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I seem to recall sometime ago on this forum the constant discussions of 2GO and Star 104.5 attacking each other on air. It was rather amusing!

Now it seems like 2GO and Sea Fm are still taking that approach.


I see 2GO has a different playlist log to Gold FM on the Gold Coast. From looking at it, it looks like 95.3 Triple M has that horrid Gold Coast log. I thought all the regional Triple M except the Classic Hits M’s were going to all have the one log.

Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

Sea FM is doing a One Hit Wonder day tomorrow.


the whole regional network is.


Gia doing breakfast on Sea FM this morning.


poor Georgia… they really work her hard. Breakfast producer and morning announcer, plus weekend at Newcastle doing Sunday Sesh with Ed Abbott.



Don’t they keep their teams on during a public holiday? The phone poll ‘station listened to most’ joke must be over?


Since the Central Coast ratings survey is released next Tuesday, I definitely think the actual survey period for the market has concluded.

And here’s something intriguing:

Could there be an announcement that 2GO is rebranding to Triple M? Or will there be another music format change, ie. a change in logs?


Good, I hope they do it, destroy all brand value across all their assets, will be much cheaper for the next owner to acquire.


I’d be surprised if the announcement was to do with a rebrand, and they don’t normally announce something like on air first, that normally comes via a media release like we’ve seen with the other rebrands.

My guess is the announcement is to do with line up changes or a new competition.


As it’s already been said, a really bad idea with the overlap from both Triple M 104.9 Sydney and what will soon be Triple M 102.9 Newcastle. Sure, SCA can still position 2GO as part of the Triple M Network (same deal with Sea & the Hit Network) if they really must but from an overall branding/content perspective, 107.7 Central Coast should be providing a point of difference since there are probably parts of the market which can receive listenable commercial FM reception from all three markets.

Nova Entertainment has the right idea. They probably could run a local version of the Nova or Smooth formats on 104.5 if they really wanted to, but instead Star provides the Central Coast market with a point of difference which is how it should be IMO.


SCA don’t want to get it. Grant and co are hell bent on treating radio as TV, that all brands should be removed and replaced with one for their network rather than how the audience and local clients view stations as separate entities.

That is radio, you can’t change that as much as SCA think they can.


Grant are pretty good at sticking with brands, and they have quite a few different ones in use.


Same for Caralis, Capital, WIN & other smaller operators.

This is why Wollongong is lucky to have their local commercial radio stations not owned by SCA, despite what we might say about the music formats of i98 & Wave FM. :slight_smile:


Different Grants…


Perhaps @Radiohead was using it as a comparison Grant Blackley’s SCA to Grant Broadcasters (Cameron family).


Ah no, I thought we were talking about Grant Broadcasters… that clears it up then.


So the change that was mentioned the other day, to take effect today, is…

wait for it…

it’s worth it…

The studio phone number has changed from 4324 4444 to the network’s 132710


It’s been that number for how long?

Wong 13 number, 133353, press one for Triple M Sydney, two for Central Coast, three for Newcastle, four for destroying brands.


According to a recording of 2GO from June 1996 that has been posted in the “Radio History” thread a month ago, it had been in use for over 20 years, going back to the (043) days in which it was just 24 4444.

At least Star 104.5’s studio phone number is local, in which it’s 4365 1045.