Car Radios


You can manually tune in with the kia but its a few steps in one of the menus to activate it. As a radio nerd I like quick access :slight_smile:, definitely a first world issue.

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88.0 Toowoomba operates from how many sites? Coverage is ‘surprisingly good’ for one watt :wink:

Always fun to accompany a scenic drive through the range suburbs or drive up via Blanchview, arriving at the bottom end of the golf course and marvel at the coverage of 102.9 so far away compared to 102.7 so close.

The Gold Coast antenna at 63m is far closer to spec (250w ERP) out west to the significantly less ERP of the original antenna at 22m.

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Yes very very very good for 1 watt… Also loud on the dial with peaks to 115khz deviation… Yes not Modulation percentage, 115k deviation :slight_smile:

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Not strictly the same, but noticed 102.9’s considerable advantage to the west compared to its other GC cousins in the plateau between Warwick and Cunningham’s Gap today. Can get good signal and RDS where the others are far weaker, this even with 102.7 rearing its head to a respectable level next door (though obviously not the same as it would be in Toowoomba)


Yes. I’ve been for a few drives that way in 2018 and noticed same. Almost as far as Gladfield’s driver reviver site yet those on the 22m antenna are gone by Fisher Park fuel station just through the gap.

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Noted on the life and tech show, Charlie mention his digital radio cuts out for 5 secs etc (in his car). Without knowing where he lives, I wonder if he drives a Mazda. The kia has been flawless and how I expect dab should work. Same with the guys who had the ford focus. One brand of car people blame dab being bad, where its the car radio. Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit. But it does not help digital radio if one brand gets it wrong.


Yeah, & for those in Sydney, a test of how good your radio is, drive by the tower at Artarmon.

We’ve yet to find a car radio that doesn’t drop out, as you approach the traffic lights cnr Mobray Rd & Pacific Hwy, coming up the hill next to the Great Northern Hotel traveling Eastwards, & then also turn right into Hampden Road, & it drops out again, out the front of the TXA gate under the tower, heading down the hill towards Artarmon train station, (of course it’ll do the same traveling in the opposite direction).

We have no trouble receiving perfect DAB+ inside directly under the tower. Not sure if it’s a null at those points or tuner overload? Could be a null, because being Vertical polarisation, the antenna array should throw the signal out more than straight down, we’ve never bothered going out & measuring, so can’t say, doesn’t bother us that much.


That’s interesting, I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m down there, does it happen on all of 9A, 9B and 9C or only some?


All 9A, 9B & 9C as far I know, no ones sat there going through all to find out?

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Surely this can be tested in car?

As you write, it’s not the primary signal, so not a big worry.

I know the hill well on Mowbray Rd West.

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I will give it a go next time i go there.

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This is the route, we can check and it should drop out. I remember my two other cars did drop at the traffic lights.


Can’t remember if we still have/had a car presets thread…couldn’t find one so screw it, it’s going in here.

Got a new i30 today, had the day off (a rather inconveniently timed medical specialist appointment), so I spent the afternoon playing with the rather nice car radio and Android Auto and the sat nav. Picks up quite a few Campbelltown and Gosford stations between Ashfield and Campsie doing the full DAB/FM and AM scans.

So far, I have added these as the favourites/presets in the car, all DAB. May add the Newcastle and Upper Hunter ones later on as I go up home or to Knights/Jets games.

  1. ABC News
  2. WSFM 1017
  3. Oldskool Hits
  4. ABC Sydney
  5. The 90s
  6. Smooth fm 95.3
  7. 2GB 873
  8. ABC Grandstand
  9. Macquarie Sports
  10. Nova 969
  11. The 80s
  12. Triple M
  13. Easy Hits
  14. 2RPH Digital
  15. 104.1 2DayFM
  16. SBS Radio 3

Nice car!
So no issues with reception?
As I note the i30 uses those shark fin antennas, which I’ve never been keen on.


i think it uses the interface as the kia.


Only when I go into a carpark like the one at Campsie Centre or Canterbury Hospital.

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Doesn’t surprise me - Hyundai is Kia’s biggest shareholder, so there has to be some tech sharing in that somewhere.


If you can , some photos of the interface would be great. Only if you want too.


I’ll have some by the weekend. There’s something I want to do with it and involves filming the interface. :wink:


There ya go - that’s from my i30. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in @ElCapitanCranky