Classic NZ TV Listings

@Michael_S Aunties Alphabet ended on 6 May 1991 as the show consisted of 26 episodes and each episode featured a different letter of the alphabet. Reruns of Thomas the Tank Engine were brought back in TV3’s (now Three) 3.20pm slot the next day.


Today’s TV: Monday 3 April 1989
from the NZ Listener

TV One
9.55am Teletext in Vision
10.10 Aerobics Oz Style (Rpt)
10.35 Play School (Rpt)
11.00 Rainbow (Rpt)
11.15 The Smurfs (Rpt)
11.40 Towser (Starting today)
11.45 Kōhanga Reo (Rpt)
11.55 Te Karere Headlines
Noon Network News at Noon
12.15 Santa Barbara
1.10 Days of Our Lives
2.10 Ever Decreasing Circles (Rpt)
2.45 Coronation Street (Double episode) (Rpt)
A repeat screening of last Thursday and Friday’s episodes
3.40 Albion Market
4.10 Terry and June
4.45 Emmerdale Farm
5.15 Te Karere
5.25 Sons and Daughters
6.00 Network News at Six (New half hour format)
6.30 Holmes (Starting tonight)
7.00 Our World - Carna the Otter
8.00 Floodtide (Series return)
9.00 French & Saunders
9.30 EyeWitness News
10.00 Falcon Crest
10.55 Dynasty
11.55 Closedown

Network Two
10.45am Teletext in Vision
11.00 The Young and the Restless
Noon Love Connection
12.25 The Duck Factory (Starting today)
12.55 The Love Boat (Rpt)
1.50 Three’s Company (Rpt)
2.15 After 2, including (all times approx):
2.16 Play School
2.45 Mother Goose Stories
2.55 The Care Bears Family (Rpt)
3.20 Storybook Classics (Starting today)

3.45 Live!, including (all times approx):
3.50 Danger Mouse
4.05 A Little Princess (Starting today, part 1)
4.40 RTR Megamix

5.15 Throb (Series return)
5.45 Newsbreak and Regional Programmes
Top Half (Auckland)
Today Tonight (Wellington)
The Mainland Touch (Christchurch)
The South Tonight (Dunedin)

6.00 M-A-S-H (Starting tonight) (Rpt)
6.30 Neighbours (New timeslot)
7.00 Sale of the Century (Series premiere)
7.30 EastEnders
8.00 Family Ties
8.30 China Beach
9.30 The Twilight Zone (Double episode)
10.30 Newsbreak
Includes Māori news summary
10.35 Entertainment This Week
11.30 Downtown (Starting tonight) (Rpt)
12.30am Closedown

Here’s an updated version of the one I posted here earlier with more detailed information.

Network News at Six + Holmes + Regional News

On Monday 3 April 1989 TVNZ made significant changes to its news and current affairs programming. These changes were part of the network’s new season and were aimed at providing viewers with a better and more comprehensive news and current affairs experience.

The most notable change was the reduction of TVNZ’s flagship evening news bulletin, the Network News at Six, from a full hour to just 30 minutes. This move was met with surprise and even criticism from some viewers, as the hour-long news programme had been a staple of New Zealand television since 1982. However, TVNZ’s decision to cut the bulletin down to half an hour proved to be a smart move as it allowed for a more concise and focused news presentation.

Despite the shorter format, the Network News at Six continued to be fronted by the well-known and respected duo of Judy Bailey and Richard Long. The two anchors had been a mainstay in New Zealand news since 1988 and their comprehensive coverage of important national and international news at 6pm every weeknight on TV One (now TVNZ 1) was highly praised.

The 6.30pm slot, following the Network News at Six, was filled by the launch of a brand new programme, Holmes. Led by Newstalk 1ZB (now Newstalk ZB) breakfast host Paul Holmes, this nightly current affairs programme promised to offer a mix of interviews, reportage and both light and serious issues from around the country. Holmes was a refreshing addition to TVNZ’s line-up and began with the infamous Dennis Conner interview.

With Holmes taking over the 6.30pm slot, TVNZ had to find a new timeslot for its regional news programmes - Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin). These regional news programmes, which had previously been shown as part of the hour-long Network News at Six since 1982, were moved to approximately 5.50pm on Network Two (now TVNZ 2), right after the early evening newsbreak at 5.45pm.

Unfortunately, this change also saw the end of Top Half and Today Tonight in December 1989, much to the disappointment of viewers in Auckland and Wellington.

Sale of the Century

New Zealand has always been known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and laid-back lifestyle. But in 1989 the country added another feather to its cap by introducing its own version of the hit Australian game show, Sale of the Century. The show made its debut on Network Two (now TVNZ 2) at 7pm on the evening of Monday 3 April 1989 and took the nation by storm.

With hosts Steve Parr and Judith Kirk (now Jude Dobson) along with Grant Walker as the announcer, Sale of the Century was a fast-paced quiz show that tested the contestants’ general knowledge and their speed on the buzzer. The show screened five nights a week and quickly became a favourite among Kiwis of all ages.

