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https://www.hit.com.au/centralcoast podcast it!


I really dislike the new website for Sea FM. You can’t see the schedule in list form and it really annoys me. :joy:



Why bother with it.


From Radioinfo:

The radio pioneers of 2GO are getting together in February to reminisce about the golden days of the station.

Spokesperson for the organising committee, Tony Arico, told radioinfo it’s an opportunity for ex-staff from the first 12 years of the station’s operations to finally get together.

Read more at: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/2gos-radio-pioneers-get-together-february


I’m hearing rumors that Chad Wicker has been fired by SCA, and won’t be on 2GO’s new Breakfast show?

This is all after his ScoMo photo that went viral yesterday.


the statements from SCA today have thrown him under the bus, so I would assume you’d be correct.

Hey 2GO - there’s a bloke called Paddy Gerrard. Give him a call.



Pretty tasteless stunt.


SCA told news.com.au:

news.com.au reports reports this about the interview:

Typical schoolboy humour from this guy, so innovative, yet SCA thought he was worthy of a move to the Central Coast.


let’s be honest - Hit 103.1 enabled him. His colleagues and bosses knew he had the mug for ages and did nothing about it.

It was a disaster waiting to happen.

But - the Hit audience would not care, and would mostly think it was funny and irreverent. In other words - on brand.

But still - I would think his role at 2GO, which doesn’t need anymore shit attached to it, it’s got enough problems of its own - would be terminated.


I’m not a particular fan of Scott Morrison (to say the least) but that was a pretty dodgy stunt.

Personally I think SCA would be right to terminate Shad Wicker’s planned promotion to 2GO, that sort of thing isn’t likely to go down well on the NSW Central Coast.

This probably works well as a descriptive term for a lot (but not quite all, to be fair) of SCA’s presenters/programs! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing says SCA more than throwing talent under the bus, apparently.


John Kerr will be there. He’s retired to the Gold Coast but presents a well researched weekly country music program on 94.1. You can stream it online and there’s no ‘Daydrunk’ played thankfully.


SCA did terminate Shad’s move to 2GO, and said a replacement would be announced in due course.


A sign that Star 104.5 is having a pretty good reach…

I just heard an ad for a business that only mentioned stores at Pymble (Sydney) and Kotara (Newcastle).


Very good. The client obviously wants business from the Central Coast and thinks the audience will drive out of the market to get to them. Would want to be a compelling product/service. Goo suburbs for access nonetheless.


Star 104.5 easily reaches into Pymble, & it’s not too bad in the car at places around Kotara, so not surprising they’d advertise on Star 104.5, (the owner may live on the CC & listen to Star too?).

I know there’s quite a few businesses around the McDoanlds area of Warners Bay who have Star 104.5 on, because reception of the Newcastle stations from Mt Sugarloaf is patchy & poor because it’s blocked by the Munibung Hill.


Any word yet on 2GO’s new breakfast co-host for Mandy?


SCA are currently advertising: http://careers.scacareers.com.au/cw/en/job/503926/announcer


Sea FM’s Daniel Gawned did an interview with Mediaweek on his career and the Gawndy and Ash breakfast show.