Bourke St - Suspected Terror Attack

Nine Melbourne did have the police press conference live.

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ABCNews - Drum replaced by rolling coverage

During a live cross at the scene the police press conference started.

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The Drum is now going to air at 8:15pm.

Seven have 4 Reporters on the ground at the moment.

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I know of Blake Johnson and Jodi Lee, who else is there?

From Brisbane update

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See below


Earlier this evening - 10 Melbourne

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Good reporting by all. I take it each reporter will just share roles, when someone else if live crossing another is free, etc.

Somehow missed that. Thanks.

Same fool was on ABC News but out of the frame.

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Karina Carvalho has joined Andrew Geoghegan for rolling coverage.

and more caps of the incident


Surprised 10 News First Perth have made no mentions of the incident in the latest update.

Horrible incident.

Oh, I thought it was a simulcast on ABC hence my previous post.

CNN International

Seven Adelaide, SBS and ABC bulletins.

Live cross to Melbourne reporter Katherine Firkin on The Project.


Good effort from those posting caps.

This incident hasn’t actually occurred in the Mall but in the block adjacent to the east, outside Target where traffic can proceed no further.