The format of Sale of the Century was simple yet engaging. The game usually involved three contestants competing to amass the highest score by answering a series of trivia questions correctly and playing several games. The champion from the previous show would usually be invited to return as a carry-over champion.

What set Sale of the Century apart was its grand prizes - aka ‘the lot’. The show offered a wide range of prizes, ranging from sophisticated household appliances to luxurious overseas holidays and even top-of-the-line cars, courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors - all of which were valued at more than $70,000.

Produced by Grundy Television (now Fremantle) for TVNZ and recorded in front of a live audience at Wellington’s Avalon Studios, Sale of the Century ran for five successful years, from 1989 to 1993. The show was a huge hit among viewers and received high ratings, which made it one of the most watched programmes on New Zealand television. The success of the show can be attributed to its format, fast-paced nature and of course, the charismatic hosts who kept the audience entertained with their wit and charm.

After a brief hiatus Sale of the Century was revived by TV3 (now Three) in September 1994. Steve Parr returned as host with Julie White taking over as hostess and John Sweetman on board as the announcer. Recorded in front of a live audience at the studios of the Auckland-based Isambard Productions, a now-defunct independent production house led by Tom Parkinson, the revived version of Sale of the Century ran from 1994 to 1995; unfortunately, it failed to match the success of its predecessor.


Today’s TV: Tuesday 5 April 1983
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.00am Play School (Rpt)
10.25 You and Your Child (Rpt)
10.30 The Richard Simmons Show
10.55 Yoga with Sandra Riddle (Rpt)
11.00 11AM
Noon News
12.05 See Here
12.10 Beauty and the Beast
12.35 Tuesday Matinee - The General Died at Dawn (1936) (B&W) (Rpt)
2.25 You and Your Child (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.30 Play School (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.55 Wattoo Wattoo Super Bird
3.00 Sesame Street
4.00 Fangface (Rpt)
4.20 No Laws Today
4.30 Video Dispatch
5.00 Andy Robson (Part 3)
5.30 Shazam!
5.56 Te Karere

6.00 Science Express
6.30 News
Includes Nationwide and regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 Close to Home
8.00 Fair Go
8.30 Movie for Television - Coward of the County (1981)
10.20 Archie Bunker’s Place
10.50 News
10.55 Closedown

2.30pm The Love Boat (Rpt)
3.25 General Hospital
3.50 Little House on the Prairie (Rpt)
4.45 Untamed World (Rpt)
5.15 M-A-S-H (Rpt)
5.45 News
5.56 Te Karere
This bulletin screens on TV2 everywhere - except the East Coast (TV One)
6.00 The Young Doctors
6.30 CHiPs
7.30 Fame
8.30 The Feltex Television Awards 1983
9.30 Eye Witness News
10.00 The Sweeney (Rpt)
11.00 On the Mat
11.25 Till Death Us Do Part (Rpt)
11.55 Closedown


Curious as to what Te Karere was, and why it was on TV One on the “East Coast”, which is what market? cheers

Te Karere is still going - weekdaily Maori news programme - now half an hour.

TV2 had poorer reception in certain markets at the time and because the East Coast has a heavy Maori population, it was broadcast there on the stronger TV1 frequency.


Thanks for the info


Extra: Saturday 25 February 1989
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.45am Teletext in Vision
7.00 Sooty (Rpt)
7.20 My Little Pony ‘n Friends
7.45 The Raccoons (Rpt)
8.15 The Kidsongs TV Show
8.35 Yogi’s Treasure Hunt
9.00 Whiz Kids (Rpt)
9.55 The Muppet Show Command Performances (Rpt)
10.25 Sport on One
Includes cricket (NZ v Pakistan - third test, day two; live from Eden Park, Auckland), racing from Ellerslie, surfing and jetsprinting
6.30pm Network News and Sport
7.00 Murder, She Wrote
8.00 The Return of Shelley
8.30 Aspel & Company
9.20 Network News
9.35 The Equalizer
10.35 The Two Ronnies (Rpt)
11.30 The Paper Chase
12.25am Closedown

Network Two
11.20am Teletext in Vision
11.35 The Paper Lads (Rpt)
Noon Out of This World
12.25 Saturday Matinee - The Other Side of the Mountain (1975) (Rpt)
2.00 Lost in Space (Rpt)
2.50 Entertainment This Week (Rpt)
3.40 The Betty White Show (Rpt)
4.05 Alison Holst’s Microwave Menus (Part 2)
4.40 The Henderson Kids II (Rpt)
5.30 Batman (Rpt)
6.00 Taxi (Rpt)
6.30 Perfect Strangers
7.00 Griffin’s Top Town
7.30 Wella Miss Universe New Zealand 1989
Live from the James Hay Theatre, Christchurch
8.30 Lotto (Live draw)
8.35 Sonny Spoon (Starting tonight)
9.35 The Saturday Night Movie - Rhinestone (1984)
11.45 Late Movie - The Great Santini (1979)
1.50am Closedown

On the evening of Saturday 25 February 1989, the search for a beauty queen to represent New Zealand at the 1989 Miss Universe pageant was held at the James Hay Theatre in Christchurch.

