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I thought I’d be more appropriate to continue this discussion here.
According to WIN’s website they still have an office in the old DDQ studios. Some of the vacant offices were put up for lease last year.
1/1a Video Avenue, Mount Lofty QLD 4350 - Leased Office | Commercial Real Estate

You’ve forgotten a big metro studio that still produces tv: ATV/Fremantle in Forest Hill. Then there’s ABC Collinswood but I don’t know if that’s the original building or an extension?
Then there’s of course old studios which have been sold and repurposed like NEN9, AMV4, RVN2, MVQ6, WBQ8 etc or vacant studios (ABV, NTD) but that’s another story.

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A Young Kevin Crease on the tower at Mount Lofty, South Australia.

Looking down from the top of the tower.

Areal image 1959

Areal image 1968 you can see the car park design is 45 degree with a turning loop at the end.

Areal image 2022

NWS9 40 Years: Safety

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:notes: “Channel 8… you’re looking great” :notes:

The site was sold and due for demolition soon.

(you can see the old BA analogue site dismantled at the back of the building)


That stuff’s not in there now is it?

Presumably they would’ve removed anything useful already, and are probably removing anything still there that is either valuable, or can be used again (i.e. spare parts for equipment, etc).

Apparently some leftover gear from TCN was sent to there and QTQ.

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The clock is ticking down to Newshub’s final broadcast (on Friday 5 July) and here is a throwback to the vintage 3 National News and Nightline sets from 1991. As per John Campbell, who had worked at TV3 (now Three) at the time and was featured on Ice TV as a special guest in 1997, all the sets were indeed housed within the studio at the network’s Flower Street headquarters in Auckland. In fact, everything’s changed over the years.

All photos courtesy of Andrew Adeane, who had worked at TV3 as a floor manager many years ago.


I take it someone somewhere was short of a W so helped themselves? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perhaps they were having problems with the Wide World Of Sports and borrowed a W for that. There is worldwide shortage of Ws apparently.


I believe that was the old GTV9 set pre 2010, from Bendigo Street.


You may recall this blow up from the start of the 2023 AFL season which drew attention to Seven ad Fox Footy building temporary presentation sets over accessible seating areas at the MCG.

Today I discovered the MCC’s solution to this problem has been to relocate the Betty Cuthbert Bar on level 2 of the Olympic stand and build a couple of studio presentation areas which open onto the concourse at the rear of N52.

Only action I saw was Huddo and Dal Santo coming down for a wrap after the match, sounded like it was the first time Huddo had seen the set up. It’s the first time I’ve sat here this year so unsure when it was completed but I’ve noticed Seven’s post match coming from that angle for at least the last few weeks. It’s made a good use of the space as you couldn’t really view the oval from the bar very well and the relocated bar is now the previously unused atrium overlooking Yarra Park.


In 1991, BCV-8 did a big upgrade to their Lily St site with a large playout room added (mostly filled with Betacam SP gear IIRC). And check out the vehicle fleet! (Courtesy of Lost Bendigo & District FB page):

(Worth noting the big OB van was sold to a private operator in Melbourne in the late-2000s. It had very low mileage!)


Both Seven and Fox had OBs on Friday night with desks… I’m assuming there are two presentation areas side by side?


I noticed the in-stand (or appeared to be) desks for ‘marquee’ games looked different this year, more set-up and glass panels behind retracted. And then remembered I thought the MCC banned broadcasters following said incident. So this explains it and probably good for broadcasters, rather than having to shift large set pieces on/off the ground itseelf on the grass, which they may now save for finals.

For non-marquee games, have they still been using the standard MCG TV studio, where they also call from and their central cameras are?

I think Nine also used one of these new host positions for SOO the other week.


Yeah, have a look int the first pic, Sevens sitting desk is on the left, Fox’s standing desk (at least it was yesterday) is on the right.

I didn’t want to be too weird wandering around taking photos!


Mt Coot-tha this morning - the decapitated Seven tower closest to camera.


For anyone wondering what the inside of WIN’s original Canberra studio *in Kingston looked like…


Thanks for that.

Long since demolished and replaced with residential units.

Was a fully fledged station in it’s own right except for no Presentation which was done from Wollongong.


Colours suit Raiders TV to the ground!

A real green screen machine there!


Like many regional networks, when aggregation started wasting money on studio facilities which were not needed.