Channel Nine On-Air Presentation (Feb-Sep 2009)

On 1 February 2009, Nine refreshed their on-air presentation with the flying discs and we<3tv package used in the 2008 season replaced with the famous 2D dots and a new slogan called Choose|9.

Perth and Adelaide were dot-less due to them being owned by WIN when WIN was an affiliate of Nine.

Taken on September 5, 2009 on GTV-9

Video courtesy YouTube/TrickyMario7654

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Was this look only 7 months?
I always quite liked the simplicity of it. Still quite modern and could easily fit this day and age.


I did like this look. The 2D dots used for the first time since the 2001-02 on air look and the colours were nice despite lasting only for 7 months

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Are you sure it was until September 09? I could’ve sworn it was November, unless I’m thinking of the Nine News refresh,

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The Welcome Home (1.0) package launched at 6PM with “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas on 27 September 2009.


Got it, thanks :slight_smile:
I was thinking of Nine News

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Although it’s definitely dated by today’s standards, I think the September 2009 relaunch with the first generation “Welcome Home” On-Air Presentation package was the network’s first one since 2006 that truly looked, sounded and felt like Channel Nine again.

While a slight improvement on the “we :heart: tv” presentation package from 2008 (especially after the mid-year tweaks), the look used between February and September of 2009 didn’t quite have enough flare IMO.


Only known screencap of the dotless ident, discovered a while ago by @Zampakid in a lineup:


Nine Adelaide and Nine Perth had no dots in 2009 due to ownership of that old fart Mr Bruce Gordon from WIN Corporation. In 2010, the dots were reinstated. Thank goodness, in 2013, Nine bought Adelaide and Perth Stations to compete against SYD, MEL, BNE and Darwin.


It was in fact in March 2010 when the Nine Dots were reinstated for NWS and STW

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Taken from Nine Brisbane late August 2009

Credit to Gary86 Youtube Channel


Strongly agree. I also think this sent a message to viewers that Nine was the “home” of Australian television given its historic ratings dominance in the first half-century of television in this country.

Nine did well to win 16/40 weeks in 2010 (Seven won 23 and Ten won one) but couldn’t win a week in 2011 despite having the top-rating show that year (The Block finale).


The dots were featured in the on-air presentation during this brief era

I actually liked this package, feel as though they could have used for longer.

I personally believe that the ‘Welcome Home’ package (apart from the ident) was pretty bad, but not quite warehouse/2007 bad! Some of the early ‘Welcome Home’ elements looked particularly horrendous.


Wasn’t a fan of the first Welcome Home package with the package using too much blue/dark blue and a white text for the Evening listings. At least it was an improvement from the warehouse look.

Only because Nine offered a good increase in money to compensate WIN. But it was this that finished WIN’s strong hand in affiliation negotiations. WIN has since paid the price by not being able to effectively negotiate with Nine then having to move across to Ten program supply in 2016.

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STW 9 Perth caps:



Any videos coming up soon @ADstv? Looks like they’re all in good “digital TV” quality!

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