Bondi Rescue

Bondi Rescue’s Biggest Summer Yet.

Double The Drama In A Record-Breaking New Season.

Tuesdays And Thursdays From 15 March.

Network Ten’s TV Week Logie award-winning factual series Bondi Rescue is set to make waves with the premiere of its explosive 11th season on Tuesday, 15 March at 7.30pm, on TEN.

The Bondi Rescue lifeguards are household names in Australia and around the world. The combination of their larrikin humour and their second-to-none life savings skills has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, and while they think they have seen it all, this summer will get their pulses racing.

The action-packed new season sees Bondi’s team of 36 in blue encounter bag thieves, street hoodlums, drug abuse and alcohol. They deal with sharks, resuscitations, cuts, broken bones and gripping rescues, in a summer that will be remembered as Bondi’s busiest season on record.

Supermodel Heidi Klum pays the beach-side suburb a visit and even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stops by to say hello.

This year, three fresh faces are thrown into the deep end. Bondi’s latest trainee, 19-year-old Ryan Yerbury has his work cut out for him if he is going to live up to his cousin and veteran lifeguard, Trent “Maxi” Maxwell. Chris Emery from Western Australia and Jackson Doolan from the Sunshine Coast both have years of lifeguarding experience, but their resumes count for little when faced with Bondi’s massive crowds and dangerous conditions. Can these new lifeguards prove their worth?

With record-breaking heat, waves, crowds and rescues, Bondi has never seen a summer quite like this.

Bondi Rescue star makes a surprise pilates cameo in mega US show The Amazing Race
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###Bondi Rescue Is Back For Its Deadliest Summer Yet.

Returns Sunday 29 January At 6.30pm. On TEN And WIN Network.

Australia’s most iconic factual series, Bondi Rescue, returns to television with four new lifeguards ready to take on the deadliest summer on record from Sunday, 29 January at 6.30pm on TEN and WIN Network.

This summer has seen an unprecedented number of tragic drownings across New South Wales and with as many as 40,000 beachgoers flocking to Bondi Beach each day, the lifeguards have their work cut out for them.

In the 12th season of the six-time TV Week Logie Award-winning series, the boys and girl in blue throw four fresh faces into the deep end: 28-year-old PE teacher, Juliana; 22-year-old Tassie boy Joel; 21-year-old carpenter Tommy; and 24-year-old swimming champion Wally.

As the new recruits navigate the massive crowds and dangerous surf conditions of Australia’s most popular beach, will they sink or swim?

Putting the newcomers through their paces is head lifeguard Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins. A fixture on Bondi Beach, this season marks Hoppo’s 25th year of keeping the beaches safe.

As Hoppo and his team of larrikin lifeguards take on bag thieves, street hoodlums, heatwaves, drownings, sharks, resuscitations, cuts, broken bones and thousands of rescues, this summer may just prove to be their biggest yet.

Hoppo Celebrates 25 Years As A Lifeguard.
Bondi Rescue’s Head Lifeguard Honoured For His Services.
Sunday, 5 February At 6.30pm. On TEN And WIN Network.

Bondi Rescue’s Head Lifeguard Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins has been honoured by Waverley Council for his 25-year commitment to keeping people safe on the beach and in the water.

As Bondi’s longest-serving lifeguard, Hoppo has performed thousands of rescues and has taken charge of the most number of resuscitations of any lifeguard working across Sydney’s Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi beaches.

In Sunday night’s episode of Bondi Rescue, Hoppo talks about what this milestone anniversary means to him and opens up about a position that sees him managing a team of 33 lifeguards.

Hoppo said: “I have had the honour of working as a lifeguard at some of the most iconic beaches in Australia for the past 25 years. During this time, I have spent 17 years as Head Lifeguard of Waverley Council and 12 years on TEN’s Bondi Rescue.

“I am passionate about keeping people safe on the beach and in the water, and I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the most skilled men and women in the business.”

In 2006, Hoppo’s achievements were recognised when he was awarded the Australian Lifeguard Of The Year award from the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association. As well as being a strong leader, Hoppo is also a passionate advocate for water safety education and a respected water sportsman and competitor, winning two gold medals at the Australian Surf Life Saving titles.

This season on Bondi Rescue, Hoppo welcomes four new lifeguards to his team: PE teacher Juliana, 28; university student Joel, 22; carpenter Tommy, 21; and club caretaker Wally, 24.

