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Thins have had these special packs to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation charity.

Now they also have one for the RSPCA.


Coke Zero Lime in Coles now. I had flashbacks of Coke Life with Stevia. :wink:


How we can have Lime Coke but they won’t bring back locally bottled Dr Pepper…

Any good?

I didnt buy it. I just saw it on the shelf next to Coke Zero Raspberry and the green caught my so I went up for a close look.

I don’t recall Coke doing a Lime before. I remember Pepsi Max doing Lime and of course Lemon quite a few times.

I feel like there was a Diet Coke Lime at some point in the 2000s, They may have done a Coke Lime outside Australia as well.

Coke did a Coke Lemon in the 2013/2014 summer I only had one bottle and never had it again since it was way too sweet. I did however love Diet Coke Lemon in the early-2000s.


They just need to reverse their decision to discontinue Lift and I’ll be happy as I don’t drink coke.

There definitely was.

I find the Coca Cola marketing strategy quite odd these days.

Years ago we had these colour schemes for the different types of Coke. I think it looked great but while Coke Life was a flop and was gone, everyone thought black was great for Coke Zero. When they did Coke Zero Lemon or any other flavour, they just added yellow or whatever colour to the top of the label.

But Coke in their infinite wisdom mucked around with Coke Zero. They changed the taste of it and the artificial sweetener, rebranded it as Coke No Sugar and changed the colourscheme to red with black print. This just made it more confusing for consumers who had trouble distinguishing between the packaging.

The Coke Zero branding has returned although more cumbersome as Coke Zero Sugar. Now that they are bringing out all these different Coke Zero flavours, they have no trouble changing the labels to completely different colours but Coke Zero remains red. Yet Diet Coke is silver. Very odd marketing.:man_shrugging:

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Man I remember Coke Life. Wasn’t it just that little bit less sweeter in taste than regular Coke?

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It was sweetened with Stevia, Pepsi also had Pepsi Next at the same time which was the exact same product.

It’s back in 2024 in the UK and Europe in Zero Sugar.


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Well, at least it shouldn’t be as sweet then.

I was excited for this but there’s something overly artificially sweet about it :disappointed: Quite hard to drink actually.

It was an April Fools prank last year but now Tim Tam have actually done a collab with Jatz crackers.


I actually think these will be nice, as long as there is a decent amount of Jatz in them.

Fixed it for you :wink:

I dont know what that means. Is this a Parmi/Parma - Devon/Polony situation??