Channel Nine On-Air Presentation (Feb-Sep 2009)

Lots of shockers during this brief era which didn’t do well in the ratings


If I remember correctly, Dance Your A— Off also aired in the middle of 2009 and tanked in the ratings.


Lasted all of one episode and replaced by…well we’re talking about Channel Nine in 2009 so you can probably guess! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The show was apparently so bad, TV Tonight couldn’t make it to the end! :open_mouth:

Unfortunately, Nine in 09 (though there was no formal marketing of that) was not as successful as Seven in 07 was for the Seven Network.

I also remember a Mumbrella article that was titled “TV viewers reject Australia’s Perfect Couple for World’s Strictest Parents”.

I recall seeing some Dance Your A** Off footage appearing in an early Channel GO! ident. I think they must’ve aired the rest of the show there.

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It was a cheap show from Oxygen, not a hugely popular cable channel in the US, what did they expect?

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Yes, it was burnt off on GO!. I and most other members on here were deadset it would fail before the premiere and it certainly did just that.

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