK)
3.30 The Footsteps of Champagne Charlie
4.00 Australian Biography
4.30 Speed Week
5.30 African Portraits
6.00 Glenroe (Ireland)
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 Tales from a Suitcase
7.30 Our Century “1918-28: The Years of Jazz”
8.30 Colours of Infinity (UK)
9.30 Movie “Mr. India” (India)
12.10 Voices of Rap (with Jazzie B)
1.05 close


Coffs Harbour TV Guide
Thursday 21 August 1975

8.00 Sesame Street
9.30 Play School
1.00 ABC News
1.10 Movie: Two Week’s In Another Town
2.55 Doctor Doolittle
3.15 Flower Pot Men
3.30 Play School
4.00 Sesame Street
5.00 Adventure Island
5.25 It’s A Happening World
5.35 The Forest Rangers
6.00 Target
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 Grafton/Kempsey News
7.00 ABC News
7.25 Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight
8.00 Comedy Playhouse
8.30 News In Brief and Weather
8.35 I’m Here Darlings
9:55 Perspective
10.25 State of the Nation
10:55 ABC News and Weather
11.05 1975 Admiral’s Cup Challenge
12.05 Close

12.00 Test Pattern and Music
1.00 Days of our Lives
1.25 Social Calendar
1.30 Celebrity Squares
1.55 The Mike Walsh Show
3.15 High Rollers
3.45 Astro Boy
4.05 Lassie’s Rescue Rangers
4.30 Birthday Calls
4.40 Daktari
5.35 The Brady Bunch
6.00 Eyewitness News
6.30 North Coast News
6.35 Hogan’s Heroes
7.00 A Current Affair
7.30 People and Places
7.35 Boney
8.30 Policewoman
9.20 Number 96
10.15 The Box
11.05 Close

Source: Coffs Harbour Advocate 21/08/1975


Today’s TV: 30.8.1958, Melbourne. 60 years ago

Source: TV Week