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Why doesn’t 2GO just re-sign Paddy to team up with Mandy at Breakfast already?

It’s the obvious choice.

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The other obvious choice is fixing the music format, returning it to local music programming.

Sarah King back too.

When sorry day is held on the Central Coast, it’s SCA who should be apologising for wrecking the coast’s original station.


Sea Fm would also rate higher if they had their own playlist and weren’t going off the generic regional hit network playlist.

I wonder if there will be much change to the logs with Gemma and Irene now in charge of programming and music right across the hit network?


I agree with just about everything that’s been said about 2GO and Sea FM. Re: Breakfast programs, music formats, local programming, etc.

On the Central Coast it’s incredibly stupid for SCA to run not insignificant chunks of networked content, usually simultaneously airing on the Sydney and/or Newcastle stations which are easily receivable in much of the CC radio market.

Nova Entertainment definitely has the right idea with Star. While 104.5FM Central Coast probably could be used to run a local version of Nova or Smooth FM, instead they do the right thing by formatting, branding and programming Star 104.5 as a point of difference to not just the other Central Coast commercial radio stations, but also those from Newcastle and Sydney (Star would surely have to be one of the more popular “Other Stations” in the radio surveys of both markets?) because to some extent the signal is receivable with listenable reception in all three markets.


Agree. That is what Central and Gold Coast markets should be for all networks. An alternative to the big city stations close by.


Look at the Mandurah example. 91.7 The Wave is a complete alternative to the other choices easily received in the market:


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Same in many other locations.

Geelong, Ipswich, Blue Mountains, Campbelltown

If SCA had been able to buy 96.1, I wonder if they would have run a regional HIT format (or maybe that would take too many listeners away from 2DAY).

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This above proposal would mean that Nine would own Star 104.5. Even though the Central Coast market would still meet the required minimum number of media voices of 4 (SCA, Seven/Prime, Nine & Ten/WIN), I think there would be the possibility of Nine selling Star 104.5 to someone like Grant Broadcasters under this scenario.

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And if 9 acquired the SCA radio assets in Gosford, there’d be five voices, is that correct?


No, they would be down to 3 voices. Also, under the 2-station rule, Nine/SCA would have to sell off Star 104.5 anyway, bringing it back up to 4 voices.

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Be interesting to see what happens considering 9 (NBN) News is in the 2GO/SEA building and a part of the SCA network.

I’m told NBN Production is also moving into the SCA building in Newcastle sometime this month too.


I’m assuming they don’t have any presence at Erina anymore?

There was signage on their The Entrance Rd premises last time I drove past a month or so ago.

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Would it be more likely they’d sell 2GO given is current position?


Oh, I don’t think SCA are selling 2GO anytime soon, regardless of their current ratings performance! :wink:

That said, it would be nice though, in which I could see EON owning 2GO, like with Mix FM on the Sunshine Coast, who manages to have a local drive program. For a market next to a major capital city, the Central Coast is underserved with its local drive programs, with only 1 out of 3 local commercial radio stations having a local drive program compared to 2 out of 3 on the Gold Coast (Gold & Hot Tomato), 2 out of 4 on the Sunshine Coast (Mix & Zinc), 2 out of 2 in Wollongong (i98 & Wave), and 2 out of 2 in Geelong (Bay & K Rock).


Eh, generally I would agree but quantity does not always equate to quality.
In the case of the central coast, their 1 local drive program is still only a music shift…


Not sure about everyone else but somehow I personally feel more connected to drive programs (whether focused on music, talkback or a mix of both) that are produced specifically for a local market rather than those going out across dozens of stations around the country.

One could argue that metropolitan markets (including Sydney) are underserved when it comes to local drive programs, but that’s another story…

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He was also the star of Better Homes & Gardens.

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He hasn’t been on Better Homes and Gardens for years.

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Rob Palmer for breakfast?

Simply irresistible.