Celebrity Name Game

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I doubt that would be the case.

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I assume that one of the reasons they are not airing the final episodes is so that they don’t have to pay that money out.


I know this has been posted in the 10 News thread also, however posting here for context also.

I personally think that 10 should never have gone down the track of stripping this show at 6pm, given how poorly it’s predecessor was doing in the same timeslot and given the obvious similarities.

Their original announcement as a prime time series could’ve worked, another host (anyone but Grant), and maybe a later 8:30-9:00pm timeslot to allow for a bit more adult content would’ve been good IMO.

On a personal note, I always quite liked the set of this show and it could possibly be re-worked into a talk show format.


But does stripped game show still have a future at 10? I mean, The Chase and Hot Seat are rating on Seven and Nine respectively.

It was awfully produced. Contestants and celebrities weren’t briefed on how to play. Grant was giving stage directions to them, which was consistently put to air. Someone would tell a joke and there was dead air. There were so many opportunities that could have been made in post-production editing to make it a sharper and more lively show, but they didn’t. I hated how it was a very repetitive format too- I think you could have incorporated elements of Game of Games into this.

I agree about the set though. Nice for a variety/late night show.

His dancing and lightening/namaste antics were annoying and cringeworthy. The production values were not typical of 10 (they were very low) and it’s too repetitive. Denyer tries to be funny as Craig Ferguson but he ends up sounding silly.

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