The event was televised live on Network Two (now TVNZ 2) at 7.30pm as an hour-long special. The hosts of the special were Bob Parker and Lorraine Downes, also known as Lorraine Mexted at the time. The judges’ panel consisted of Paula Ryan, Euan Sarginson, Peter Elliott, Christine Atkinson, Kerry-Anne Gilberd and Judith Panel, with performances by ex-Commodore Ronald LaPread and illusionist Timothy Woon.

Among the contestants was Nicky Walker, originally a 21-year-old university student from Dunedin, who was named runner-up with the title going to Shelley Soffe of Auckland. Nicky Walker is now known as Nicky Styris and has since worked in the broadcasting industry, including Sky Sport and, later, Newshub.


Take a closer look at the snapshot (courtesy of the NZ Listener).

@TV4 @nztv @OnAir An NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the NZ Warriors was televised live on TV3 (now Three) at 9.30pm on the evening of Saturday 21 April 2001, although TV3’s coverage began with an actual ‘live kick-off’ and there were commercial breaks throughout with the coverage itself becoming progressively delayed.

Today, most rugby and league matches screen on Sky Open and begin with a live kick-off with the insertion of commercial breaks and progressive delays after the first commercial break. Only by watching the game live and ad-free on Sky Sport or Sky Sport Now will you ever know.


Today’s TV: Friday 12 April 2002 (Part 1 - Free-to-air channels only)
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.00am One News
6.10 Te Karere (Rpt)
A repeat screening of the previous day’s bulletin
6.30 TelstraClear Business
7.00 Breakfast
9.00 How’s Life? (Rpt)
A repeat screening of the previous evening’s programme
9.30 The Best of Today Live
10.00 Good Morning
Noon Midday (News)
12.35 Night and Day (PGR)
1.15 EastEnders (PGR)
1.55 Return of the Saint (Rpt, PGR)
3.00 Going, Going, Gone (Rpt, G)
3.35 Emmerdale (PGR)
4.05 Jim’s Car Show (Rpt, G)
4.35 Te Karere
4.55 The Good Life Garden Club (G)
5.30 How’s Life?
6.00 One News
7.00 Holmes
7.30 Maggie’s Garden Show (G)
8.30 A&E (AO)
9.30 Blue Heelers (AO)
10.30 One Late Edition
11.00 The League of Gentlemen (Series premiere) (AO)
11.35 The Thing About Vince… (Final) (PGR)
12.05am Mini-Series - The Dark Room (Part 2, final) (PGR)
1.35 BBC World, including:
1.35 Talking Movies
2.00 BBC News
2.30 Asia Today
3.00 BBC News
3.30 HARDtalk
4.00 BBC News
4.30 The Car’s the Star
5.00 BBC News
5.30 World Business Report
5.45 Sport Today (Continues to 6am)

6.00am Creflo Dollar - Changing Your World
6.30 Destiny TV
7.00 Maisy (G)
7.10 Jim Button (G)
7.40 Hi-5 (Rpt, G)
8.15 Kipper (G)
8.25 Blue’s Clues (G)
8.50 Tweenies (G)
9.10 Bumble (G)
9.30 Shortland Street (Rpt, PGR)
10.00 Infomercials
11.30 Home and Away (Rpt, G)
Noon The Young and the Restless (PGR)
1.00 Days of Our Lives (PGR)
2.00 Ricki Lake (PGR)
2.55 Ketchup (Rpt, G)
3.00 Make Way for Noddy (G)
3.15 Bill and Ben (G)
3.25 WNTV, including (all times approx):
3.40 Dexter’s Laboratory (G)
3.50 Rocko’s Modern Life (G)
4.00 Jackie Chan Adventures (G)
4.30 Shinzo (G)

4.55 LA 7 (aka “S Club 7 in LA”) (Rpt, G)
5.30 Neighbours (G)
6.00 Top of the Pops (G)
6.30 Big Brother (G)
7.00 Shortland Street (PGR)
7.30 Australian Survivor
8.30 When Chefs Attack
9.30 The Drew Carey Show (PGR)
9.55 Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA (G)
10.25 Space
12.00am M2, including:
12.00 Volume (New pop)
1.30 Number 8 (100% NZ music)
2.00 Full Clip (Hip hop)
3.00 Top 5 Songs to…
3.30 Informer
4.00 Mulch (Heavy metal)
5.00 Spectator (Chillout and ambient music, continues to 6am)

