Blow Up

Blow Up bumped
Blow Up is moving to 7flix next week.
Same nights and times, different channel.

Main channel next week:
Monday 7.30: Farmer Wants a Wife reunion
Tuesday 7.30: Highway Patrol double

You could say Blow Up has been Blown away onto a multichannel


Surely any programmer would have seen that this was not going to work.

The only place you might try to give it a go is in November after the block has finished and summer has started early.

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The preview at the start of episode one shows singer Samantha Jade as a guest judge. Looking forward to that episode.

It was during one of the contestants’ intro videos, in which he “swallowed” a long balloon and then inserted his head inside a giant balloon, in front of other children.

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Did anyone notice any promos at all for Blow Up bumped to 7flix tonight and/or 7Plus? Wow! Even “Ultimate Tag” got some 7flix promos/push during Seven News and other channels on that Sunday a few years back. Seven seemingly actively not wanting viewers to watch anymore, like just on broadcast still for some make-goods/contact perhaps. @TV.Cynic

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I heard an ad for Blow Up yesterday on Sydney’s KIIS 1065 and it still said it would be on 7 and 7 plus Monday night at 7.30 when it was days before that they had announced it was getting moved to 7flix.

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I posted last night that there was a promo on 7. Must’ve been in the schedules forum.

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Blow Up’s audience didn’t follow it to a multi channel.


Noticed last night during Highway Patrol that one of Blow Up’s program partners (complete with themed billboard) aired during HP on the main channel, must’ve got free plays (make goods) during that hour, as well as 7flix.

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I saw a promo for 7flix’s screening of Blow Up on 7two Melbourne tonight, during Better Homes and Gardens.


I finally did as well tonight, on 7flix, during the movie Dream Horse (only watched the broadcast as unavailable on any streamer and after Seven’s first run it was also unavailable on 7Plus after airing - which was odd as Seven have digital/bvod rights to movies from Sony Pictures). Nice little picture BTW, Aussie Toni Collette too plus the always reliable Damian Lewis (currently in ITV/ BritBox’s Magpie Murders and formerly Homeland).

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The 90-minute grand final of Blow Up will be shown on 7flix on Tuesday, June 6 at 7.30pm.

Overall, this show only has eight episodes.

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Eight episodes too much.


Perfect show for streaming so it’s audience can watch it. Along with the glass blowing show and the other niche shows

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