Channel Nine On-Air Presentation 2004-2006


Taken from Channel Nine Melbourne, 24 November 2005.
Channel nine Perth celebrated 40 years of Station. Did Nine Perth use the same PRG as Melbourne on that day?


Taken on Channel nine in November 2005.


Caps from Nine Perth on 5/11/2005

Saturday/Yellow Lineup:

Promo Endtags:

Home of Cricket:


Did Price is Right was being aired in Perth at 5PM on November 2005, given that STW is not part of the parent company.


Caps from Channel 9 Adelaide 2005

Melbourne 2006 Promo

Postcards 10 years Monday ident


Taken from nine Perth 2005. PRG of 40 years


Content from Nine Perth on 20/8/2005

Saturday/Yellow Lineup:



Promo Endtags:


The Ender of Channel nine Perth was different to the ones over at the east coast. Nine Sydney used © Nine Network Australia.


Content from channel nine Perth 22/01/2006



Last week of the 7 colours for 7 days ident


After that nine relaunched the on air presentation that removes the dots and places as a stand-alone nine logo inside the square. As well as this, they have dropped the 7 colours ident. In January 2006, this has started the downfall mainly due to the death of Kerry packer on Boxing Day 2005.

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Caps for Nine Adelaide in 2005
Nine community signpost

Screen caps

Adding to that Easter bunny on air presentation


Promo Endtags from Channel Nine Sydney on 31/8/2004:

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Content from Channel Nine Sydney on 9/10/2005

50 Years Ident:

50 Years PRG:

Promo Endtags:

Nine Presents Intro:

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Talent from channel 9 (3/08/2005)

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Which of the Nines would’ve had that PRG?


Probably Adelaide?


Because Adelaide is different to Melbourne’s on air presentation.
I can recall that nine Perth on air presentation is different due to Sunraysia owning Perth station

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Channel nine Adelaide in (circa 2005)
Screen caps

Still the one ident

NWS9’s Still the One ident music is similar to the one WIN Television used.

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