6.00am Key of David
6.30 Teletubbies (Rpt, G)
6.55 Thomas the Tank Engine (Rpt, G)
7.00 Sonic Underground (Rpt, G)
7.25 Oggy and the Cockroaches (G)
7.50 Sheeep (G)
8.00 Disney’s Recess (Rpt, G)
8.25 Pingu (Rpt, G)
8.30 Bananas in Pyjamas (Rpt, G)
8.35 You and Me (Rpt, G)
9.00 Thomas the Tank Engine (Rpt, G)
9.05 The Wiggles (Rpt, G)
9.30 Infomercials
10.30 Mike & Angelo (PGR)
11.00 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (G)
11.30 Home and Away (Rpt, G)
A repeat screening of the previous day’s programme
Noon School Holiday Matinee - Brink (1988) (G)
2.00 Oprah (PGR)
3.00 Teletubbies (G)
3.25 Fly Tales (G)
3.30 Sticky TV
Includes Suzy’s World, Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z
5.00 Home and Away (G)
5.30 Judge Judy (G)
6.00 3 News
7.00 Home Improvement (Rpt, G)
7.30 3rd Rock from the Sun (PGR)
8.00 According to Jim (Series premiere) (PGR)
8.30 Friday Movie - Big Trouble in Little China (1986) (PGR)
10.35 Nightline
11.05 G vs E (aka “Good v Evil”) (AO)
12.05am ABC World News Tonight
12.35 Infomercials
1.35 Stingers (PGR)
2.25 The Jim Tavaré Show (Rpt, AO)
2.50 Savage Dragon (Rpt, PGR)
3.15 Infomercials (Continues to 6am)

6.00am Teletrader (Continued)
9.00 Infomercials
6.00pm Malibu, CA (Rpt, G)
6.30 City Guys (G)
7.00 Most Wanted (PGR)
7.30 Pepsi Chart (PGR)
8.30 Freakylinks (AO)
9.30 Movie - Cyberzone (1995) (AO)
11.15 Buddy Faro (Rpt, AO)
12.05am Infomercials
1.05 Teletrader (Continues to 9am)

6.00am Challenger (G)
6.30 Alvin and the Chipmunks (G)
7.00 Joyce Meyer - Life in the Word
7.30 This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn
8.00 Morning Movie - The Big Job (1965) (B&W) (G)
9.30 Morning Movie - Quiet Weekend (1946) (B&W) (G)
11.00 The Late Show with David Letterman (Rpt)
A repeat screening of the previous evening’s programme
Noon Entertainment Tonight (Rpt, G)
A repeat screening of the previous evening’s programme
12.30 Fresh: Cooking with the Australian Women’s Weekly (Rpt, G)
A repeat screening of the previous evening’s programme
1.00 National Nine Morning News
Live from Sydney (via satellite with the Nine Network)
1.30 Pacific Drive (PGR)
2.00 Matinee Movie - Our Miss Fred (1972) (G)
4.00 Judge Joe Brown (G)
4.30 Paradise Beach (G)
5.00 The Brady Bunch (G)
5.30 Happy Days (G)
6.00 Get Smart (G)
6.30 Fresh: Cooking with the Australian Women’s Weekly (G)
7.00 Entertainment Tonight (G)
7.30 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Celebrity Special (G)
9.45 The Footy Show (NRL) (AO)
11.10 The Late Show with David Letterman
12.05am A Current Affair
Delayed telecast (via satellite with the Nine Network)
12.35 TVSN (Continues to 6am)

More to come in Part 2.


I remember this being advertised as ‘The Drew Carey Hour’


Today’s TV: Friday 12 April 2002 (Part 2 - Sky UHF channels)
from the NZ Listener

Sky Movies
7.00am The Road to El Dorado (2000) (G)
8.35 Me, Myself and Irene (2000) (M)
10.35 What Planet Are You From? (2000) (M)
12.20pm Hidden Hollywood (1999, part 1) (G)
1.55 Hidden Hollywood (1999, part 2) (G)
3.30 Jekyll Island (1998) (M)
5.10 E! True Hollywood Stories
6.00 CineNews
6.30 Me, Myself and Irene (2000) (M)
8.30 The Beach (2000) (16)
10.30 Witchblade (2000) (M)
12.05am Simon Sez (1999) (M)
1.30 My Life So Far (1999) (PG0
3.10 Jubilee (2000) (M)
4.45 High Fidelity (2000) (M) (Continues to 6.35am)

Sky Sport
6.00am Motoworld
6.30 Racehorse Digest
7.00 ING Golf Academy
7.30 ING Golf Show
8.00 Golf
The Masters 2002 - round one; live from the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia
10.30 Reunion
11.30 NBA Action
Noon Basketball
NBA 2001/02 - Orlando Magic v New Jersey Nets; live from the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, Florida
2.30 Darts
2002 PDC SKOL Darts World Championship - second quarterfinal; highlights
3.30 World Superbikes Magazine Programme
4.00 Gillette World Sport
4.30 World of Rugby
5.00 Golf
The Masters 2002 - round one; highlights
7.00 Friday Night Football (Live)
7.30 Rugby
Super 12 2002 - Crusaders v Stormers; live from Jade Stadium, Christchurch
9.30 Rugby
Super 12 2002 - Reds v Bulls; live from Ballymore, Brisbane
11.30 Rugby League
NRL - Roosters v Newcastle Knights; full coverage from Aussie Stadium, Sydney
1.30am XSTV
2.00 House of Football
2.30 Friday Night Fights
4.00 Rugby
Super 12 2002 - Crusaders v Stormers; full replay (continues to 6am)\

