Central Media NZ: AK_NEWS' Mock TV station!

Discuss my Mock TV Station Western Television. It is based in NZ and is a Maori speaking channel
In this thread you may put

  • Mock Station Logos for Western Television
  • Mock Desks for Western Television
    pretty much anything to do with Western television you may put in this thread.
    Our News Times are:
    6:30pm & 11:30pm
    Check the “Your dream tv network” forum for the schedule

Hi, @AK_NEWS - congratulations on setting up your very own dream TV network.

I have created the WTV logos using Microsoft PowerPoint. This includes the WTV logo with Te Reo, which is identical to the RNZ logo. The official font for WTV (Western Television = Te Pouaka Whakaata o te Hauāuru) is Gilroy.

The WTV logo

The WTV logo with Te Reo

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


OMG that is Amazing!


RNZ logos?

I love your enthusiasm, but this is @AK_NEWS’s network, maybe let him do something.

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He’s just trying to help you know.

No need to be rude by the way.

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I know, and like I said I love the enthusiasm, but it does seem all about him. Once again it’s not a personal attack, it’s just an observation.

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Over making a logo?

@AK_NEWS I have two important pieces of information to share with you. WTV is loosely based on both S4C in Wales and TG4 in Ireland, according to Wikipedia.

For instance, S4C is a Welsh language free-to-air television channel which launched on 1 November 1982, with Channel 4 following on the next day (2 November). The first television channel to be aimed specifically at a Welsh-speaking audience, S4C is the fourth-oldest terrestrial television channel in Britain after BBC One, ITV and BBC Two, and is based in Wales. As of 2019/20, S4C had an average of 101 employees.

S4C’s headquarters are based in Carmarthen, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s creative and digital centre, Yr Egin. It also has regional offices in Caernarfon and Cardiff.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, TG4 is an Irish language channel. It launched on 31 October 1996 as a free-to-air, public service television network. TG4 (formerly known as Teilifís na Gaeilge or TnaG) was the third national station to be launched in Ireland, after RTÉ One in 1961 (as Teilifís Éireann) and RTÉ Two in 1978. It was followed by a fourth channel, TV3 (now Virgin Media One), in 1998. The channel has 650,000 viewers who tune into the channel each day to view a broad programming policy. It has been reported to have a share of 2% of the national television market in the Republic of Ireland and 3% of the national television market in Northern Ireland. The daily Irish-language programme schedule is its core service: seven hours of programming in Irish supported by a wide range of material in other languages, mostly English.

Speaking of S4C in Wales, you can find more information by clicking the Wikipedia link below.

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WTV is hoping to start our newsroom at 12/273 Neilson Street, Onehunga
as of a studio, we are unsure.

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We will be on Channel number 19. we will only be broadcasting into Freeview.

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@PaddyTePou can you make logos for WTV2 and 3?

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Yes, I already made them.


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Just went to Google Maps and I think 273 Neilson Street, Onehunga, may be “too vintage” for the WTV newsroom. How about 1 John Glenn Avenue, Rosedale, on Auckland’s North Shore (once the home of Prime Television since its first broadcast to New Zealand audiences on 30 August 1998)? There’s also a studio which is about 100m² with 3 cameras and a control room.

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WTV is happy to announce that WTV TWO will start on Monday! Live from 5am you can watch the best sport! We have a bumper line up for you all!
This includes: Australian Open, US Open, Roland Garros, ATP Cup and the WTA Tour Tennis
Live and replays of AFL and AFLW
FA Premier League, Champions League, A-League, La Liga and Bundesliga Soccer
Also the NBL and NBA, the Netball and the PGA Tour

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TBH I’m surprised the mods haven’t closed this thread down yet (no offence, nothing personal).

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Here is how you can tune your TV via the Freeview Broadband to get WTV1, WTV2 and WTV3. WTV1 is broadcasted on Freeview Channel 19, WTV2 will be broadcasted on Freeview Channel 22 (taking over from whoever had that channel) and WTV3 will be broadcasted on Freeview Channel 27. So to get these channels you will need a Freeview or Freeview Plus box. Once you have that select Tune on your TV! And remember to plug in the Broadband! Once it has tuned start watching!


Because they’re so quick to close down new threads and merge them with others.

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