Central Coast Radio


Along with the recent news of Sarah & Paddy departing 2GO, word on the street is that Sea FM are also about to announce a shake up in Breakfast.

Interesting times indeed on the Central Coast.


Why would they do that on Sea Fm? Their current breakfast show is number one.

Considering how close Star 104.5 is to Sea fm changing both breakfast shows, and the new drive show on Sea could hand Star 104.5 the number one position in breakfast and overall.


Don’t think so unless Bree and Gawndy are getting sent elsewhere. They are heavily favoured with management and incredibly talented. The large social media presence helps too.


Rumour going around Bree is headed for NZ.


I don’t think they have a choice when one of their announcers are moving on.


Bree has officially left Sea FM, her last show was Friday December 15, over at 2GO they have announced that comedian Akmal Saleh and ex-Star 104.5 announcer Mandy Coolen will be doing the breakfast shift, they start on Monday January 15th. Interesting times ahead at SCA Central Coast in particular how will 2GO fare after what they did to Sarah and Paddy whether the ratings will improve for the station overall.


Tbh, it’s not like it could get much worse. Fresh blood & changing of the guard is probably the best thing they could do.


Akmal on the Coast? That’s a pretty big get.


Only time will tell but it’s good that Mandy is coming back to Coast radio after her time with Star, wait and see with Akmal



Not too many fans f Mandy and Akmal on the 2GO Facebook page. I haven’t listened but does anyone else have any thoughts on it?


I personally think commercial radio stations in the Central Coast radio market should be providing listeners with a strong point of difference to the fortuitously receivable stations from Sydney & Newcastle.

From my observations, Nova Entertainment is still doing a reasonable job of that with Star 104.5 but the SCA duo could probably do better…to say the least.


101.3 Sea FM rates #1 and have for at least the last two years so they can’t be doing too bad… 2GO is a different story


Part of the problem for SCA stations is that the music playlists for Sea FM & 2GO are done from the Gold Coast, whereas Star 104.5’s music playlist is done locally. Therefore, you sometimes have the situation where both 2GO & KO have the same playlist (normally, KO has its own music log), likewise for between Sea FM & hit106.9 (formerly NXFM).

That is true, although Star 104.5 is closing in on Sea & is therefore putting the latter’s #1 position under threat.

This year’s survey should be quite interesting to say the least, as I would imagine Star gaining plenty of disgruntled 2GO listeners who are unhappy on the removal of Sarah & Paddy, as well as the addition of Kennedy Molloy on drive.


This will be interesting. Kennedy Molloy had driven an increase in ratings for all the metro Triple M stations, including those that don’t like it live. It will be interesting to see if this is replicated in the regional markets.


When will the Central Coast be surveyed this year?

My predictions are-

  1. Star 104.5
    2.Sea Fm
  2. 2GO
  3. 92.5 Central Coast

2GO will get hammered from the public backlash of the sacking of Sarah and Paddy. ABC Central Coast could even challenge them for third place.

Sea Fm has lost Bree so they are experiencing some change to their line up while Star 104.5 is steady as she goes.
This survey should make interesting reading.


My guess would probably be a similar time of year (around the August/September timeframe) as the survey for last year and the year before.


Star 104.5 breakfast presenter, Julie Goodwin, is being charged with drink driving & will appear at Gosford Local Court on May 25.


And not outed by a colleague on her station like that disgraceful effort of Neil Mitchell on the brekky bloke, John Burns. Remember that?


What happened to Sea Fm this morning?
Did their transmitter fail, as they were off air this morning for an extended period of time?