CNN (Schedule incomplete)
6.30am World Report
7.30 Q&A
8.00 World News Europe
8.30 World Business Tonight
9.00 Insight
9.30 World Sport
10.00 New Biz Today
1.30pm World Sport
2.30 Larry King
3.30 Lou Dobbs Moneyline
4.00 Biz News
7.00 Business Central
7.30 TV3 - 3 News
A delayed broadcast of TV3’s 6pm bulletin
8.30 Larry King
9.30 World Sport
10.00 Business International
11.00 Asia Tonight
11.30 Biz Asia
12.30am World Sport
1.00 Biz Asia
1.30 The Music Room
2.00 Asia Tonight
2.30 Ebizasia
3.30 American Edition
4.30 Q&A
5.00 World News (Continues to 6am)

Sky 1
6.00am Nickelodeon
4.00pm The Ananda Lewis Show
5.00 Sabrina the Teenage Witch
5.30 Mad About You
6.00 Seinfeld
6.30 The 5th Wheel
7.00 Blind Date
7.30 Tales from the Crypt
8.00 Tales from the Darkside
8.30 Sky 1 at the Movies - Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) (18)
10.00 American Gothic
11.00 Jerry Springer
12.00am Adult Entertainment on Sky 1 - Emmanuelle 7 (18)
1.30 The Bold and the Beautiful
2.00 Sky 1 at the Movies - Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) (Rpt, 18)
3.30 American Gothic (Rpt)
4.30 Tales from the Darkside (Rpt)
5.00 Tales from the Crypt (Rpt)
5.30 Blind Date (Rpt) (Continues to 6am)

6.30am Destination Week - New Zealand
7.30 Southern Cross
8.30 Assignment Discovery
9.30 Wild Discovery
10.30 Science Mysteries
11.30 Ray Mears’ World of Survival
12.30pm Amazing Worlds
1.30 Discovery Civilisations (Double episode)
3.30 Anatomy of Disaster
4.00 TAB Trackside (Free to air)
Includes live racing from Hamilton and Grafton, greyhound racing from Addington after 5pm and harness racing from Alexandra Park and Harold Park after 6pm
11.00 Powerzone: Extreme Machines
11.30 Destination Week - New Zealand
12.30am Great Books
1.30 Trauma: Life in the ER
2.30 Destination Week - New Zealand
3.30 Wild Discovery
4.30 Extreme Machines (Double episode, continues to 6.30am)

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Yup. That was followed at 10.25pm by the live-to-air music show, Space, where, in 2002, Jaquie Brown was joined as co-host by Hugh Sundae.

And don’t forget: there’s M2 - an all-night music ‘channel within a channel’ featuring melodious tunes placed into their respective genres, from pop, to hip-hop, rark to dance, hard house to heavy metal. Produced by Satellite Pictures (now Satellite) for TVNZ with funding from NZ On Air, M2 ran from midnight to dawn every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night on TV2 (now TVNZ 2) from September 2001 to March 2003.


Nowadays young people would get this it music video fix on YouTube

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Hello, Do you have any listings that American sitcom Becker broadcasted in New Zealand on what TV Network?

It was on TV3, I think. Going from memory.

Today’s TV: Monday 13 April 1998 (Easter Monday, P1)
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.00am BBC World, including:
6.00 BBC World News
6.30 Simpson’s World
7.00 BBC World Headlines
7.05 Weekend World - In the Blood
8.00 BBC World News
8.30 World Living - Earth Report
9.00 BBC World News

9.30 Country Calendar (Rpt, G)
10.00 Good Morning
Noon Wonders of Weather (G)
12.30 Waiting for God (Rpt, PGR)
1.10 Remington Steele (Rpt, PGR)
2.15 UK Today (G)
2.35 Last of the Summer Wine (G)
3.15 The Bold and the Beautiful (PGR)
3.40 Te Karere
4.00 One World of Sport - Rugby: NZ’s Big Game
Super 12 1998 - Auckland Blues v NSW Waratahs; full delayed coverage from Eden Park, Auckland
6.00 One Network News
7.00 Holmes
7.30 Coronation Street (Double episode) (PGR)
8.30 Documentary New Zealand - Motormania (Part 2, final)
Click the NZ On Screen link below to watch

9.30 Tonight (News)
10.00 Super Liquor Sportsnight
Includes golf (US Masters 1998)
12.05am Infomercials
1.05 BBC World, including:
1.05 BBC World News
1.15 World Business Report
1.30 The World Today
2.30 World Living - Film ‘98
3.00 BBC World News
3.30 HARDtalk
4.00 BBC World News
4.30 World Living - Earth Report
5.00 The World Today (Continues to 6am)

