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The five-part series will see the married couple exploring Perth and the south west region of WA. It is supported by Tourism Western Australia.

Agreed. I have a bad feeling of it heading that way.

Oh come off it! You and @Brekkie have clearly been taken in by Schofield’s nonsense. I understand there is more to it - much more - than what has been printed in the newspapers. It’s not just something manufactured by bored hacks at The Sun (for once!). I suspect we will find out what really happened later on.

Anyway why would he do the unthinkable purely because of that? Caroline Flack was facing a very serious domestic abuse court case. If Phil really has done nothing wrong, as many of you seem to think, then he has nothing to fear. He’s 63 and he’s been on TV for many years, so he won’t exactly be down the foodbank anytime soon.

Unlike you I reserve judgement until I know the facts. What we know so far doesn’t paint him in a great light, but also doesn’t paint him in the light some are casting him in either. Also they are not new reports - they’ve been around for three years and known to his employers (and likely the press) for longer. In this post Me-Too era TV companies launch internal investigations into such matters if anyone as much as sneezes, so for three years on that to not have come to anything leads me to my own conclusion, but there is still a period in the timeline which I think needs explaining to make a judgement either way.

Back to the show itself and sadly nowadays such shows rarely make quick appointments when needing a new host. GMB still doesn’t have a permanent replacement for Piers Morgan over two years after he left in a strop, whilst The One Show spent about a year using guest hosts before appointing a new male co-host - in the end appointing two.

I suspect we may just see Alison and Dermot, who host Fridays, end up doing an extra couple of days each per week alongside Holly.

That is a very naive way of thinking, but carry on, by all means. To be clear, the alleged allegations aren’t of anything illegal - but they are, I’d argue, deeply immoral. I don’t know why he was allowed to stay at ITV as long as he did - perhaps it was because they themselves didn’t have much proof (if any). But anyway. He’s gone now. And not before time. I would be extremely surprised if there isn’t much more to be revealed about all this.

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The best disagreements are the ones where you actually ultimately agree, but are coming to the same conclusion from opposite angles! :wink: :grinning:

Channel 4 has new branding!


British TV has some of the best collective on air presentations with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5

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The overall package looks very good but unfortunately C4 have taken a BBC approach to this usually than rebranding everything in one day. One ident debuts last November (on it’s 40th birthday), the promos debuts about a month ago, along with a tweaked version of that ident (with the green 4 instead of white), the other presentation elements (menus etc.) have debuted this week whilst the idents aren’t due to air until the summer.

That has somewhat watered down it’s impact - had they launched it all together I think it would have felt like a significant relaunch.

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Probably why they didn’t. Maybe they wanted a slower introduction to their audience?

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C4’s audience is supposedly younger and used to change though - every other revamp has pretty much all been done on the same day, with usually C4 News getting a new look the same day as well. Back in 2018 (I think) they changed the logos of all their subsidary channels with very little fuss overnight.

Now there is really only one more change to place - dropping the old “giant” idents completely in favour of the new set. The generic cubed version is already being increasingly used anyway.

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Jeff Stelling has finally retired from Soccer Saturday.

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Anyone would think Phillip Schofield did something extraordinarily evil.

This is a lot of carry on…


Highlights from the BBC interview

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What an absolute overreaction. The guy had an affair. How does that affect his work ethic and his ability to do his job? Ridiculous.


I have to agree about that. I think the media can often be overcritical about people who work in media. If someone had an affair in another workplace, the people involved wouldn’t be forced out of their jobs.

I guess the only difference with Phillip Schofield is that people who worked closely with him and considrered him to be a friend, feel like he lied to them by omission. I guess if the working relationships were strained and they could no longer work together then someone had to go. But being forced out because the Daily Mail wanted to reveal his secrets is wrong.

Same goes for the presenters on Good Morning America 3 who had an affair with each other and were sacked for that. To me, those preseters should havd been kept because they obviously had really great chemistry together which spilt into real life. But America is still so conservative that they are scared thst all their conservative viewers would turn off.