Classic TV Listings

Hence why Seven had 20 episodes left over after WOF ceased production.

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Today’s TV: 9.3.1980, Victoria

Source: TV Times


None of the regionals took 60 Minutes at the time. It wasn’t until 1981 on AMV4 and 1982 on BCV8/BTV6/GMV6 when they took the show. In religion class on Mondays at the Catholic high school I went to they had discussion on what was on 60 Minutes the previous night.

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Today’s TV: 11 March 2009, Perth
Source; The West Australian


Ah, the era of the GFC where all the newspapers started having tacky, That’s Life style saving money columns / pages.

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Friday 13 March 1998
Source: SMH

A Friday the 13th movie on Friday the 13th.


Or Saturday the 14th to be precise!


Today’s TV: 14 March 2006, Perth
Source: The West Australian

I noticed that Bert’s Family Feud had a one-hour episode. I wonder if that special episode was due to the Melbourne 2006 Games?


Melbourne TV: Sunday 20 March 1977
from The Age

10.00 Ambassador College
10.30 An Hour of Power
11.30 Mass for You at Home
12.00 Variety Italian Style
1.00 Racing Review (Saturday’s racing)
1.45 VFA Practice Match: Prahran v. Port Melbourne
5.00 Bonanza
6.00 News
6.30 Almost Anything Goes
7.30 Six Million Dollar Man
8.30 Movie “The Organisation”
10.25 Movie “The Keys of the Kingdom”
12.55 sign-off

9.20 test pattern/music
9.35 Outlook (the agricultural industries)
11.05 Divine Service (from Tasmania)
11.50 test pattern/music
12.00 Hammy Hamster’s Adventures on the Riverbank
12.20 Little Big Time
12.45 Sow What?
1.00 Four Corners (repeat)
2.00 Motor Racing: The Tasman 10,000 (from Hobart)
4.00 A Land for All Seasons
4.55 Banana Splits
5.35 Doctor Who “The Genesis of the Daleks” (part 1)
6.00 Countdown
6.55 Weather
7.00 News (and Weekend Magazine)
7.40 Our Mutual Friend (BBC series; final)
8.30 The Explorers
9.20 News
9.30 Country Matters
10.20 Music Makers
10.50 sign-off

8.50 test pattern/music
9.05 It is Written
9.35 Sunday Magazine
9.50 World of Sport Special
11.55 World of Sport
2.30 Motor Racing: Kleber $40,000 (from Calder Racing Circuit)
5.00 The Professor and the Enquiring Minds
5.30 It’s Academic
6.00 News (includes Camera Seven)
6.30 Wonderful World of Disney “Magic of Walt Disney’s World”
7.30 This is Your Life (hosted by Roger Climpson)
8.00 The Practice
8.30 Movie “Inn of the Damned”
10.50 This Week
11.50 Insight
followed by sign-off at 12.20

6.00 Thunderbirds
7.00 Day of Discovery
7.30 Garner Ted Armstrong
8.00 Look, Listen, Laugh & Learn
9.00 Cathedral of Tomorrow
10.00 Here’s Humphrey
11.00 Religious Feature (a study of Zambia’s Catholic Diocese)
11.50 Point of View
12.00 World Championship Wrestling
1.00 Movie “Showdown”
2.30 Movie “Wings of the Hawk”
4.00 Curiosity Show
5.00 Paper Moon
5.30 Ask the Leyland Brothers
6.00 News (and Sunday Magazine)
6.30 New Faces
7.30 World at War
8.30 Movie “Five Easy Pieces”
10.30 Movie “Notorious”
12.30 Movie “Terror of the Black Mask”
2.10 Movie “Shock Treatment”
3.40 Movie “The 300 Year Weekend”
5.00 Movie “Don’t Talk to Strange Men”

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Today’s TV: 20 March 2010, Perth
Source: THe West Australian


Saturday Disney at 9AM.


Yes! This was the best. hahaha

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July 2009 was the start of Saturday Disney moving timeslots.

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