6.05am Infomercial
6.35 The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee (aka “Honeybee Hutch”) (G)
7.05 Wowser (G)
7.35 The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo (G)
8.05 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Rpt, G)
8.30 Barney & Friends (Rpt, G)
9.00 Here’s Humphrey (Rpt, G)
9.30 Shortland Street (Rpt, PGR)
10.00 Infomercials
Noon Easter Monday Matinee - A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story (1995) (G)
1.55 Ricki Lake (PGR)
2.50 What a Cartoon! (G)
3.00 Infomercial
3.30 What Now (G)
4.00 Rugrats (Rpt, G)
4.30 Big Bad Beetleborgs (aka “Beetleborgs”) (G)
5.00 Batman (Rpt, G)
5.30 Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (Rpt, G)
6.00 Home and Away (G)
6.30 The Simpsons (Rpt, G)
7.00 Shortland Street (PGR)
7.30 The Nanny (G)
8.00 Behind the Wheel
8.30 ER (AO)
9.30 Murder Call (AO)
10.30 The Outer Limits (AO)
11.30 Married… with Children (Rpt, PGR)
12.30am Cops (AO)
1.00 Tropical Heat (Rpt, AO)
2.05 Australian Gladiators (Rpt, G)
3.05 Home and Away (Rpt, G)
3.40 Good Morning (Rpt)
A repeat screening of the previous day’s programme from TV One
5.35 Kenneth Copeland - Believer’s Voice of Victory (Continues to 6.05am)

6.00am Hillsong - Life Is for Living
6.30 Oscar and Friends (Rpt, G)
6.35 The Magic Box (Rpt, G)
7.00 Treasures Parent Time (Rpt, G)
7.05 You and Me (Rpt, G)
7.30 Danger Mouse (Starting today) (G)
7.35 DuckTales (Rpt, G)
8.05 Teletubbies (G)
8.30 Sesame Street (G)
9.30 Infomercials
10.30 Hogan’s Heroes (Rpt, G)
11.00 Entertainment Weekly (PGR)
Noon The Oprah Winfrey Show (PGR)
1.00 Sally Jessy Raphaël (PGR)
2.00 Central Park West (Rpt, PGR)
3.00 Treasures Parent Time (Rpt, G)
3.05 You and Me (G)
3.30 Pingu (Rpt, G)
3.35 Teletubbies (G)
4.00 101 Dalmatians: The Series (G)
4.30 Extreme Dinosaurs (G)
5.00 Full House (Rpt, G)
5.30 Judge Judy (G)
6.00 3 News
7.00 Home Improvement (Rpt, G)
7.30 Fresh Up In the Deep End (PGR)
8.00 Emergency Heroes (PGR)
8.30 Monday Movie - Mobsters (1991) (AO)
10.30 Nightline
11.00 3 Documentary - Men
12.00am ABC World News Tonight
12.30 Infomercials
1.30 Sally Jessy Raphaël (Rpt, AO)
2.20 Twin Peaks (Rpt, AO)
3.10 The Price Is Right (Rpt, G)
3.35 Infomercials
5.00 Joyce Meyer - Life in the Word
5.30 This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn (Continues to 6am)

6.00am TVSN (Continued)
10.00 Infomercials
2.00pm Interior Motives (Rpt, G)
2.30 Neighbours (Rpt, G)
3.00 Sunset Beach (PGR)
4.00 Get Smart (Rpt, G)
4.30 Saved by the Bell (Rpt, G)
5.00 Saved by the Bell: The New Class (Rpt, G)
5.30 Neighbours (G)
6.00 California Dreams (Rpt, G)
6.30 Breakers (G)
7.00 TV Bloopers and Practical Jokers (Rpt, G)
7.30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PGR)
8.30 Pond Life (PGR)
9.00 The Real World (AO)
9.30 South Park (AO)
10.00 Viva Variety (PGR)
10.30 Red Shoe Diaries (AO)
11.00 Exit 57
12.00am TVSN (Continues to 10am)

6.00am Night Videos (Continued)
7.00 Kickstart
9.00 The Grind
10.00 Hitlist UK
Noon MTV News Weekend Edition
12.30 Snowball
1.00 Select MTV
3.00 All About the Spice Girls
3.30 Collexion - Spice Girls
4.00 Extra Hot Hits
5.00 Video Hits
7.00 MTV News: Weekend Edition
7.30 Live ‘n’ Loud - Alanis Morrissette
8.00 Now That’s What I Call Up for It
9.00 Wrekognize
10.00 The Lick
11.00 Amourathon
2.00am Night Videos (Continues to 6am)


In February 1998 Network Ten premiered a brand new Australian drama series, Breakers. The show made its debut on New Zealand TV screens just one month later, in March that same year. The series revolved around the lives of the residents of a building near Bondi Beach, appropriately named “The Breakers”.

The Breakers is home to three businesses, all run by the same family. Paul Simmons (played by Richard Healy) runs Breaker’s Modelling School while his ex-wife Eve (played by Julie Haseler) runs The Breaker, a local newspaper. Eve’s sister, Kate Markham (played by Helen O’Connor), runs Kate’s Café. The show focused on the personal and professional lives of these characters, as well as the other residents of The Breakers building.

The show boasted a talented and diverse cast, including familiar faces from various other Australian productions. Louise Crawford, who had starred in the short-lived soap Echo Point, took on the role of Lucy Hill. Angela Keep, known for her role as Jenny Kelly (and a replacement for actress Sarah Monahan, who originally played Jenny) in the popular sitcom Hey Dad…!, joined the cast as well. Fans of Heartbreak High and Police Rescue were excited to see Ada Nicodemou on screen again and familiar face Simone Robertson, previously seen on Neighbours, also joined the talented cast. Another notable member of the Breakers cast was James Stewart, who would go on to star in Packed to the Rafters and, later on, Home and Away.

