Canberra - Survey 2, 2017


Mix 106.3 maintains its position as the #1 station with 19.5%, followed by Hit 104.7 with 16.8% (down 1.6% from the previous survey), ABC Canberra with 13.6% & RN with 11%. On the commercial AM stations, 2CA scores a 6.5% share, which is up 2.4% from the previous survey, whilst 2CC fell to just 3.9%, placing themselves just 0.4% ahead of ABC News! :open_mouth:


They might need to try something different with 2CC as Canberra is an ABC type of town for news and talk it seems.


At least unlike 4BC, they have a local breakfast program, but yes, I agree that 2CC probably needs to move away from the talk format.

Speaking of 2CC, Ray Hadley/Alan Jones can only manage a 5.8% share in the 9am-12pm slot, and is beaten by both ABC Classic FM & RN. In the afternoon slot, Chris Smith (from 2GB) only manages a 3.1% share, only bettered by ABC News.

Also, it’s interesting to see RN being the 3rd highest rating station on among the 25-39s, with only Hit & Mix rating higher!

It’s because Canberra is ABC territory. That’s all the pollies prefer to listen to.

Yawn. Plenty more about Canberra than politicians. Only 4 federal MPs actually live in Canberra.

The smiling undertaker on 2CC Breakfast has zero appeal to me. I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not Tim Shaw.