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After being shut down for 5 years then planned to renovate 2 years ago, CBS News Chicago returns to the streetside Studio A. In their own words:

Originally slated for a weather centre, it is now a full-fledged news set that, like Colorado, is modelled after KCAL’s. It also debuted a revamped branding, dropping the channel number for the 4 stars in the state flag, plus a new slogan “For the love of Chicago”.

Details can be seen here: CBS News Chicago unveils new storefront studio - CBS Chicago

Over in Houston, KTVT debuted its revamped morning programme, stressing more audience input. ‘The Desk’, the segment that throws to assignment editors for breaking news, made its way from KCAL:

Previously, they conducted an audience survey to better know what the viewers want. Some of the respondents were invited to the premiere:

Full details of the revamp can be seen here: Inside CBS News Texas' new morning show, designed by its viewers - CBS Texas


Sounds very echoey?

Yeah it’s awful. They need to put some dampeners in there

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Love the use of the four stars for the CBS News Chicago logo. Subtle, but a good use of an iconic local symbol.

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Ciprián-Matthews is stepping down at the end of July.

Wendy McMahon, chief executive of CBS News and Stations, said in a separate memo to staffers that Ciprián-Matthews will move into a newly created role as senior editorial adviser helping to guide the outlet’s politics coverage during the election.

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