Central Coast Radio


Did anyone mind? Playing a log from another market with a breakfast show full of people from other cities.


Due to being being sick of KIIS 1065, 2Day FM and Nova, I’ve turned to Sea FM.

Who would have thought Ash Pollard would be an absolute amazing talent on air. Gawndy and Ash for breakfast most certainly trump Em, Grant and Ed and anything 2Day have surved up the past 4/5 years.

After trialling 2GO FM, Star and Sea I’ve landed on Sea after deciding between Star and Sea.

The music on Sea is absolutely spot on and the DJ’s they have during the day are pretty good too.


Gawndy carries the show, he’s the driver of success for her. Ash is an actor, she’d getting used to radio.

The far more scant resources at Sea assist a more natural show. Chopping half of 2DAY’s bfast staff would improve the product.

Is the Sea logo printed as:

hit 101.3

That’s the format for 90.9 on current outdoor advertising, the alphabet soup continues. Communication fail from a comms biz.


It was up until a few weeks ago. Both Sea Central Coast and Gold Coast have dropped the ‘hit’ branding on air and the wordform in their logo - same as Bundaberg before the Triple M rebrand. Logos are somewhere in another thread


They appear to have dropped the “hit” wording from the logo.


I’ve said for yonks they should have put Bree & Gawnedy on 2DAY breakfast… Bree is also a massive talent.

Who’d have thought that radio people would make better radio than ‘stars’ and ‘personalities’ :thinking:


There must be a Central Coast survey just around the corner…
As I just saw an ad on 9NBN Central Coast for SEA FM.
Which featured it’s full weekday line up and I thought was well made.


You’re probably onto something there!

There’ll most likely be a Tuesday September 18 release date for the results, remembering that the 2016 and 2017 surveys were released on the 20th and 19th (the 3rd Tuesday in September of the last two years) respectively.


2GO were off air for over an hour this morning in their breakfast show.

No backup tape or anything, just static.


still more entertaining than Mandy and Akmal.


Especially when the Central Coast radio market is currently in a ratings survey, perhaps not the best time for 2GO to go off air during breakfast!

Although even without this morning’s outage, I suspect 2GO will lose listeners in the ratings compared with the same period in 2017 due to the departure (or dumping?) of Sarah & Paddy in December last year.


Glad I’m not the only one who thinks they are rubbish!


And how many engineering staff do they have Henry Parry Drive this week?


Star 104.5 has 10 nominations in this year’s ACRAs, which were announced overnight/this morning.

These include (all Provincial):

  • Best On-Air Team: Rabbit & Julie Goodwin
  • Best Entertainment Presenter: Dave Rabbetts
  • Best Music Presenter: Dave Evans
  • Best Music Presenter: Hayden Else
  • Best News Presenter: Caitlin Unger
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Single: Music Box
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Single: Average Bloke
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Campaign: Splash’s Pools
  • Best Multimedia Execution - Station: Rabbit & Julie Goodwin’s Month of Me
  • Best Station Promotion: Star 104.5’s $20,000 Superstar Secret

2GO & Sea FM also have ACRA nominations, including (all Provincial):

  • Best Entertainment Presenter: Daniel Gawned (Sea FM)
  • Best Music Presenter: Mike Duncan (2GO)
  • Best Newcomer On-Air: Ash Pollard (Sea FM)
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Single: Picosure - Wyong Family Practice (Sea FM)
  • Best Station Produced Commercial - Campaign: Wyong Family Practice - Bad Ink (Sea FM)


The 3 commercials on the Central Coast sound like they are in full survey mode at the moment, with the SCA stations using some interesting language I noticed today.

You’ve got 2go doing the secret sound claiming to have “the most amount of cash” with an amount somewhere around $7000 that their listeners can win. Do they know that 2dayfm is doing this too with around $60,000 to be won???

Then Sea FM are doing their Alphabucks game, but only giving away around $30 or so each time they play, but seeming to make a big deal that they have more winners than anyone else.

It seemed to me like the two SCA stations were trying to attack their own stations promotions!

Over in Erina, Star 104.5 are doing a $30,000 giveaway with Sam Smith. I had Star on for about 3 hours today and didn’t hear anything that sounded to me like an attack on the other stations.

Star’s music was the most to my taste and the easiest to leave on. Sea FM was horrible with RnB Friday and 2GO/Triple M seems to have aged quite a bit recently?


I’m well aware that SCA owns both 2DayFM and 2GO but since they’re separate markets (although I don’t doubt that many Central Coast residents tune into Sydney stations), would residents of the Central Coast radio market be allowed to enter competitions being run by Sydney radio stations though?


I think the “most amount” would be reference to local stations, not nationally. It wouldn’t be fair to compare when 2DAY’s area has 15 times as many listeners.

And yes, I hate RNB Fridays too.


Yes they are. I just looked at the terms and conditions and the competition is restricted to residents of NSW; there is nothing about Sydney.


Considering that the Central Coast radio ratings will be released on Tuesday 9th October, it’s pretty clear they are. :slight_smile:

That’s to do with the fact that as from Monday, 2GO now plays “Music That Makes You Feel Good”, which includes playing at least one 70s track an hour, something that obviously wasn’t present under their previous “Greatest Hits from the 80s, 90s & Now” format.

You can see their log here: https://onlineradiobox.com/au/2go/playlist/

No surprises there. Whenever my 65-year old father goes up to the Central Coast, mainly through work (he’s a courier driver), he listens to Star. He used to listen to 2GO the most when it was more local many years ago (ie. before the formation of SCA occurred in 2011).


I just find it amusing that they are saying they have the most money to give away when the easily receiveable 2Day are running the same promotion with much more money, and their local competitor Star also giving away much more.

Haven’t NewFM also done the SecretSound recently too?