Broadcast Facilities

Thanks for that - my last involvement in the region was back in the days of yore. You answered the question about why NBN may not have gone off due to them still being on the Soul Pattenson microwave.

BAI used to have 2 people out of Sugarloaf and NBN had 4 people at Mosbri CT - it was quite common to see NBN at places like Springbrook and Tamborine, so they got around a bit. Hopefully they all kept a job if they wanted it.


Above features the SCA Canberra office in Fyshwick, via Google Maps. This office was built in 2020, and this office is technically a broadcast facility, so it fits in this thread.


Does anyone have screenshots of the MTV UK headquarters?

Sunday Footy Show OB for Gather Round:

In its TVAM form or since then as home of MTV/Viacom/Paramount?

As home of MTV/Viacom/Paramount. Yes.

Features that weird little 2nd studio at Martin Place.

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The alt/footy classified set in Melbourne


What was this for? About Carro’s incorrect story? Should have gotten rid of the chair or added another two, looks a bit lonely.

Is there more of the set to the right in that first picture that isn’t used?