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I have finally gotten back into the blogging game. I know a lot of people blog on this forum. I’m not great at it so any tips would be great.

Can we discuss offline websites?

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Might want to start a new topic for that :blush:

I need to get back into blogging. It’s been very hit and miss for me over the years. I find it’s all about finding those few moments to write something up plus find something that is of interest to people.

As long as they don’t relate to sites belonging to media spy :slight_smile:

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This is technically off topic, but I’ve been meaning to start experimenting around with YouTube. I’m doing a journalism and international relations degree at uni, alongside some german, and after having watched a lot of videos online reviewing everything from Star Wars to video games to media ethics to political affairs over the past few years, I feel that I’d be missing out if I didn’t give it a go.

I’m not sure what I want to talk about though. The problem is that I can’t narrow down what I want to talk about yet. Anyone else find this?

And I know I’m committing employment-suicide for wanting to study journalism because of how terrible the industry is faring (and how lazy I am), but I do enjoy it. On another note, everyone who is thinking of blogging, if you’ve got the drive, do it!

that’s actually a good thing - it allows you to experiment. Tag EVERYTHING you write about, and watch the stats closely… after a while you’ll see a pattern that will tell you what people are interested in from your blog. Then you can move your blog to suit the needs of these people better, or you can continue to play the “everything” game and be an all-round blog.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it really… and as a journalism student, the best thing you can do is refine your writing technique. Tight, bright, out of sight. Do you need to use 8 words when 5 would suffice? Do you need to use more imagery in your prose? Do you need to knuckle down on your sourcing and crediting? It ALL helps! Any lecturer worth their salt would tell you - write, write, WRITE.

Good luck.

Thanks Mark, it isn’t writing, although I do have a position at a blog with some uni mates. It’s YouTube, however your advice is still excellent and I’ll take it on-board :slight_smile:

I have a blog for my running adventures, need to update it more often if anything. Get about 2-3 people worldwide actually reading it which surprises me (I’d have thought nobody would want to read or watch my rants, given that sometimes I so a short video clip which goes on YouTube).

ahh shit… didn’t see that…!

It has taken me about 3 years since my ‘Wisdomised’ blog. I had some inspiration that other day about what I can write about.

I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable about youtube. I hate the sound of my voice. But there is so many things that are successful on youtube. I always find watching a Sims channel where they tell stories about what their sims have been doing quite amusing. And I always notice it does quite well.

Apparently including an amusing pet in your video is popular :grin:

However, please no more useless “unboxing” videos where the poster has no idea about the product! How to videos can be well done if you know the subject.

If you are interested in media some random thoughts. Critiquing media news websites might be interesting - one video per site with updates. A guide to how to avoid click bait? or Contemporary guide for the discerning on-line news consumer. What to look for in a good news website. etc

Probably could include twitter to link to the posts to help generate interest.

Putting content to one side, you might want to consider changing the typeface. Your current choice, Indie Flower, is quite difficult to read.

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This may help or not but anyways.

  1. Think of yourself as a brand (the @MTLCK brand). What would you want to be known for? You’re doing a Journalism degree with a side of international relations, do you want to be known as a journalism student or something else

  2. Play to your strengths. If you want to talk about anything then it’s your call (for instance talking about current issues or trends whether they be online or in the real world, happens a lot - take a look at Drama Alert, that’s generalised YouTube and social media happenings but can get into real social issues). If you know a lot about a topic and enjoy talking about that topic to anyone, then do it because there is always an audience for anything.

  3. Trial and error. If people don’t react to your videos in the intended way you want to do then mix it up and trial some new content and sees how they react towards it.

  4. See what fits. Think about the things you like to speak about or the ones you’re knowledgeable in, check whether the pros outweigh the cons by making a list for each topic you can think of and formulate which ones would be more fun to speak about for yourself and for others to view.


A few interesting tidbits from The Australian’s Media Diary today, including some possible legal dramas for a TV blogger: (paywall)

Essentially it breaks down to this:

Someone created a fake email account for Darren Davidson, from The Oz. Media people fell for it and emailed “tips” etc to it… Kevin Perry from DeciderTV went to Channel 9 about an op-ed from Tracy Grimshaw that went missing, saying he got it from “a source”. Media Diary started putting two and two together and:

Grimshaw’s piece had been accidentally emailed to ­Davidson’s impersonator. Perry told Nine he was preparing to run it on his blog with TV fanboy Steve Molk at DeciderTV. Clearly, the relevant email had gone to the “source” or Perry. Of course, the legal profession doesn’t react kindly to deceptive, fraudulent behaviour and handling stolen property. Lawyers acting for News Corp told Perry a serious criminal offence had taken place, and he quickly revised his decision to publish the aforementioned material. Perry issued a prompt couple of “no comments” or two when asked to confirm or deny he was behind the illegal conduct.


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According to Radioinfo, Southern Cross Austereo has bought video gaming publisher and appointed its founder and owner Shannon Grixti as managing director.

How the homepage of (then looked 15 years ago, how things change…


Request for opinion/feedback. Do members with You Tube channels moderate the comments - at all, occasionally or strictly? Do you delete some comments, report some as spam or accept that they are all part of what YT is and perhaps who cares anyway? Any reaction to deleting comments?

I’ve never had enough visitors to worry about it! :slight_smile:

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