Breakers was initially shown in a late night slot on Network Ten (e.g. around 11.30pm) and then repeated the following day at 3.30pm with the exception of Friday’s, which was repeated the following Monday. In New Zealand, the series was shown on TV4 at 6.30pm, causing Neighbours to be moved to the earlier timeslot of 5.30pm. By late 1998, the timeslots were swapped, and by mid-1999 it was moved to 6pm with Neighbours moving to 7pm.

Breakers was classified as a G programme in both Australia and New Zealand, meaning that it was approved for general viewing. However, then Australian Senator Karen Synon raised concerns about the show’s storyline involving a lesbian relationship between Lucy Hill (played by Louise Crawford). The senator deemed this storyline inappropriate for the 3.30pm timeslot in Australia and requested that the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) investigate if the show had breached broadcasting guidelines.

The ABA ultimately deemed the show’s PG classification, which indicates that parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers, to be appropriate for the timeslot. They stated that the storyline involving Lucy’s character was not out of the ordinary and did not violate any guidelines.

Breakers ended in November 1999 after producing 430 episodes over its two-year run. However, the series is remembered fondly by those who enjoyed watching it on their screens in the late 90s.

More to come in Part 2.

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Today’s TV: Monday 13 April 1998 (Easter Monday, P2)
from the NZ Listener

6.30am The Making of “As Good as It Gets”
7.00 Gadgetman (1997) (G)
8.30 The Indian in the Cupboard (1996) (G)
10.15 Working Girl (1988) (PG)
12.10pm Mr Holland’s Opus (1995) (PG)
2.30 The Directors - Lawrence Kasdan
3.30 Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (M)
5.00 Don Juan de Marco (1995) (M)
6.45 Poison Ivy 2 (1995) (M)
8.30 adidas Monday Night Action - Solo (1996) (M)
10.10 Bio-Dome (1996) (M)
11.45 Apollo 13 (1995) (PG)
2.00am An Awfully Big Adventure (1995) (R16)
3.50 The Affair (1995) (M)
5.30 Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (M) (Continues to 7am)

Sky Sport
6.30am Sky Sport - Tennis
Davis Cup 1998 - round one; highlights
7.30 Western Union Football
8.00 Golf
US Masters 1998 - final round; live from the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia
11.00 ESPN Direct - Sportscenter International
11.30 Athletics
Noon Sky Sport - Prime Boxing
1.30 Western Union Football
2.00 Sportraits
2.20 Rugby
Super 12 1998 - Auckland Blues v NSW Waratahs; live from Eden Park, Auckland
4.25 Sportscenter International
5.00 Motorsport
Formula 1 - Argentinian Grand Prix; full replay
7.00 Golf
US Masters 1998 - final round; full replay
8.30 Rugby
Super 12 1998 - Auckland Blues v NSW Waratahs; highlights
9.30 Rugby League
NRL 1998 - North Sydney Bears v South Sydney Rabbitohs; live from the North Sydney Oval
11.10 Motorsport
World Superbikes - round two, race one; live from Donington Park
12.00am Tip of the Tongue
12.30 Gillette World Cup ‘98
1.00 Touch Rugby
NZ NPC finals - round three
1.30 Motorsport
Australian Super Touring Cars
2.30 Sailing
Grand Prix - Flying Eighteens
3.00 Rugby
Super 12 1998 - Auckland Blues v NSW Waratahs; full replay
4.00 Motorsport
World Superbikes - round two, race two; live from Donington Park
5.00 Rugby League
NRL 1998 - North Sydney Bears v South Sydney Rabbitohs; full replay (Continues to 6.30am)

CNN (Schedule incomplete)
6.30am Evans and Novak
7.30 Both Sides with Jesse Jackson
8.30 Diplomatic License
9.30 World Sport
10.00 World View
10.30 Global View
11.00 Asia This Day
11.30 World Cup Weekly
12.15pm Asian Edition
12.30 Best of Q&A
1.00 The World Today
2.00 Impact
3.30 This Week in the NBA
4.30 Best of Insight
5.30 Moneyweek
6.30 World Sport
7.00 Sky News
Via satellite from London
7.30 Larry King (Rpt)
8.30 TVNZ - One Network News
A delayed broadcast of TVNZ’s 6pm bulletin
9.30 TVNZ - Holmes
A delayed broadcast of TVNZ’s 7pm current affairs programme
10.30 Sky News
Via satellite from London
11.30 World Sport
12.15am Asian Edition
12.30 Business Asia
1.00 Impact (Rpt)
2.30 World Sport (Rpt)
3.30 Business Asia (Rpt)
4.30 Pinnacle
5.45 American Edition (Continues to 6am)

