Blogging and Websites


There is a free host called 000webhost. Also, Freenom does free domains.


Look at their T&C’s tho,

I’ve used one of those and I found it to be quite good.


Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile: I will have to read up on them. Although, if I do decide to transfer to a new host, I probably won’t do it straight away. My forum is only a few months old and it currently has 16 members, so it would be unfair on them if I suddenly created a new website on another hosting platform.

Yep. I will make sure that I definitely read the T&C’s carefully.


Reviving an old thread.

Interesting stats here on websites Australian visit the most


Xvideos? isn’t that full of illegal porn?

Gee, Ozbargain is on that list too, must have stolen my ideas!


Either that or its a new Ten site featuring a resurrected X logo.


Illegal porn? As in porn that isn’t classified?


From what I’ve heard, deplorable if anyone would be looking at that. I don’t ever want to be in a job that investigates stuff like that, It’s just a waste of bandwidth to me…


I’ve got some real bad news for you then

Next you’re all going to tell me xhamster isn’t for sharing cute hamster pictures.


fancy someone with ‘Hub’ in their username discussing the intricacies of adult websites :thinking:


Not sure if this is the right thread to be posting this, but I’ve created my first 24/7 online radio station! I just thought I would share it in case anyone was interested. :slight_smile:

This has been a work in progress for quite some time. I attempted to launch one earlier in the year, however I didn’t put in the effort needed for it to have any chance of being a success and it became inactive. This time, i’m determined to make it work. You can listen to the station at any time of the day and starting from 5am tomorrow, there will be different programming blocks throughout the day.