Channel Nine On-Air Presentation: 2002-04


As Spring 2002 arrived, so did a brighter, more colourful On-Air Presentation package for Channel Nine. At 6.30pm on 1/9/2002, out went the darker look which had been the dominant feature of Nine’s On-Air branding since the start of Digital TV and in came what many enthusiasts regard to be possibly the best On-Air Presentation package that Australian TV has ever seen. A different colour was used each day which (initially anyway) also perfectly complimented the theme of Nine’s primetime programing that night.

Anyway, enough of the commentary. Let’s go to the caps!



AV Classification Warning:

Of course there are probably Media Spy members who might have more caps from this era, but that’s what I could find so far. That batch was from a couple of recordings of Channel Nine Sydney in July 2003, just for the record.


Here are some from my collection. These were recorded in Early 2004, (possibly February)


Lineup: (Coming soon)

Movie Opener (Sunday): Coming soon

Classification: (coming soon)


Production Closer:



Saturday Night at the Movies Opener:


Still my favourite On air look for any network in Australia.


Sunday Night at the Movies Opener:

Sunday/Red Ident:

Classification Warning:


Lineup(s): including two sponsored


Some more from my collection:


Show themed Idents:


Caps from 11th December 2003

Promo Endtags:

2003 Christmas Ident:


I’d forgotten that The OC was briefly on Nine. Obviously wasn’t a hit with their then key demo of rusted on retirees.


Caps from July 2004.

In-Program Promotions:

Promo Endtags:

Big Ticket Tuesday:


Content from Nine Perth on August 13, 2004:

Promo Endtags:

Friday/Green Ident:

Friday/Green PRG:


Caps from Nine Perth on 22 & 23/12/2003:

Christmas Themed Lineup:

Short Chistmas Ident:

Promo Endtags:


Taken from Nine Adelaide back in 2003


Content from Nine Perth on 11/4/2004:

Sunday/Red Themed Special Presentation Opener:

Promo endtags:

Comedy Double Monday:


Other Caps from channel 9 adelaide in 2004.

Adelaide’s No 1 slogan.


Shaun Micallef version. Taken back in 2003.