CH9 Today's Crisis Meeting Think Tank

Can we get “work shop” into the title of this thread?
“Crisis Mseting, Think Tank, Work Shop” has a nice level of redundancy to it.

Anyway… Today needs hosts people actually like. Karl was perfect until the “unpleasantness” and then he lost a big chunk of the audience. Georgie is professional in many ways but she’s not likeable (at least in my view).

It’s all very subjective.

Maybe Agro can just replace Karl. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Karl and Annette Sharp.

Would make for fucking hilarious television.


I’m not convinced that you have to do breakfast television (especially in its current form) to maintain your news brand - calling what they currently put out now is really stretching the concept of news. Since Seven relaunched Sunrise after the Sydney Olympics the race for eyeballs has really stripped out news for light-and-fluffy and thats permiated across the rest of their news ‘brand’

Nor do I subscribe to the concept that you can’t ditch a brand, the Today of the past and the Today of now are almost not comparable.

Nine went out on a limb with Today when they launched it - its time to burn it to the ground and start again.


But get it wrong and you might end up with smouldering ashes for many years to come. :wink:

I think replacing a couple of Stefanovics would be a step in the right direction.


I would like to see the Today Perth News format extended around the country with local versions in each capital city and Today airing live into SA, NT and QLD in Daylight Saving Time. Content wise, it needs to cover more local things from around the country and highlight important things. Set wise, they should use Studio 21 instead.

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I know it costs money, but a simple US style morning program - Early News from 5am to 6am, Today from 6-9 with local opt-outs at :25 and :55 for a local news hit. Sydney could do a pre-record for regional NSW, Melbourne the same for regional Vic and Tasmania etc.

9-11 you can do a female-friendly info/news/gossip program and at 11, run Ellen or something like that, and put news on at midday.


Host the show from Melbourne

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Makes sense to move 11:30 news to midday on 9 or 7 … might get more eyeballs if not competing with news on another channel
Point of difference is what’s needed to stand out and have a chance

As if that would happen. You would need to replace all the hosts who live in Sydney.

Exactly. Start fresh.

That’s the riskiest thing they could ever do. It would never happen.

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Yeah I know it will never happen :stuck_out_tongue:

But it certainly can’t be any worse than their current ratings situation.

Oh yes it can be.

Look at The Footy Show NRL which was completely revamped last year and the hosts replaced. Axed one year later.


Fair point. As you said, that’s the chance you need to take when doing such a revamp.

Remember the big Sunrise revamp a couple of years ago? It was a big turn off for viewers too and they dropped in the ratings. They had to start changing some things back before ratings started to recover.

Too much, too soon. You have to make changes but have to gauge viewers’ reactions as you do make them. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, get rid of it fast. Make a lot of changes at once and you won’t be able to work out what works and what doesn’t.

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Why not? Are we at that point where no-one is willing to take a risk because it might fail?

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Money for one thing. Moving a show to another city would require setting up a whole new set of hosts and crew. It’s a massively costly move with what benefit exactly?

Take into account redundancies in Sydney and setting up a new production, It would probably take them about a decade to recover all the costs. And that is assuming the move works and the show is successful.

However you change the show it’s going have a cost and there is no doubt that moving the show to another city is a significant cost, but it shouldn’t be dismissed on that basis alone - it doesn’t have to be a big bang approach either

Don’t transplant the same show in a new city though, it has to be part of a wider attempt to recast the idea of what they want breakfast tv to be

EDIT: the show has to move at some point regardless when Nine exit Willoughby

Something needs to change but I think the ratings are more reflective of less people watching television overall aren’t they? Sunrise has had declines as well, it’s just that Today’s are perhaps slightly lower.

  • I definitely think the set needs to be moved to a Melbourne/Sydney CBD location.
  • I would look at expanding the panel out to three.
  • Whoever market research tells them is the biggest turnoff (Karl or Georgie) needs to be boned.
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