Classic Commercials

This one looks delightfully camp and with some of TV’s biggest names, it must have cost a fortune.


I remember the Canberra Television commercials, and yes they did mostly seem to play around the time of the Logies each year.

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Lots of great commercials in the past

The scary but very effective Grim Reaper AIDS commercial from 1987. Created by Siimon Reynolds as part of a 3 million dollar education campaign by the National Advisory Committee on AIDS.

Does this count?

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I seem to recall this Vita Weat commercial ran for years and years.

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I loved the way the fillings came out the holes when you squeezed the biscuits together. Like worms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can’t not think classic commercials and not think Franco Cozzo. This ad inexplicably (and I recall seeing it in the flesh on Christmas Evening 2013 when I was on holidays somewhere along the Bellarine Peninsula) re-appeared on screens in 2013 - 2014 with almost no modification (phone numbers and website perhaps!) since its original airing throughout the 80s.


One of a series of TV commercials for OTC (Overseas Telecommunications Commission) using nostalgia to encourage Australians to make overseas telephone calls.

The series was reported to have resulted in a 600% increase in calls to the countries involved.

It won a Gold Medal at Cannes in 1979 and was named the most effective in (the first) 25 years of Australian television.

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The well-loved ‘Face’ commercial as used by British Airways.
This is the original ninety-second version.

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He even inspired a novelty song.

Australian Drug Ads

A woman told the Australian residents that they will receive a booklet containing the strong defence against drug problem. After addressing the audience she’s says look out for it. Does anyone know why do all Australian residents (even with non-Australian citizens) receive a booklet on drugs and the main problem?

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