Bob Hawke 1929-2019

Former PM Bob Hawke has passed away aged 89.


RIP Bob Hawke.

The post made by 9 news has gone “viral” with 5.5k reactions in 8 minutes.

10 News First just had it scrolled across the screen

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Channel 7 broke into programming.



Seven News have brocken into programming with a news break.

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Bob Hawke has died, aged 89

Bill Shorten visited Bob Hawke on Monday 6 May, here is part of his statement on his death.


Narelda Jacobs just presented a news update on 10 at 8:05pm AEST.

Anything from nine?

The ABC is in the middle of an interview Bill Shorten.

Nothing at all so far.

On BBC News already.

BBC News - Australia’s former PM Bob Hawke dies at 89

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So it’s made the BBC, and yet nothing from Nine?

On 7.30 after airing the pre -recorded interview with Bill Shorten, Leigh read part of Bill’s statement on the death of Bob Hawke then a tribute package aired.

Phil Gould mentioned it in commentary of NRL and said Nine will be preparing something for after the football.

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RIP. He loved the cricket and was seen at the SCG sculling a beer in front of Richies


Obviously they’d had that sitting on the shelf for some time. Reminiscent of the SNL send up Dana Carvey once did of Tom Brokaw pre-recording breaking news on the death of Gerald Ford to be aired in the event he died and Brokaw was nowhere near the studio.


Surly they could’ve have gotten Perth to produce a newsbreak for the rest of the Network that’s not watching the NRL?

Poor form Nine.