Bondi Rescue

Season 17 Premiere

From Friday 14 April 7:30 PM

After two years of closed borders and wet summers, Bondi is back at its busy best as international and interstate visitors return to join locals on the world’s most famous beach. With all the foreign tourists returning, great weather and lots of big swell the lifeguards have their work cut out for them in one of the busiest summers they’ve ever had.


The Bondi You Love Is Back.

Bondi Rescue 2023. Premieres Friday, 14 April At 7.30pm on 10 And 10 Play.

Get ready to dive in with everyone’s favourite lifeguards.

The boys in blue return for a record-breaking, history-making and heart-stopping season of Bondi Rescue 2023 next Friday, 14 April at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

After two years of closed borders and one of the wettest summers on record, Bondi is hotter and busier than ever. international and interstate visitors return to join locals on the world’s most famous beach, but little do they know that Australia’s most spectacular natural arena is also the most unpredictable.

Sharks, breath taking rescues, and millions of visitors, one thing is certain; the Bondi you love is back.

Tonight’s season premiere covers Christmas Day 2022. It starts with an acknowledgment of country and a sunrise ceremony on Bondi Beach.

The new season now has new graphics and the year 2023 below the Bondi Rescue logo.

Also, the theme song (Thirsty Merc’s In the Summertime) is back!

More on the new season from The Age Green Guide



Also some retired lifeguards were back (from pre Bondi Rescue as a show) to support. No doubt this was due to the large number of Bondi lifeguards that did not get the COVID vaccination.


God, some of em look like geriatrics now! :joy:

On a more serious note, I wonder if these producers (Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder) are the same as similarly titled, located and ran Bondi Vet, recently re-run rights moved to Seven/7flix and wonder if this could possibly (the older seasons) become another? Rescue is one that did/does really well on ONE > Bold.

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Is produced by WTFN.


Thanks for that, well that does explain a lot I guess. And this might sound silly, but it’s a wonder CJZ didn’t lock away TV rights to that “Bondi” name back in the mid-2000s.

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They mustn’t have been able to given it’s a place name.or they just missed the boat on it.

We’ve also had shows like Bondi Ink. So I guess it’s not really a format rather than a place.


As mentioned above, some were retired lifeguards who were brought back this season. They were calling them rookies even though they had decades of experience. One was a former head of patrol.

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Season 17 will see the shipping container used as a temporary lifeguard tower while the main one was being refurbished

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Former Bondi lifeguard Terry McDermott, who died in September last year, was remembered in the opening segment of this week’s episode. Here is a snippet.

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Renewed for 2024 at the Upfronts.


In a statement this morning announcing the axing of The Masked Singer and The Bachelor, 10 also mentioned that:

Osher (Gunsberg) will narrate Season 18 of Bondi Rescue, which will return later in 2024 and remains a much-loved presenter and friend of Network 10.

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Bondi’s Heroes Are Back With Their Biggest Rescues Ever.

Bondi Rescue. Premieres Wednesday 10 July At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

It’s the busiest summer in a decade for our Bondi lifeguards protecting beachgoers for another Australian summer.

Diving into its 18th season there are no signs of Bondi Rescue slowing down. Veteran lifeguard Hoppo has seen it all, but one day will go down in history as the lifeguards tally up an incredible 123 rescues.

Over the summer they tackle a dramatic resuscitation, a derp fin chop that could be fatal, a serious neck injury and a deadly blue ringed octopus in the kids’ pool. And it wouldn’t be a Bondi summer without a bluebottle swarm, with hordes of swimmers descending on the tower in search of pain relief.

Unpredictable swells, intense rescues and millions of visitors every year; Bondi Rescue delivers drama so real you will feel like you are there.


Hopefully it will rate better than last season which aired on Friday nights against live AFL and NRL.

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