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Yes, the only thing that makes sense about the phone number change is that it suits the plethora of networking that goes on these days.


Look at the size of a market such as the Central Coast, there’s no justification for a minimum of 14 hours a day local based on the revenue from running a station properly.

There’s enough revenue for nights to also be live as is also the case in other large markets that are close to metro areas such as Newcastle and all other markets that adjoin metro markets.

The plethora of networking as mentioned by @Radiohead isn’t justified by 2GO nor any other operator.


On tonight’s ACRAs, Star 104.5, the #1 station in the region according to its recent ratings survey, has won 3 awards, which includes:

  • Best On-Air Team (Provincial): Rabbit & Julie Goodwin
  • Best News Presenter (Provincial): Caitlin Unger
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Single (Provincial): Music Box (Anna Cook)

Sea FM also won an ACRA for “Best Station Produced Commercial - Campaign (Non-Metro)” for Wyong Family Practice - Bad Ink.


More changes to 2GO’s breakfast show with Akmal Saleh leaving the show. In the most recent ratings, 2GO breakfast was way behind in the pack on 9.7, with Star FM’s Rabbit and Julie Goodwin pulling a 16.4 and Sea FM on 17.6.

I wonder if they will replace him or just leave Mandy to host the show with the current anchor?

It seems like not that long ago 2GO was a powerhouse on the Central Coast. I certainly remember listening to it during the late 90’s to mid-2000’s when it was untouchable.


Serves them right for sacking Sarah King.

Mickey and the dills firing and firing deserve all the lack of the success they get.


No they actually made the right call there. Ask anyone that works there and they will tell you she had become toxic. The environment and relationship between all stakeholders had become unworkable.

Paddy should be back on there with a completely local, news and information-driven program to distinguish between the crap on the other 2 stations.

The only person there who should be shown the door is Peter Yiamerelos


You’re aiming your gun too low on the programming chain there.

Sarah’s no different to any other successful personality in a competitive market. Wrigley had no trouble getting the best out of her. SCA’s revolving door of GM after him might be the best place to look for where it went wrong locally. Successful market, two stations, incumbent yet couldn’t retain GMs. Just how have SCA fouled it up so badly up the chain in recent years?


Announced on-air this morning, Akmal’s last day presenting 2GO breakfast will be December 21:



Hey @crankymedia - FIRE UP!

Hearing that not only has 2GO axed its weekend sports show with Steve Allen and Michael Buettner, but they have axed weekend casuals like Browney and Dani, plus the weekend news people (whom also sent news to Triple M Newcastle).

I don’t know if the weekend news thing is permanent but the source I had was pretty sure it was.


Death by a thousand cuts. Again.

This will be good


Star 104.5: If you’ve got space for the people 2GO are letting go of, please pick them up ASAP!



Good to hear that 2GO is getting a local to present the breakfast show in 2019.

Still think it was a major mistake to get rid of Sarah & Paddy last year but lets not go there again…


Then don’t bring it up?


How controversial to get rid of a tired, non-rating show. :woman_shrugging:t2:


and replace it with a show that didn’t rate, wasn’t funny and had no personalities that were embraced by the locals as much as Sarah and Paddy were.



If the low rating breakfast program was replaced by one which improved in the ratings, there wouldn’t be much to complain about but 2GO lost listeners in that timeslot this year!


Well, it didn’t happen, so complain away I did. Made my point, happy with it.


Did anyone happen to hear if Gawndy & Ash Pollard are back next year? I missed the end of the show.

Thank you!