Bourke St - Suspected Terror Attack

There is currently an incident happening in the Burke Street Mall in Melbourne.

Reports of an explosion and car on fire.

Seven Afternoon News (Melbourne) are using helicopter shots.

1 man Reported dead.

Ten News will have crew there shortly

Seven’s periscope of the heli feed:

ABC read a police statement - small number of people with stab wounds. Man arrested at scene taken to hospital under police guard.

Katherine Firkin is there for 10 News First

Some pretty insane footage from Reddit:

ABC News have James Oaten on the ground.

Press conference to be held soon.

Presser at 5:45PM.

Patrick Murrell on location for Sky News

Needless to say there is no coverage of this on Sky News on WIN.

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They’re not showing whatever “The Friday Show” is?

ABC Melbourne broke away from the cricket at 5pm with an emergency update sting but broke into the weather report so it was a minute or so before an explanation of what happened.

ABC News 24 broken away from The Drum.

Carrie-Anne Greenbank and Eliza Rugg reporting on location for Nine News, Mark Santomartino covered the press conference.

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Sky News on WIN now has coverage

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Blake Johnson and Jodi Lee on the ground for Seven News Melbourne.

Melina Sarris and Sharnelle Vella on the ground for Seven News Sydney and other markets.

Short press conference just aired a few minutes ago, Seven and Nine Melbourne covered it live.

Jodie Lee’s live cross was interrupted by someone shouting ‘Islamic Terror’ into the mic.

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Some attention seeking idiot just interrupted Jodi Lee’s live cross on Seven News Melbourne.