It’ll be interesting to see how the show goes back in a prime Tuesday timeslot.

Is it gonna be M Rated?

Why would it be?

###Tragedy Strikes Bondi Beach.

Bondi Rescue’s Most Powerful Episode Yet.

Tuesday 25 April At 7.30pm

The Bondi Rescue lifeguards are confronted with the largest and most serious rescue to occur on Bondi Beach in 70 years in an extremely powerful episode of Bondi Rescue this Tuesday 25 April, 7.30pm on TEN and WIN Network.

What starts off as a normal day for the lifeguards ends in tragedy when Jethro spots a group of five swimmers struggling in the notorious section of the beach known as backpackers’ rip.

Singlets, one of the strongest lifeguards in the service with close to a decade of experience, is the first to paddle out and finds an unconscious woman in the water.

Singlets says: “I remember coming over the last wave and what I saw next absolutely shocked me to the core. I just thought to myself, ‘I am going to have to draw on every little bit of skill, every little bit of training to get this woman in because there’s no other option’.”

Wally is next to paddle out and attends to another swimmer in trouble. Corey is not far behind, racing to get to a man who is even further out. When Corey reaches him, he is shocked to discover the man is unconscious, face down and showing no signs of life.

These two swimmers, a man and a woman, are from the same Norwegian family on holiday in Australia. Fighting a dangerous rip, it is a bitter struggle for these highly skilled lifeguards to get the man and woman back to shore to begin resuscitation.

Kerrbox, the most senior lifeguard on duty with 20 years of experience, waits on the beach and prepares the defibrillator. Desperate to save the two people, the determined and courageous lifeguards do not give up hope.

This episode of Bondi Rescue highlights the incredible work the lifeguards do to keep the public safe every day. In the 12 seasons this six-time TV Week Logie Award-winning series has been on air, there has never been a rescue performed to this scale. Tragically, the extraordinary speed, expertise, courage and teamwork of the lifeguards is sometimes not enough.

Tonight’s episode of Bondi Rescue had an in-program advisory before it, voiced by Osher Günsberg, advising of “distressing content” - pressumably because the episode contains a death.

Here’s a news article from that sad day:


Tonight’s episode of Bondi Rescue was devestating. One of the saddest things I have ever seen on TV. Well done to the lifeguards.


Local paper Wentworth Courier reports filming began for the 13th season last weekend. Production company CJZ told the Waverley Council (which employs the lifeguards) the number of episodes had been reduced from 13 to 10, following ownership changes at Ten.

Perhaps CBS execs saw the low ratings for this and just granted 10 eps as filler content. This once high rating show doesn’t cut it anymore I’m afraid.

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They probably just didn’t get a budget boost so they had to reduce the number of esp. Same as what the ABC has been doing with its shows since budgets were slashed.

Bondi Rescue Season Premiere

Tonight At 7.30pm

Drama is never too far away on Australia’s busiest beach and in an intense return to Bondi, the lifeguards are sent straight into action in the season 13 premiere of Bondi Rescue tonight at 8.30pm, only on TEN and WIN Network.

Things heat up for lifeguards Jesse Polock and Jake Nolan who are first on the scene when an American tourist is found unconscious in relatively calm waters.

Jesse and Jake’s hard work to save the swimmer’s life soon becomes a massive joint effort when the paramedics and Hatzolah, the local Jewish emergency medical response team, arrive to assist in the CPR procedures.

On the north end of the beach, a man wielding a knife sees the lifeguards get involved in a chase that takes the beach buggy off the sand and when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull drops by the beach for a dip, he shares some of his lifesaving history with the team.

It was repeated on Ten tonight, 11 months later. I caught the episode in the middle of it and actually saw the man’s death on the beach. Was there any warning before tonight’s broadcast?

Yes, right at the start of the episode.

From Travel Daily today:

NETWORK Ten’s program Bondi Rescue will showcase Alice Springs and the Rotary Henleyon-Todd Regatta to an audience of millions in a one-hour Red Centre television special due to air early 2019. Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan said, “Alice Springs will benefit from the positive, broad exposure that the Bondi Rescue program brings, and it’s a great way of introducing yet another of our quirky events to a potentially new audience”.

The Bondi Lifeguards Instagram says the special is coming in late 2018.

The current season moves to Sunday 6pm from April 7, according to TV Tonight.