6.00am Cartoon Network, including:
6.00 The Jetsons
6.30 Tom & Jerry Kids
7.00 The Popeye Show
7.30 Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
8.00 The Adventures of Tintin
8.30 Josie and the Pussycats
9.00 Dink, the Little Dinosaur
9.30 The Flintstone Kids
10.00 Richie Rich
10.30 Top Cat
11.00 Captain Planet and the Planeteers
11.30 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Noon Grand Prix
1.00 Fantastic Max
1.30 Crocadoo
2.00 The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries
3.00 Sky Commanders
3.30 Centurions

4.00 Saved by the Bell
4.30 Saved by the Bell: The New Class
5.00 California Dreams
5.30 Hollyoaks
6.00 The Dating Game
6.30 The Newlywed Game
7.00 Bewitched
7.30 Chicago Hope
8.30 Orange at the Movies - Mother Theresa: In the Name of God’s Poor (1995) (PG)
10.05 Beauty and the Beast
11.05 Jerry Springer Late Night
11.45 The Juice Music Television (Free to air, continues to 6am)

6.00am Invention
6.30 Next Step
7.00 Eyewitness
7.30 Movie Magic
8.00 Travellers
9.00 TAB Trackside (Free to air)
Includes live racing from Ellerslie, Hawera, Woodville, Riccarton, Riverton, Caulfield and Randwick (Australia)
7.00pm Eyewitness
7.30 Movie Magic
8.00 Inntimate Escapes
9.00 Southern Cross
10.00 What a World
10.30 Arthur C Clarke’s World of Strange Powers
11.00 The New Detectives
12.00am Discovery Profile Series
1.00 Discover Magazine
2.00 Wings
3.00 High Adventure
3.30 Outer Bounds
4.00 The New Explorers
4.30 The Adventurers
5.00 Blue Water Dreaming (Continues to 6am)

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Today’s TV: Wednesday 15 April 1981
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.35am Play School
11.00 A Place in History (Rpt)
11.30 Yoga with Sandra Riddle
11.35 The Glums (Rpt)
Noon News
12.02 The Young and the Restless
12.30 See Here
12.35 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Crown Court
1.25 Days of Our Lives
2.25 Play School (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.50 Song Book
3.00 Chic Chat
3.15 Rainbow
3.30 After School, including:
3.30 Godzilla
4.00 The Electric Company
4.30 Fangface

5.00 Think of a Number
5.30 Watch All Night (Part 4)
6.00 Dick Turpin
6.30 News
7.00 Coronation Street
7.30 Regional Programmes
Top Half (Auckland)
Today Tonight (Wellington)
The Mainland Touch (Christchurch)
7.30 South (Dunedin)

8.00 Close Up
9.00 Miss Universe New Zealand 1981
Live from the Christchurch Town Hall
10.00 Sporting Life
Includes a profile on ex-All Black Bryan Williams and cross country (1981 World Cross Country Championships)
11.00 News
11.05 Closedown

2.30pm For Maddie with Love
2.55 Soap (Rpt)
3.25 General Hospital
3.50 Today in France
4.05 All Creatures Great and Small (Rpt)
5.00 Little House on the Prairie (Rpt)
6.00 News at Six
6.30 Stumpers
7.00 The Muppet Show
7.30 Mork & Mindy
8.00 The Sullivans (Double episode)
9.00 The Professionals
10.00 News at Ten
10.30 Wednesday Night Movie - Love’s Savage Fury (1979)
12.10am Closedown

Miss Universe New Zealand 1981

The search for the representative of New Zealand for the 1981 Miss Universe pageant took place at the Christchurch Town Hall on the evening of Wednesday 15 April 1981.

The event was televised live on TV One (now TVNZ 1) at 9pm and was an hour-long special with actress Ilona Rodgers as host. The show featured special performances by singer Lynne Atama and Brazilian pianist Cristina Ortiz.

The winner of the pageant was Donella Thomsen from Auckland, who was crowned Miss Universe New Zealand 1981 after replacing Delyse Nottle, also from Auckland, who won the title in 1980.

News at Six

In late April 1981, TVNZ unveiled a new early evening news bulletin titled News at Six which had actually been launched on Monday 30 March that year.

Despite its initial absence from the NZ Listener and various other newspapers with television listings, the half hour programme was produced five nights a week, Monday to Friday, and screened at 6pm on TV2 (now TVNZ 2) with the main evening bulletin to follow at 6.30pm on TV One (now TVNZ 1). Both bulletins were broadcast live to air from TVNZ’s Auckland studios but the 6.30pm bulletin screened seven nights a week on TV One with occasional changes due to the scheduling of live sport (e.g. cricket).

News at Six was split into two segments with a commercial break in between. The first half covered the important national and international news of the day while the second featured highlights from TVNZ’s regional news programmes, such as Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and 7.30 South (Dunedin). The Friday edition also included a preview of the upcoming weekend’s sport and racing.

However, within a year, the programme was shortened to just 10 minutes before being moved to the earlier timeslot of 5.50pm by mid-1982. The regional news highlights were dropped and 7.30 South was renamed as The South Tonight due to the reshuffling of regional news to TVNZ’s new look 6.30pm news package.

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