Channel Nine On-Air Presentation: 2001-02




Movie Opener:






I don’t have that much in my collection from this particular On-Air Presentation package, but here’s a few caps of some promos from July 2001:

As far as I can tell, Nine replaced the 1999/2000 “New Millennium Television” graphics with this look on Monday January 1, 2001 to coincide with the launch of Digital TV. Tweaks were made to the Promo, Lineup and Sponsor Billboard graphics for 2002 (not 100% sure exactly when though) which only lasted two thirds of the year before Nine went in a very different direction with it’s On-Air Presentation…


Nine’s 2D logo appearing as a watermark before the full relaunch after the broadcast


Melbourne’s version:


I liked this era of 9’s presentation. They just oozed class and polish.


The production company who created the fantastic 2001-02 look.


Program schedule delay scroll:


Production Closer:


Couple of caps in Widescreen:


Promo endtags from early morning 15/4/2001:


From the information I can gather, the movie “Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke” had it’s Channel Nine premiere on April 15, 2001 (which was also Easter Sunday). :slight_smile:


Love this. The production quality is MUCH higher than it is today. I often wonder how long it would have taken them to render these using 2000 computer technology.


Taken off Channel Nine Perth in 2001.


Great package this one IMO.