Car Radios


You can manually tune in with the kia but its a few steps in one of the menus to activate it. As a radio nerd I like quick access :slight_smile:, definitely a first world issue.


88.0 Toowoomba operates from how many sites? Coverage is ‘surprisingly good’ for one watt :wink:

Always fun to accompany a scenic drive through the range suburbs or drive up via Blanchview, arriving at the bottom end of the golf course and marvel at the coverage of 102.9 so far away compared to 102.7 so close.

The Gold Coast antenna at 63m is far closer to spec (250w ERP) out west to the significantly less ERP of the original antenna at 22m.


Yes very very very good for 1 watt… Also loud on the dial with peaks to 115khz deviation… Yes not Modulation percentage, 115k deviation :slight_smile:


Not strictly the same, but noticed 102.9’s considerable advantage to the west compared to its other GC cousins in the plateau between Warwick and Cunningham’s Gap today. Can get good signal and RDS where the others are far weaker, this even with 102.7 rearing its head to a respectable level next door (though obviously not the same as it would be in Toowoomba)


Yes. I’ve been for a few drives that way in 2018 and noticed same. Almost as far as Gladfield’s driver reviver site yet those on the 22m antenna are gone by Fisher Park fuel station just through the gap.