Channel Nine On-Air Presentation 2004-2006


In 2004, Nine slightly modified their 2002-2004 package. They did not update their movie opener, classification (until 2005) and production closer among other things. More caps coming soon!


I know many of you have already seen these before, but here’s a few from the SydneyCityTV collection for what they’re worth.

Originally recorded off Channel Nine Sydney on November 7, 2004. Digitalised from VHS tape little over ten years later, in December 2014.

Red/Sunday Ident;

“Sunday Night At The Movies” Opener:


Classification Warnings (pre-changeover…they were updated in 2005 weren’t they?):

Other graphics:

I’ve also still got a recording from February 2005 somewhere in my collection. When I find that, I’ll try and post the screencaps of interest! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the caps, SydneyCityTV! :smile: I believe that the classifications were changed over in 2005.


As promised, some screenshots of Channel Nine Promo Endtags from February 2005:

At this point in time, you can kind of see that Nine were starting to struggle to remain #1 with primetime programs like Celebrity Overhaul and StarStruck along with the attempt at a bigger money version of The Price Is Right to compete with the increasingly popular Deal Or No Deal on Seven.


Yep, as well as Supernanny which filled the (large) void of Friends/Malcolm. It never rated as well as those two.


June/July 2005

Signpost/Lineup Graphic(s):

Other Graphics:


Not sure about the date of the blue one but judging by the 7.30 program, the Green/Friday Lineup was probably from 8/7/2005?

As for the Sony/BMG Home Entertainment DVDs promo, I wonder if the titles featured there would mainly be found at op shops or eBay these days?


Yep! The Thursday Lineup was from the 7th. :slight_smile:

Indeed, and I don’t think they would be worth $15 each!!


As for the Sony/BMG Home Entertainment DVDs promo, I wonder if the titles featured there would mainly be found at op shops or eBay these days?

Funnily enough, today I spotted two Footy Show DVD’s at the Op Shop for $2 each.


Recorded in April 2005
Tuesday Night Promo:

Tuesday Lineup:


Some Content from Nine Perth.

Monday/Blue Lineup:

Classification Warning:

Wednesday Night Drama:

A Current Affair Promo Endtag (Perth Version):


Promo Endtags from Nine Perth on June 15, 2005:


That lot of Promo Endtags you’ve just posted was from June 15, 2005:

As per the schedule in the link, it was the same night as Game 2 of the rugby league State Of Origin which was scheduled for 11pm in the AFL markets - a 5-6 hour delay by the time Perth viewers got to see it. Thankfully that sort of thing would never happen these days with multichannel coverage!


Hey Zampakid, do you have the sponsor billboards for Channel 9 Perth. If so, does Channel 9 Perth have the same music for the sponsor billboard as for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide? [I assume that they do]


More Promo endtags from Nine Perth - January 17, 2006:

Tuesday/Purple Ident:


Interesting to see it look quite minimalist shortly before the inferior (IMO) major relaunch on the 30th of that month.


I don’t know how true this is, but I think it was speculated on the old Media Spy forums (and possibly other websites at the time) that the relaunch was originally supposed to happen on New Years Day but got pushed back to 30/1/2006 due to the death of Kerry Packer.

Either way, I guess the more basic layout of the promos could be classed as a hint of what was to come with the benefit of hindsight…


Nice find @Zampakid! Finally we have this period covered! :slight_smile:


No, the Nine relaunch still went ahead on 30/1/2006.



'Oops, was meant to say that the speculation at the time was about a New Years Day relaunch which was pushed back to January 30th. I’ve since edited the post!