Classic TV Listings

11 February 1995, Sydney
Source: Sun Herald

8 hours of Rugby League coverage


Why did SBS have different regional schedule for soccer?

Probably some sort of blackout rule from Soccer Australia preventing SBS from showing the game live in the same city as where it’s being played.


I think the NSWRL/ARL/NRL really struggled in the past three decades to settle on a format for rugby league preseason competitions. It was either sevens (with or without overseas teams), nines, All Stars or the full XIII trial matches. If the league settled on one format and nurtured and promoted it properly, it would be popular with fans looking for some rugby league action in late summer.

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Do you know if this rule existed for AFL matches that Seven televised in select cities in the 90s?

I know this rule has existed for the broadcasts of three of each of the Crows/Power/Eagles/Freo since 2017, and from 2025 it will for the Swans/Giants/Lions/Suns.

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In Sydney, not that I know of but AFL fans here would know more in detail. I know the Saturday/Sunday day game was live in Sydney even if it was a Swans SCG game.

12 February 1998, Sydney
Source:Sun Herald

Two Friday the Thirteenth/13th movies.


As a kid, Seven had the best Saturday Morning TV.


It wouldn’t have mattered in Sydney anyway. Watch via SBS’s Illawarra transmitter which was easily received across most of the metro area.


Today’s TV: 13 February 2009, Perth
Source: The West Australian

The Western Bulldogs v Essendon match was originally scheduled to be played in Darwin, Northern Territory, but had to be shifted to Melbourne to help with the fundraising for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires.


I mean it wasn’t much of a competition. ABC never ran kids shows on Saturdays, Nine never really put huge effort into kids programming on Saturdays and Ten did bring Cheez TV onto Saturdays but it was always lacking compared to the weekday version. Seven easily had the advantage since it had the Disney cartoons.


I still remember watching those late-night airings of Good Game on Fridays

Whoever reviewed RockStar is being way too generous with that star rating.

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Nine usually just had repeats of the weekday kids shows from years prior. Good Sports.

Teenage Dramas after Saturday Disney were always popular. Saved by the bell etc.

I think they stopped that by the time I was watching the Saturday lineup on Seven though there were a couple Australian ones they would air in the early 2000s.

I never watched it but I always remember it would be on weekends. They did air some of their kids game shows on Saturday mornings though like Challenger, Download and Pick Your Face.

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Saved By The Bell, USA High, Sweet Valley High just to name a few , ran their course by the end of the 90s.

I remember they would air Sweet Valley High at like 5am around 2001 because I would be up at the time and it was all that was on. I did see the odd Saved by the Bell in the late-90s but it always had an erratic airing scheule so it would just randomly show up whenever 7 needed filler.

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When did WIN stop producing Good Sports it was a good show produced in Tasmania if my memory serves me correctly. Shown on all The Nine affiliates even before NBN was owned by Nine. The capital city Nine stations even had it as well on very early in the morning 6am.

Wikipedia says WIN axed Goodsports in 2000.


From memory Nine replayed some very old episodes in the 2000s.

It was like their go to show for kids.

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Which is weird because Nine was producing contemporary kids programming at the time that filled in as a factual/infotainment format. So it seems weird they would rely on something WIN produced in the '90s.

I’m assuming it was very cheap to run.

From memory, when Nine had a rain delay in the cricket , Good Sports or I Dream of Jeannie would often fill the schedule.

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